Are you a local business in the retail, leisure or hospitality sector? Have you applied for support from Buckinghamshire Council yet?

The new Buckinghamshire Council is providing support for businesses in the area.  As at close of business on Tuesday 14 April, 2,900 successful applications had been processed, but it is believed that many more businesses may be entitled to receive a grant.

Cllr Tett encourages any businesses that hadn’t applied yet to do so by visiting The grants are available to all eligible businesses and, as they are grants and not loans, do not need to be repaid.

Most businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors, and businesses receiving Small Business Rate Relief or Rural Rate Relief will receive a grant as follows:

  • Eligible properties with a rateable value of £15,000 or less will receive a £10,000 grant
  • Eligible properties with a rateable value of more than £15,000 and up to £51,000 will receive a £25,000 grant

To be eligible for a grant, companies and traders must have been liable for business rates on 11 March 2020. If not, there is no entitlement to relief.

Buckinghamshire Council has paid out £38.3 million in coronavirus business grants to 2,900 small local businesses and businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors*

* This was the number processed and paid by the end of the day on Tuesday 14 April.

For general information about business grants and full details of eligibility criteria visit our ‘Local support for businesses’ page at

Buckinghamshire Council announce more online adult learning courses

More online adult learning courses launching to support skills development

Buckinghamshire Adult Learning Service (BAL) is transforming the way it delivers its courses to help people to continue to learn and look after their mental wellbeing whilst government guidance on staying at home remains in place.

Classroom based courses are being transformed into engaging and innovative online learning programmes. From the end of April onwards, there will be over 150 courses available covering a wide range of topics and skills. All courses are designed and delivered by qualified and experienced specialist tutors who are passionate about their subjects.

Examples of courses that are on offer include:

  • Over 30 fitness courses including tai chi, Pilates, yoga, and meditation.
  • A range of language courses including French, Spanish and Italian at a range of different levels.
  • Over 50 creative classes including floristry, drawing, painting, garden design, cooking and creative writing.
  • Courses to support future employability and digital skills development, for which you can receive a qualification.

Over a thousand learners have already enrolled for these courses and some courses are filling up fast.

Anita Cranmer, Executive Portfolio Holder for Education said: “I’m absolutely delighted that we can continue to offer our fantastic courses to residents despite government guidance on staying at home. We know that this challenging period can lead to increased stress and anxiety so it’s really important that people continue to do things that they find stimulating and enjoyable. By offering a wide range of courses online we hope that people will enjoy trying out something new or finding out more about a topic that they’re interested in.”

For more information about individual courses and to enrol go to


If you have any further queries please ring 01296 387944.

Vicarage Road closure 16-4-2020 by Erleigh Manor

Vicarage Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire

16 April — 16 April


Delays likely – Road closure


Works location: Vicarage Road o/s Eriegh Manor Pitstone LU7 9EZ


Works description: Access required to Overhead BT structure to provide service – No structural changes. Work being carried out on existing BT Network. **WORKS REF ECAP1050**


Responsibility for works: Openreach


Current status: Planned work about to start


Works reference: BC005CC1W0019JUNSMWMY567

Anglian Water’s Priority Services Register

Did you know you can register for free, additional practical support from Anglian Water’s Priority Services? Some of the ways being on the Priority Services Register could help you include;


  • Bills being sent in different formats (including braille) or being sent to a friend or relative; If you want Anglian Water to contact a relative, friend or carer about your water supply and/or bills, with your permission they will be their first point contact and will be able to contact Anglian Water on your behalf
  • Advance warning of possible water supply interruptions
  • Help with reading your water meter
  • Knock and wait; Anglian Water will wait longer for you to answer the door when visiting
  • A scheme to protect people from bogus callers and scams


Registration is quick and easy! To find out more about Priority Services and to sign up,

Call Anglian Water on: 0800 919 155

Go online at: or scan this QR code

Fill in one of their freepost registration forms.

Download the MyAccount app


Priority Service Register


Alongside Anglian Water, other Water and Energy providers offer a Priority Service. If you think you may need extra help during an interruption to supply or a power cut due to being medically dependent on electricity, elderly or disabled or if you have specific communication needs, contact your provider to find out how they can assist you.

Council Tax message from Buckinghamshire Council

During this difficult time, we want to support our residents who may be struggling to pay their council tax bills.  For example, for our working–age residents, who already have Council Tax Reduction, we are reducing their council tax bill by up to £150.  However, we know others maybe struggling too. We ask that if you know anyone who is finding it difficult to make these payments at the moment, that they contact us so we can work through a solution together.  Please share this link with them for details – 

Important Information from Buckinghamshire Council re Community Support

Each day I take huge pride in the immense community effort that we are seeing across the whole county. It is a time of crisis, but we are seeing in all of our towns and villages just how well people are pulling together, supporting each other and volunteering to help especially in looking after the people who need it the most. My colleagues and I are truly humbled and inspired by the amazing work people are doing.

I’m delighted to be able to say that the council is now in the process – via a team of staff and wonderful volunteers – of getting food parcels out to the most vulnerable. Please read on for more on what Buckinghamshire Council is doing and how we are helping to provide and coordinate community support.

Can I thank each and every one of you too for doing your bit by staying home, except where absolutely essential, to help stop the spread of the virus and to save lives. We have all made huge adjustments and I am thankful to everyone for the lengths you are all going to.

Food parcels

This week we received the food parcels from the Government for our most vulnerable residents and our teams are starting to send these out.

Again, I am just so proud of how quickly our staff and volunteers have got this process up and running.

This is an interim measure, as the aim is that the government will start sending these directly to vulnerable people using supermarket delivery services. But for now, we are helping to co-ordinate getting these out to the most vulnerable people who need them.

