Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity Tree of Light

The Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity Tree of Light commemorations are open to anyone in our community who wishes to spend some time quietly remembering friends and family members who have died. The ceremonies are open to all, regardless of religion or spirituality, and it doesn’t matter whether your loved ones were cared for by Florence Nightingale Hospice or died at home or in hospital.

“The Tree of Light events are designed to give people a space where a part of the season is set aside to commemorate loved ones,” says Ann Kenny, the new Bereavement Support Team Lead at the Hospice. “Christmas can often be a time of conflicting emotions, or it can be so busy that those who are grieving can’t find a time to process feelings of sadness which may come to the fore at this time of year.”

There are a number of different ways to commemorate loved ones through the Hospice’s Tree of Light events. Sponsor a light in memory of them and write a dedication which will appear in the Books of Honour which can be viewed at the Hospice in December and early January, and at the two Tree of Light events. Or come along to one or both Tree of Light services which will take place at the Head Office of Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity at Walton Lodge, Walton Street, Aylesbury, at 5pm on Sunday 2nd December and at St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Buckingham at 4pm on Saturday 8th December.

To sponsor a light in memory of someone, please call our Fundraising Team on 01296 429 975 to request a Tree of Light Form or find out more at www.fnhospice.org.uk/tree-of-light

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) is seeking volunteers to join its Independent Custody Visiting Scheme in Aylesbury.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) is seeking volunteers to join its Independent Custody Visiting Scheme in Aylesbury.


An Independent Custody Visitor (ICV) is a role performed by volunteers from the local community checking on the welfare and treatment of those being held in police custody.  ICV’s make unannounced visits to police stations to observe the conditions in which people are being held and, importantly, talk with willing detainees.


Volunteers typically make one custody visit a month ensuring that detainees have been offered food and drink, they are warm enough, cells are in a reasonable condition, that religious and cultural needs have been considered, have been informed of their rights and know the reason why they are in custody.  Any problems are brought to the attention of custody staff and the OPCC.


Police and Crime Commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld said ‘ICVs play a vital role in ensuring there is confidence in the way that detainees are being held and treated in police stations across the Thames Valley.  We currently have a number of vacancies in Aylesbury and I would encourage anyone who is looking for a rewarding role within their local community to apply.’

Applicants will be invited for interview and successful candidates will complete an induction programme before beginning the role.

ICVs must be 18 or over and should be independent of the police. Serving police officers or members of police or OPCC staff are not eligible to apply.

Anyone interested in applying can download an application form at www.thamesvalley-pcc.gov.uk/get-involved/independent-custody-visitors/

Closing date for applications is 31st October 2018

Cheddington Road & Wellington Place road closures 1/11/18-25/2/19

Anglian Water will be installing a pumping station at the T-junction of Cheddington Road and Wellington Place, and installing pipework up Cheddington Road to join the mains sewer by Chequers Close.   These works will bring much needed first-time sewerage provision to the properties at Cooks Wharf and Cheddington Road.

Phase I & 2 – Cheddington Road road closure (between T-junction and Chequers Close), 24 hour, from 7/11/18 to 21/12/18 and then again from 2/1/19 to 10/1/19 (with works removed over Christmas).

Phase 3 – Wellington Place road closure from 11/1/19 to 25/2/19, 24 hour closure.

Please be patient during this period of works.  There will be no access (apart from for home owners) and diversions will be in place throughout so you will need to utilise alternative routes.

Both the school bus service and the public bus services have been informed by Bucks County Council – please contact them direct if you have any queries regarding timetable changes.


Online Thames Valley Burglary Forum Invitation – 11 Oct 7.30pm

It’s National Recycling Week

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) is once again taking part in Recycle Now’s national Recycle Week campaign. The WRAP initiative will run for one week from Monday 24 September, tasking residents to go above and beyond to protect the environment, whilst also promoting the new do/does tagline: ‘Recycling. Aylesbury Vale does. Because it matters.’

With a greater motivation than ever before to reduce unnecessary plastics, the fifteenth annual Recycle Week is encouraging people all over the UK to further build on this momentum.

Aylesbury Vale is a district of recyclers, with a current recycling rate of 52%, that’s 2% higher than in 2016/17. However, there are some simple things that can make the Vale’s recycling even better. Remembering that items can be recycled from all over the household, and not just from the kitchen, is a great way to boost recycling in the home. Shampoo and body wash containers, perfume bottles, cleaning product bottles and toilet rolls are often forgotten about when it comes to recycling.

What and how we recycle really matters. Recycling an item rather than throwing it in the general rubbish bin means that it will be dealt with in the most environmentally-friendly way, keeping materials in use and out of the environment.

Councillor Sir Beville Stanier, Cabinet Member for Waste and Licensing, said: “I would like to say well done and thank you to the residents of Aylesbury Vale for their commitment to recycling. More and more of us are recycling, helping to build a cleaner and greener district.”

Craig Stephens, campaign manager for Recycle Now, said: “This year we’ve all taken more notice of our impact on the environment, and realised that recycling is part of reducing that impact. So come on Aylesbury Vale, keep up the great work and make the district’s recycling better than ever before!”

BCC Early Help Consultation Launches 4 October 2018

A 10-week consultation to capture the public’s views on proposed ways to deliver early help services to support vulnerable families and children in Buckinghamshire launches on Thursday, October 4.

