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    My grandfather Reuben Horne (or Horn) appears to have been born in Ivinghoe Aston mid 19th century Searching for him under Horne in the UK BDM indexes does not find him but there is a birth entry under Reuben Horn (no ‘e’) registered in Leighton Buzzard Mar. 1859. His descendants in Queensland Australia (including my late mother before marriage) are invariably Horne (with an ‘e’).
    I am wondering if there are Horne or Horn family members still living in Ivinghoe area who could shed some light on this. I realize that spelling variants of surnames are a commonplace but I should like to be certain that Reuben Horn as registered is the Reuben Horne, my grandfather.
    Many thanks for any help
    Darrell Desbrow, Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbrightshire, DG5 4HX.



    If you go onto http://www.192.com and put in the name Horn and Horne in Leighton Buzzard lots of names and addresses appear in the Ivinghoe and surrounding villages.

    Good luck



    Thank you smiffy for this helpful suggestion.
    As it happens I now have independent verification that the Reuben Horn registered is indeed my grandfather under the alias Reuben Horne. In fact I have his tree back to William Horn and his wife Sarah Barnes in Ivinghoe Aston in the 17th century. This illustrates the advantage to descendants of forebears being restrained by circumstances if not desire to remain fixed in the same area.



    I have sent your quest to my mailing list that covers 100+ residents of ivinghoe Aston. I have a response. Please email me and I will et you use the list directly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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