Early help services should provide families experiencing difficulties with the right help at the right time in a proactive way, before their problems escalate and become harder to resolve. With targeted support, families are able to deal with the emerging difficulties they face, such as domestic abuse, poor mental health, neglect and substance misuse. A connected approach to early help, with the Council working closely with its partner organisations, means families are far more likely to avoid future social care intervention. Evidence indicates that an estimated 31% of 0-19 year olds in Buckinghamshire may benefit from early help support, and the current service is not reaching all of them. It is vital for the Council to focus its resources on helping them.

Early help is everybody’s business and local organisations such as schools, the health authority, voluntary organisations and district councils already contribute to it significantly. This consultation relates only to the proposed changes to the County Council’s early help services, not health services.

In 2017/18 only a small number (15%) of the families using the Council’s early help services had an identified need for support. An even smaller number (5%) of families, with children aged 0-5, who used children’s centres had an identified need for support in 2017/18.

With the County Council having to reduce costs across services because of public sector funding reductions, it wants your views to help decide how to reach and support children and families in need as effectively as possible.

The consultation proposes three options for the service, which have been informed by data on current service use and pre-consultation work done by talking to existing service users. There has also been learning from successful authorities up and down the country who have previously adopted similar plans to our favoured option. These authorities now have targeted, proactive and connected services which have seen dramatic improvements in their early help service delivery.

Warren Whyte, Buckinghamshire County Council Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: “The research and evidence tells us we are not reaching enough of the children and families most in need with our existing Early Help service. This has to change. We know Children’s Centres are popular, yet a small percentage of people currently using them (5% in 2017/18) actually have an identified need for their support.

“To reach the people most in need and provide the best possible early help service, we must make services more connected, proactive and targeted. This way, the money spent on the service can go further to help the children and families who would most benefit. A new early help service can be about far more than physical buildings – it can ensure we give the right professional support to children and families at the right time. We need to help people before their problems escalate and become harder to resolve. With no central government funding, the Council has less money than ever before and must make every penny count toward helping those children and families most in need.

“Our preferred option (Option B) would retain the use of some existing children’s centre sites, expanding their offer of support as Family Centres, and strengthen all aspects of the Early Help service to deliver more targeted support to people in need. This would let us work with health providers, schools and others to ensure families get the right service at the right time.

“But we need to know what the public think – particularly those using early help services or who may benefit from them. The views we hear will matter in helping us decide on or even reshape our proposals.”

The consultation runs until midnight on Thursday, December 13 2018. Access to the online survey and supporting information, including more detail on the proposed options, will be available at www.buckscc.gov.uk/earlyhelp.  No changes will be made to early help services until September 2019.

Several public meetings are being planned during the consultation period to support people in understanding the options in filling out the survey. More information will be given about these soon

Road Closure for works to traffic signals at Brownlow Canal Bridge B488 Horton Road, Ivinghoe

On the 8th of October 2018 BCC/TfB plan to start work on the traffic signals at Brownlow Canal Bridge; this work is necessary to replace life expired equipment to refurbish the traffic signals and a road closure will be needed to provide safe working space.

The B488 will be closed between Station Road, Cheddington and High Street, Ivinghoe from 9.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday starting Monday 8th October to Tuesday 23rd October.

Access will be permitted to residents, businesses and visitors but only as far as the bridge, motor vehicles will not be allowed over the bridge.

The road will be open overnight and at weekends with temporary traffic lights.

The signed diversion route will use the A4146, B440 and B489 for both directions.

The closure end date may be subject to change if works are delayed, for example by bad weather.

During these works there may be some delays and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused, if you should have any problems during these works please contact us online at www.fixmystreet.buckscc.gov.uk or in an emergency call 01296 382416.

Let’s age well together – free sessions for the over 65s

We want to help local residents like you to live long, happy and healthy lives. That’s why
we’re working with Active Bucks and other partners to encourage older residents across
Buckinghamshire to try a new physical activity or sport session.

Keeping active as we age is really important for our physical and mental health. It can help us keep up with the grandkids, provide a way to regularly see friends, ensure our minds stay sharp by learning new skills and ward off many preventable diseases.

Current guidelines recommend that people aged 65 and over should aim to be moderately active for 150 minutes each week, that means an activity which raises your heart rate and makes you breathe faster and feel warmer.  Government recommendations also include two sessions of activity each week which
strengthens the major muscles, like digging the garden, Pilates or carrying heavy shopping bags.

There are hundreds of activities taking place across the county to help you achieve these guidelines, and through Active Bucks, your first session is free. Try your hand at activities like nordic walking, gym, swimming, dance, martial arts, badminton, tennis, and yoga.

Ian 67, a retired graphic designer from Steeple Claydon tried Nordic Walking last year and has been hooked ever since.  “From the first session in the cold wind and pouring rain, I loved it! I knew it was doing me good. I feel fitter than I have done for years, I have less aches and pains and I have lost significant weight without any change to my diet. I am racing up hills and inclines where before I would be puffing and panting. It feels exhilarating to get the heart rate up.”  According to Ian, it’s the social which makes it enjoyable with feeling fitter and healthier an added bonus. However with only two other men in the group, Ian is keen to get more men involved.   “It was the social thing more than anything; we have grown together as a group of people.  We didn’t know each other before and now we all look forward to the session.  My wife Val will tell you that I get really annoyed if I have to miss a session of this. So the big message as far as I’m concerned is lets get more men doing it.”

Like Ian, you can feel the social and physical benefits of being more active. Sign up for an activity session today. www.activebucks.co.uk


Can you make poppies to help commemorate 100 years since the end of the Great War?

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Do you remember last year’s yarnbombing? That was the Ivinghoe and Pitstone WI celebrating their 100 year birthday.

We now want to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the end of the Great War, in a similar way but this time we’d like to invite community members to get involved as well.

We invite you to make poppies which we will use to decorate areas of both villages; they can be knitted, crochet, sewn, cut out of fabric, card whatever your inspiration creates, although they do need to stand up to the November weather!

Patterns are available on the British Legion website.

Windmill Pharmacy and Masons have both agreed to be collecting points for your masterpieces, up until 26th October or message me and I will collect.

Donations of red wool would be much appreciated.

The school and messy church are also getting involved.
It will be great to do something for the community, by the community to honour those who gave us everything.

Thank you.

Quick and easy knitting pattern:

Cast on 80 stitches in red wool. Knit 10 rows, knit two together all along row 11, slip remaining stitches into a length if yarn to draw up and sew the seam. Add a black button to the centre and you’re done. The bigger the needle the bigger the poppy.

18 Tonne Weight Limit for Brownlow Bridge

Within the last couple of weeks the Canals and Rivers Trust have undertaken a survey of Brownlow Bridge, Ivinghoe. Ivinghoe Parish Council have had the following response from the Canals and Rivers Trust with respect to the survey.

‘We have asked for a permanent 18 tonne limit to be introduced to prevent damage to the bridge, on the strength of the assessment we have undertaken’.  

Bucks CC have said they welcome the Parish Council to work with them regarding this matter. 

Blocked drains scam – Aylesbury Vale


Thames Valley Police have received recent reports of a scam, where residents are told that there is a problem with their drains.


Victims are being contacted by people claiming to be either from Thames water or Dyno Rod, saying that their drains are blocking and require specialist equipment to clean them, costing around £500 to hire.


At one property in Wendover the money was handed over and we are aware of several other attempts in Aylesbury.


If you receive an unsolicited phone call, or someone comes to your property, don’t always believe what they are saying.


Scammer will try and get your confidence and may use technical information, to make it sound like they know what they are talking about.


Consider using a call-blocking service, which will stop calls that aren’t in your address book coming through, unless you authorise them.


You can find more advice and information by visiting the Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards or Action Fraud website.


You can also download a copy of the Little Book of Big Scams  (attached below).


Please look out for vulnerable friends, neighbours or family and make sure they know how to deal with unsolicited telephone calls.


If you have been a victim of this or another type of fraud you can contact Action Fraud online or by calling 0300 123 2040

Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford Expressway Corridor B announcement

Press release information from AVDC:

Highways England has today announced that Corridor B is its preferred route for the proposed Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford Expressway, following a programme of stakeholder engagement. This is the first of a number of key decisions that will be taken in respect of this locally and nationally important project. Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) says today’s announcement is important in helping us to start to understand more about the government’s plan for the area and to continue to work with partners to understand the potential implications with its members, local communities and partners.

The expressway is just one of the components of the government’s strategy for the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford growth corridor and is of great relevance to our residents and businesses as approximately 70% of the new road will pass through Aylesbury Vale.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Angela Macpherson, said:

“Today’s announcement provides clarity on the government’s preferred corridor. Whilst this is a scheme of national importance, it is essential that Highways England engages with us and our communities in the critical next stage of this project that will be focused on determining the detailed route within the identified corridor.

“We now need to take time to properly assess and understand the corridor decision and discuss the implications with our local communities, members and partners, in particular, Buckinghamshire County Council. This cannot be another HS2, and we will press the government to understand the benefits this infrastructure can bring to the Vale.

“The government has identified that the expressway can help to unlock growth across the corridor and we want to work with government to help shape good growth and create successful and sustainable places with our local communities.”

Roadworks on Cheddington Road and canal bridge 10-13 September 2018

Cheddington Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire
10 September — 13 September
Delays possibleTraffic control (two-way signals)
Works location: 3 railway cottages
Works description: Communication Pipe Repair
Responsibility for works: Anglian Water
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: AD03255348707

Pitstone Road, Cheddington, Buckinghamshire
10 September — 13 September
Delays possibleTraffic control (two-way signals)
Works location: On Canal Bridge
Works description: Traffic Signal Sensor Repair
Responsibility for works: Buckinghamshire
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: BH00215067825

Local church food bank in need of donations

St Mary’s Church in Ivinghoe run the local food bank and are in need of donations, particularly tinned meat, cereal, tinned fruit, biscuits and cup-a-soup.

If you are able to help, the church is open during the daytime each day and donations can be left in the box just inside the door on the table.


Windmill Pre-School ‘Bags of Help’ at Tesco til 31/10/18

Windmill Pre-school are excited to announce we are current entrants in the local Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ scheme until 31st October 2018

We are up against 2 other local causes in a bid to win funds to enable us to purchase a range of equipment and train staff in the practices of Forest School, so the children can learn and explore all-year round in a woodland environment

All we ask is that every time you shop at Tesco in either Tring, Berkhamsted or Northchurch, before 31st October 2018 you take a blue token and please please please pop it in our section to help us win!

Windmill Pre-school is a registered charity run by, and for, the local community. The only way for Windmill Pre-School to grow and for us to develop our facilities is through fundraising! We would like to raise enough money so the children at Windmill Pre-School can experience and develop through Forest School.

Forest schools offer an excellent opportunity for outdoor play and exploration all-year round in a woodland environment, with child-led activities that aim at guiding the children’s development. Activities enable children to choose which direction to take and they are able to develop their own problem-solving skills as well as their ability to work within teams. It is an excellent tool for children’s social development as they learn how to share their ideas, listen to others and build their confidence.

Thank you everyone in advance, we are extremely grateful for every bit of support!

Cheddington Road closed by railway bridge only 23-9-18 7.30am-2pm

Please note that a bridge inspection is currently planned for the railway bridge crossing Cheddington Road on 23 September 2018 and therefore that section of Cheddington Road will be closed between 7.30am and 2pm.

The rest of Cheddington Road and Cooks Wharf will be open to traffic as usual so there are no access issues for residents.

Roadworks in Ivinghoe 3-8 September 2018

Roadworks advised by BCC:
B488 Station Road, Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire
03 September — 08 September
Delays possibleTraffic control (multi-way signals)
Works location: 48
Works description: Trial Holes to confirm locations of existing assets
Responsibility for works: Anglian Water
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: AD01454575611

Ladysmith Road, Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire
03 September — 08 September
Delays possibleTraffic control (multi-way signals)
Works location: 48
Works description: placement of signal header in connection with job 54575611 Trial Holes to confirm locations of existing assets
Responsibility for works: Anglian Water
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: AD01454575611/2

167 Tuesday only bus service to Leighton Buzzard has new operator

The 167 service from Ivinghoe to Leighton Buzzard which runs on a Tuesday only will now be operated by Star Travel instead of Red Line.   This link takes you to the Bucks County Council bus change information page: https://www.buckscc.gov.uk/services/transport-and-roads/buses-and-trains/changes-to-bus-services/

There are no changes to the bus timetable (stopping at 9.04 by Albion Road on the way back, arriving back at Albion Road at 12.28).  The full timetable can be found here: https://www.buckscc.gov.uk/media/4511762/167.pdf

Let’s S.C.R.A.P. fly tipping – your waste, your responsibility

The message behind the campaign is that if it’s your rubbish, it’s your responsibility to dispose of it properly and legally. Otherwise dumpers face the possibility of a £400 fixed penalty notice or, if court action is taken, typically fines of several thousands of pounds or even a custodial sentence.

The S.C.R.A.P campaign also features useful advice for both householders and businesses to thoroughly check anyone who they use to dispose of waste on their behalf. Failure to do so means people are not complying with Duty of Care requirements and they may get a nasty surprise if their waste is found fly tipped.

The campaign title stands for Suspect, Check, Refuse, Ask and Paperwork  – a helpful five-point checklist to help people stay on the right side of the law.

More information available here:


and here:


Bucks County Council consulting on changes to Household Recyling Centres

Council to consult on ‘realistic’ options to make household recycling centres affordable.


An eight week consultation starts August 28 to hear the public’s views on a series of proposed cost-saving and future growth measures to make the County’s household recycling centres (local tips) affordable for the future.

The ten centres are well used and extremely popular, however, the County Council is having to reduce costs across all its services as funding reductions in the public sector continue to bite.

National figures show that in comparison with other areas, Buckinghamshire has a much higher number of sites serving its population. In addition, centres currently take certain waste like rubble, soil, plasterboard and car tyres for free where other Councils make a variety of disposal charges.

Buckinghamshire County Council Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment, Bill Chapple OBE said the review was a ‘reluctant but necessary step’.

He said: “We have an extremely tough budget to meet from April 2019 onwards and this means facing up to some difficult decisions. There definitely needs to be changes, but my overall aim is to retain a service that still works for the majority of people going forward.

“Looking at all the data available, the responses to our user surveys and what other councils do, and bearing in mind the views of residents at four focus groups we held in July, there are some preferred options that we are setting out in the consultation. Realistically, without these, we’re not going to get anywhere near our financial savings target.

“For example, there is a proposal to permanently close at least one site, with the preferred option being Bledlow. We are also including other proposals for closing two sites, Bledlow and Burnham, and to bring in selected weekday closures on days when the sites at Burnham, Chesham and Aylesbury (Rabans Lane) are less used.

“We’re also proposing to introduce charging at all sites for specific waste that we don’t legally have to accept for free. I completely understand that people don’t like being faced with extra charges, however, I have taken into account the fact that less than a third of waste falls into this category, so the charges won’t affect everyone and it also brings us into line with what other councils do.

“Of course, there are other areas where we have genuine choice and that’s where an open and honest consultation is so important. For example, we’re looking for views on which two weekdays people would prefer Burnham (if this site remains open), Chesham and Aylesbury (Rabans Lane) to be closed, and also what Buckinghamshire residents think about people from outside the county using our recycling centres, which is of course an extra cost to local county taxpayers.”

The Council also plans to extend the operation of reuse shops (currently at Aston Clinton and High Wycombe and run by South Bucks Hospice) so more can be recycled and sold with the money going to charity.

Bill added: “I hope people will see the reasons for the changes I have to bring in and I look forward to hearing views on the areas where there is genuine and open choice.”

The consultation runs until midnight on Monday, October 22. Access to the online survey and supporting information is available at www.buckscc.gov.uk/hrc-review  A series of drop-in events is also planned in local libraries so people can find out more details about the proposals.

The schedule of ‘drop-in’ events is as follows:

Bucks County Show (BCC stand) – Thursday, August 30 – 8am-6pm
High Wycombe library – Friday, September 7 – 10am-1pm
Princes Risborough library – Tuesday, September 11 – 10am-1pm
Aylesbury Library (currently in the study centre) Thursday, September 20 – 10am-1pm
Buckingham library – Wednesday, September 26 – 10am-1pm
Burnham library – Thursday, October 4 – 10am-1pm
Chesham library – Monday, October 8 – 2-5pm
Beaconsfield library – 11th Oct – 10am-1pm

Bin Collection Day – Changing to Wednesday – from Wed 5 September 2018

The letter from AVDC confirms that the Pitstone bin collection day will be moving from Thursday to Wednesday.  The brown garden waste collection service will also move to a Wednesday, on the same week as the blue lidded recycling.

The first new collection date will be Wednesday 5 September for blue-lidded recycling bin, food bin and brown garden waste bin (if you are subscribed to the garden waste collection service).

The second collection date will be Wednesday 12 September for green-lidded waste bin and food bin.

The frequency of collections doesn’t change.   Please ensure all bins are put out by 6.30am.

Every resident will have a letter from AVDC, plus collection calendar and information about recycling.   Alternatively, you can check collection service on the AVDC website via https://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/recycle



Online discussion with Thames Valley Police 7pm 10/9/18

Please can you let your councillors and community aware of the online event we are holding on 10/09/18 at 19:00 hours.


It is essentially an online forum to discuss any policing issues with their neighbourhood team, in the same manner as a community forum would take place. We are trialling this as a way to get a higher engagement and help towards setting the areas policing priorities.


People can login to the chat, from 7pm on 10/9/18, via the following link:-






PC 5688 Matt Craker

Neighbourhood Supervisor

Great Brickhill, Wing and Ivinghoe District

Look out for your letter re bin collection changes

This week, Aylesbury Vale customers will receive a letter, sent directly to every household, from Aylesbury Vale District Council. The letter explains the upcoming new bin collection schedules (coming into force in September) and changes to the recycling and waste service, and contains a new bin collection calendar. We have provided customers with all the information to their new recycling and waste service, alongside some pre-empted FAQs, to help ensure this transformation goes as smoothly as possible. However, we do expect a few teething problems as the crews and our customers become accustomed to the changes.

Gully Cleaning Works B488 & B489 21-24 August 2018 (extended to 30 August)

B488 Tring Road, Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire
21 August — 30 August
Delays likelyTraffic control (Stop/Go boards)
Works description: Please empty all gulleys and kerb weirs (HW GULLY EMPTYING)
Responsibility for works: Buckinghamshire
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: BH0025094804

B489 Marsworth Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire
21 August — 30 August
Delays likelyTraffic control (Stop/Go boards)
Works description: Please empty all gulleys and kerb weirs (HW GULLY EMPTYING)
Responsibility for works: Buckinghamshire
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: BH0025094797

Residents invited to participate in Police and Crime Panel

Residents across Thames Valley are invited to participate in the next Police and Crime Panel meeting by submitting questions for Police and Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld. Anyone who lives or works in the Thames Valley area can submit a question prior to the meeting, which takes place from 11am on Friday 7 September at The Gateway, the head office of Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC). During the meeting, the Panel will be looking at the role of the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit, in particular, the unit’s work on tackling ‘county lines’ (gangs and organised crime networks using children or vulnerable adults to carry and sell drugs) in the Thames Valley area. However, questions from members of the public can be about anything relating to the work of the Police and Crime Panel. The Panel examines and reviews how PCC Anthony Stansfeld carries out his responsibilities of ensuring that Thames Valley Police runs effectively and that Chief Constable Francis Habgood is held to account. The Panel also supports the PCC in his work. Councillor Mark Winn, AVDC Cabinet Member for Communities, said:
“I encourage residents to take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions about policing in Aylesbury Vale. The Panel will try and answer your question during the meeting or will provide a written response after the meeting. So if you have any concerns about local policing, please take this chance to raise them with the Panel.”
To participate in the Panel, please email your question to contact@thamesvalleypcp.org.uk by Monday 3 September.

Remember to return your Annual Household Canvass form or you may face a fine of up to £1000

AVDC have issued the Annual Household Canvass forms to all households in the Vale.  You can respond online, by telephone, text or via a provided reply paid envelope.  You must respond, even if you have no changes to make.

Your prompt response is requested, otherwise the costs involved in conducting the annual canvass increase.  If you don’t respond to the first letter, you will be sent a reminder, if you don’t respond to the reminder they will send an Electoral Canvasser to collect the information in person, and if you still don’t provide the required information you can be fined up to £1000.

Click here for more information on the AVDC website: https://aylesburyvale.moderngov.co.uk/mgGeneric.aspx?MD=mgannualectoralcanvass

Ivinghoe Beacon footpath closure 20/21 August 2018

Please note that some footpaths on Ivinghoe Beacon will be closed on 20 & 21 August 2018 (not for 6 weeks as indicated on the site notices).

The Steps Hill and Incombe Hole areas will not be affected, so you will still be able to enjoy walking at these locations.

Aylesbury’s first Gin & Jazz event comes to town

Enjoy a relaxing Sunday in the intimate setting of the Bucks County Museum’s walled garden as Aylesbury’s first Gin & Jazz event comes to the town centre.

A selection of more than 10 gins will be available, including the ever-popular pink gins and a range of wines, refreshing beers and delicious cocktails to purchase. To help soak up the drink, there’ll be a variety of mouthwatering cheeses and biscuits from Wendover’s 2 Pound Street, and nibbles and freshly-made burritos from River Street Food.

Acclaimed band ‘Swing Train 42’ will be providing the live music for the day. The London-based swing/gypsy jazz trio covers classic Django tunes and jazz standards with the unlikely instrumentation of mandolin and guitar.

Diana Fawcett, Aylesbury Town Centre & Regeneration Manager, said:

“Aylesbury Town Centre Partnership is delighted to be working with Bucks County Museum and local business Shoot Pool to bring you this brand-new event to add to the extensive calendar of activities bringing culture and entertainment to the town centre.”

Gin & Jazz will take place on Sunday 5 August with two sittings to enjoy, mid-afternoon and early evening. For further information, and to book tickets, please go to: www.visitaylesbury.co.uk

Three Aylesbury Vale parks win prestigious Green Flag Awards

Aylesbury’s Bedgrove Park and Vale Park along with Buckingham’s Heartlands have been recognised by the Green Flag Award Scheme as some of the very best open spaces in the UK.

The parks are among a record-breaking 1,883 UK parks and green spaces that have today received a prestigious Green Flag Award /Green Flag Community Award – the mark of a quality park or green space.

As a testament to Aylesbury Vale District Council’s commitment to providing quality parks and open spaces across the Vale, this is now the ninth year in a row that Bedgrove Park has won the award, and the eleventh year in a row for Vale Park.

Cllr Angela Macpherson, Acting Leader of the Council, said: “We’re thrilled to receive three Green Flags this year, including the first time that Buckingham’s Heartlands has picked up the award.

“We realise how much quality green spaces matter to residents and visitors, and these awards recognise AVDC’s dedication to keeping our green spaces at a high standard.” This international award, now into its third decade, is a sign to the public that the space boasts the highest possible environmental standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent visitor facilities.

International Green Flag Award scheme manager Paul Todd said: “We are delighted to be celebrating another record-breaking year for the Green Flag Award scheme, with more Green Flags awarded this year than last year.

“Each flag honours the thousands of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to maintain the high standards demanded by the Green Flag Award. We are proud to have so many wonderful green spaces in the UK for people to enjoy, and hope that next year, we award even more flags.”

You can now recycle unwanted batteries and small electrical items at the kerbside.

Recycling small electrical appliances

You can now recycle unwanted batteries and small electrical items at the kerbside.

Any unwanted small electrical items, that have a plug or battery, can be left on top of your recycling or waste bin, in a standard carrier bag, by 6am on your collection day. This includes items such as hairdryers, mobile devices, straighteners and more.  The crews will collect your items at the same time as they empty the bin.

Batteries should be put into a separate carrier bag and placed on top of your recycling or waste bin.

There are some rules around the size of the electrical items we are able to collect – have you done the shoe box test?

If your item is no larger than a standard size shoe box, and displayed in a carrier bag on top of your recycling or waste bin, then we’ll take it for recycling. Larger items will need to be taken to your local household recycling centre or why not find out more about our bulky waste collection service?

For a full list of what can and cannot be recycled, take a look at our useful guide.

CAA Draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy Consultation (open til 10/9/18)




What are we asking?

The purpose of this stakeholder engagement exercise is for the CAA to understand your views on our new draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy which will replace our 2011 Future Airspace Strategy (FAS).

This comprises a draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy document and six questions (See ‘Related’ documents below). A transcript of this summary and the questions is also provided for reference.

Why is airspace modernisation needed?

Airspace is a crucial part of the UK’s infrastructure. It must be maintained and enhanced to provide more choice and value for consumers, through the capacity for airlines to add new flights, reduced flight delays and enhanced global connections that can help boost the UK economy, while continuing to improve safety standards.

In addition to accommodating increasing commercial flights, Military requirements and an active GA sector, the UK’s skies are hosting different types of airborne vehicles such as drones. UK airspace will also need to accommodate commercial spaceflight in the future, and other new technologies are constantly emerging.

What is the objective for modernising airspace?

Working together, the Government and the CAA have developed a shared objective for modernising airspace. This objective states that modernising airspace means changing and developing its structural design, and the operational concepts and technology that are used to fly and manage air traffic.

It states that we want to ensure that airspace capacity is not a constraint on the growth of commercial aviation, with the constraint to growth instead becoming the number of runways or restrictions imposed on the use of those runways by government or planning authorities as a condition of that growth.

Our approach in undertaking this programme is to be transparent, inclusive, and to take into account the needs and views of all airspace users and affected parties, including airports, airlines, communities and General Aviation representatives.

Why have we written a new Airspace Modernisation Strategy?

The Government has tasked the CAA with preparing and maintaining a co-ordinated strategy and plan for the use of UK airspace for air navigation up to 2040, including for the modernisation of the use of such airspace.

The Airspace Modernisation Strategy responds to that requirement. It supersedes and replaces the Future Airspace Strategy (FAS), although many key elements of FAS remain relevant and are included in this new strategy. The new Airspace Modernisation Strategy also needs to take into account:

  • a new runway at Heathrow: outlined in the current National Policy Statement
  • the need to coordinate multiple different airspace changes
  • potential changes arising from government policy reviews, such as more explicit policy on how noise must be considered
  • drones
  • spaceplanes.

The CAA must consult the Secretary of State about the preparation and maintenance of this Airspace Modernisation Strategy and the detail to be included in the delivery plan, and must give a delivery report to the Secretary of State annually.

Our draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy

This draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy forms part of the Government’s new arrangements to take forward the delivery of the airspace modernisation programme. The strategy sets out the ends, ways and means of modernising airspace.

Chapter 1 introduces the need for airspace modernisation and describes its objective, and the approach taken in this strategy.

Chapter 2 sets out the role of the Department for Transport, the CAA, NATS and other relevant stakeholders.

Chapter 3 sets out the ends, or outcomes, that modernised airspace must deliver, all of which are derived from UK and international policies and laws.

In Chapter 4, 14 initiatives are identified as the primary ways of modernising airspace, including new airspace designs, operational procedures and enabling technologies.

Chapter 5 identifies that there are a number of current foreseeable ‘unknowns’ that could change and reshape the context for this strategy.

The means of delivering airspace modernisation – such as the resources needed to bring in changes – must rest with the industry organisations that will use airspace. The need for these plans is addressed in Chapter 6.

In Chapter 7 we set out our assessment of progress towards completion of each major initiative and the supporting designs, operational procedures and technology enablers.

Your views are invited

The CAA is publishing this draft for public engagement so that any interested stakeholders can offer feedback on the document – including its approach and the initiatives it sets out as the primary ways to deliver modernisation – before it is finalised and delivered to the Secretary of State in December 2018. In future years the strategy may be revised, but the CAA will not always publish a full draft document for engagement.

We are asking you to respond to six questions and provide comments before 10 September 2018. We cannot commit to taking into account comments received after this date.

The questions include some multiple-choice answers and the opportunity to submit your comments by completing text boxes. Please note that if you prefer not to give a multiple-choice answer, the questionnaire will still allow you to complete the text box. We understand that some stakeholders may prefer not to be constrained by the questions alone. We have therefore also included a text box for general observations not covered by the questions.

If you would like to discuss anything about how to respond, please email: airspace.policy@caa.co.uk or telephone: 0207 453 6278.

We will assume that all responses can be published on our website. When you complete the online form there will be an option for you:

•     to hide your identity including personal details (which will anonymise your response completely), or

•     to refuse publication altogether; in the interests of transparency, we hope people will not refuse publication.

What happens next?

Your comments will help us to set out a comprehensible and engaging strategy for developing and delivering our shared airspace modernisation objective, and enable the CAA to report on it to the Secretary of State.

This stakeholder engagement exercise will be open until 10 September 2018. We will then review the responses received, and will take on board feedback where it is considered appropriate.

The finalised Airspace Modernisation Strategy will be published at the end of the year alongside an annual delivery report for the Secretary of State. At this time we will also update this site with a summary of what we asked, what you said and what we did in response, and will also publish responses where we have consent to do so.

New Number 61 Bus Timetable from Red Eagle effective 1/8/18

Bucks County Council have now updated their website to show the new timetable for the Number 61 bus.   As you know, Arriva served notice to BCC that they were terminating this route at the end of July and BCC have negotiated with Red Eagle to take over this route.

(This bus service is commercially operated and not funded by BCC)

You can see the new timetable by clicking here:

Red Eagling 61_61a timetable 1 August 2018

Or visiting the BCC website via this link:  https://www.buckscc.gov.uk/services/transport-and-roads/buses-and-trains/changes-to-bus-services/

AVDCs community crowdfunding site ‘Our Vale’ has launched

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) has officially launched Our Vale, a new crowdfunding platform for community projects.

This is a new way for people living in the Vale to raise funds for local projects that aim to help shape the Vale’s shared spaces and deliver community projects. Community groups, grant funders, councillors and council officers attended an event on Monday 9 July to celebrate the launch of the programme – which already has a potential pledge pot of £300,000 available to projects crowdfunding through Our Vale.

The crowdfunding model is simple; if residents want to enhance their street or neighbourhood, improve local play areas or simply bring people together, Our Vale will become the best way to raise the money to make this happen. It’s about raising small amounts of money from large amounts of people and organisations to fund projects or innovations. Through Our Vale, residents will have the opportunity to ask friends, family and neighbours to back a local project by pledging money to support it. AVDC has put its weight behind this exciting new scheme and will support projects that have the backing of the local community.

The audience at the launch event heard from local organisations who have already submitted a proposal on the Our Vale platform, one of which will feature on the Our Vale website in a few days.

Christopher Williams, Conservation and Education Director Bucks, Berks and Oxon Wildlife Trust said: “We’re looking to raise £7,500 to create a fabulous new wildlife garden. The whole school, nearly 1,000 school children, will benefit from this Wild Trax makeover project based at Mandeville School. Students taking part will be able to learn about wildlife gardening and creating habitats as they carry out the work. Importantly, they will take on real ownership of the project which will encourage them to look after the garden into the future.”

Councillor Julie Ward, Cabinet Member for Civic Amenities (Customer Fulfilment) said: “This is an exciting initiative for everyone in Aylesbury Vale and we’re looking forward to helping people create special, unusual and interesting projects across the district.

“Crowdfunding is a new way for local people to give their support to local projects that are close to their hearts and a great way to reward residents for getting involved. It’s already proved itself popular with raising funds for the Bowie Earthly Messenger statue that is now drawing attention in the centre of Aylesbury town.

“Many people have great ideas to make places better in the Vale but don’t always know how to find the funding or access the help they need to move their project on. Our Vale will help empower local people to add value to the wider community, improving the quality of life for all.”

The new Our Vale website can be found at: www.spacehive.com/movement/our-vale

Appeal for information after a burglary – Ivinghoe

Don’t put yourself at risk swimming in a quarry or lake

Repeat of a previous message from Thames Valley Police.   Please also be aware that the quarry at the end of Westfield Road is within private ownership and is not open to the public.  Anyone accessing the quarry lake (which is not suitable for swimming) without the express permission of the landowner is committing trespass.

Thames Valley Police is appealing for people to be sensible and stay safe near open water, especially during the summer holidays when warmer weather might make it tempting to take a dip in a lake, quarry, river or canal. Aylesbury Vale has plenty of excellent swimming pools and leisure centres; these provide the cleanest and safest environment for swimming.

We are reminding members of the public to be aware of the following:

  • 60% of all drownings occur in canals, lakes and rivers.
  • You can drown in just a few centimetres of water.
  • If you fall or jump into the water, the cold will shock your body, making your muscles seize up so you can’t move.
  • You could easily cut yourself on rubbish or rocks and you may become ill due to bacteria in the water.

Summer is a fantastic time and we want everyone to enjoy the weather, but more importantly, please take this safety advice seriously. If you want to go swimming please go to a swimming pool or your local leisure centre – don’t put yourself or your friends in danger by swimming in a lake, quarry, pond or canal.

Thank you.

A418 Aylesbury Road emergency road closure 5-7/7/18

Please note that a section of the A418 has had to be closed for emergency gas repairs to a gas leak from Wingrave Crossroads to Burcott Lane.

The following diversion is in place.  Traffic commuting between Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard also being affected and long delays at times.

Aylesbury Road, Leighton Road, Wing Road, Leighton Buzzard Bypass, Billington Road, Church End, Tring Road,
Dunstable Road, Church Road, High Street, Marsworth Road, Lower Icknield Way, Aston Clinton Bypass, Aston
Clinton Road, Broughton Lane, Stocklake, Douglas Road, Bierton Road.

Brownlow Bridge due to re-open 6/7/18

We understand that the works are due to be completed and the bridge re-opened at some point during 6/7/18.

Planned remedial works to the traffic lights at the bridge will continue as planned later in the month (24/7/18 onwards).

Red Eagle take over operation of the Route 61 bus from 30/7/18

Arriva Bus Changes

From 30th July 2018 route 61 will be operated by Red Eagle instead of Arriva. Red Eagle are based in Aylesbury and a sister company of Redline Buses who run Service 164 to Cheddington.


Service 61 is not contracted by Bucks County Council and runs on a commercial basis which means that the operator chooses the route and timetable and must cover their costs from fares revenue taken. To change or withdraw a bus service an operator needs only to give notice to the Traffic Commissioner, copied to Local Authorities who have no powers to delay or veto this. Arriva have decided to withdraw the route and the Public Transport team have been trying to find another company to run a replacement which we have now done.


Arriva have reviewed the route and feel it is not viable for them to continue operating, and while there will be a very similar timetable introduced from 30thJuly 2018 Red Eagle have decided not to run a small number of poorly loaded sections of journey. There are also some minor timing changes to most journeys.


Some buses will operate as service 61A. These will divert between Aston Clinton and Aylesbury to serve Elm Farm  (where Arriva have also withdrawn the service) instead of operating directly along the Tring Road, with some minor timetable adjustments to allow for this.


Within Aylesbury, in line with other services, buses will operate direct along Exchange Street and Friarage Road towards the bus station instead of operating around the town centre via High Street, New Street and Oxford Road – buses leaving Aylesbury will follow their current route.


The following alterations may directly affect some passengers from the Ivinghoe area.


  • On Mondays to Fridays the 05:40 journey from Aylesbury to Dunstable will start instead from Pitstone, arriving in Dunstable at a similar time to now.


  • The 06:20 journey from Aylesbury to Dunstable will now operate between Aylesbury and Ivinghoe only. Observations have indicated there are very few passengers travelling between Ivinghoe and Dunstable.


  • The 15:55 journey from Aylesbury to Dunstable will be retimed to run at 15:50 on schooldays – both this and the 06:45 schoolday journey from Dunstable will divert via Aylesbury Schools Coach Park.


  • The 19:45 journey from Aylesbury to Ivinghoe will run earlier at 19:00 (returning from Ivinghoe at 19:40)


·        Full timetables will be on the BCC website in a few days