Local Support Hubs

I’m really pleased to be able to give you further detail about Buckinghamshire Council’s eight local support hubs that are now set up for residents with severe medical conditions who might not have friends or family nearby.

The hubs will act as co-ordination and distribution points for the council’s volunteer support network to help with the food parcels, fuel top-up cards and help with getting medicines and medical appointments.

They won’t be open to the public but are there to co-ordinate the support for these most vulnerable residents.

Residents at high risk will get letters from the NHS or their GPs explaining how to register for support and we are making contact with vulnerable residents too. The Council’s social care team has also identified 750 older and more vulnerable residents and is keeping in daily contact with them to make sure they are safe and that they have the support they need.

All residents can also see what wider help and support is available – and can offer to volunteer too – via Buckinghamshire Council’s online Community Hub at

Community focus

As I’ve already said, I’m just so inspired by the immense community effort we’re seeing across the county. Just one example has been in High Wycombe, where local councillor Arif Hussain and his children raised money through the charity Five Pillars to buy food and care packages for elderly residents. Through a team of wonderful local volunteers, they then delivered the parcels to 68 flats of elderly local residents.

I know that this is just one of many such stories from across Bucks and I want to hear more. Please let us know what you are doing in your community and we’ll share this on our website so people in your local area can find you.

We’ve had an amazing response to our call for volunteers, almost 800 so far!

If you would like to volunteer to help in your local community please visit our online community hub at

You can also use the hub to find local support for yourself or if you have an elderly friend or relative in Buckinghamshire that you are worried about.

Our daily video update – #AskBucksCouncil

We’re all enjoying staying in touch online more, and at Buckinghamshire Council we are no exception!

We are producing a daily video update – our Vlog – and it’s a brilliant way of getting the latest updates from the Council – plus I enjoy that it can be a more personal, face to face, form of communicating as well as emailing you all.

Please do check it out via the Buckinghamshire Council website and most importantly – we want you to take part.

We don’t want this to be a one-way conversation so please give us your stories, comments, questions via social media (Twitter – @BucksCouncil, Facebook – using the #AskBucksCouncil hashtag and we will do all we can to include your comments and respond to any questions.

Council tax

We know how difficult life is at the moment and also how peoples’ circumstances vary tremendously. I know that many people are under financial strain and will find their council tax an added burden at a difficult time. The council’s advice is that you continue to pay if you possibly can – council tax funds essential local services like rubbish collection, local fire and police services and helps pay for the care vulnerable adults and children need from us.

However, I want you to know that Buckinghamshire Council does recognise the financial impact of coronavirus and will be supporting working-age residents who already have Council Tax Reduction by initially reducing their council tax bill by up to £150.

We also know that other customers will have difficulty making payments, and we urge you to let us know so we can work through a solution together. For example, it might be easier for some households who pay in ten instalments to pay in twelve smaller instalments.

If you are facing financial hardship and need to talk to us about how to pay your council tax bill please go to

Free school meal vouchers

Children eligible for free school meals will benefit from a national voucher scheme so they can still get meals while they stay at home during the school closure period. Schools can now provide, where needed, every eligible child with a weekly shopping voucher worth £15 to spend at supermarkets while schools are closed.

Some schools will continue to provide meals for collection or delivery themselves, but where this isn’t possible, the scheme will allow schools to provide vouchers to families electronically, or as a gift card for those without internet access.

The voucher scheme means that families who usually benefit from free school meals still have access to healthy and nutritious meals while they are not attending school.

Where schools are issuing vouchers rather than continuing to provide meals, parents will receive the voucher directly from their child’s school, which can then be redeemed online via a code or sent to their home as a gift card and used at supermarkets. Parents and carers should check with their school in the first instance to find out more about how this is being arranged.

Staying healthy while you stay home

I also want to take a moment to remind everyone that taking care of your mind is really important while staying at home. You may feel bored, frustrated or lonely. You might also be low, worried or anxious, or concerned about your finances, your health or those close to you.

It’s important to remember that it is OK to feel this way and that everyone reacts differently. Remember, this situation is temporary and, for most of us, these difficult feelings will pass.
Staying at home may be difficult, but you are helping to protect yourself and others by doing it.

Check out the tips and advice that Every Mind Matters suggests.

There are things you can do to help you keep on top of your mental wellbeing and cope with how you may feel while staying at home. Make sure you get further support if you feel you need it.

The new Buckinghamshire Council

And finally – an important reminder that from tomorrow the new Buckinghamshire Council comes into being. It replaces the county council and the four district councils of Buckinghamshire, which will no longer exist after today.

There has been a monumental effort from staff and councillors in all five councils to get us to where we are today. Thanks to the huge amount of work that has been done over the last 16 months, all five authorities are now working as one and this has meant we have been able to respond as one team to the coronavirus pandemic. This is a great testament to all of our teams and I am so proud of the hard work and dedication shown by all of our staff and councillors.

Because all elections have been postponed until next year, all 202 current Shadow Authority councillors will become Buckinghamshire Council councillors from tomorrow until May 2021.

The existing Shadow Executive members will form Buckinghamshire Council’s new cabinet until the elections in May 2021.

I’m so proud that we are in such a strong position to move forward as one new single council under such challenging circumstances.

Stay well,

Martin Tett
Leader of the Shadow Executive.

Think you are extremely vulnerable? Not received a letter from the government?

In the case of potentially vulnerable residents, if they have not already received a letter from the government highlighting them as vulnerable, the link for people to register with the government as vulnerable and needing help is and there is also a helpline on 0800 0288327.
If you hear of any local people who are likely to qualify but haven’t received the letter, please do ask them to register above and raise this with their GPs or hospital clinicians (as per the government guidance above).
If residents have received the letter from the government advising they are one of the vulnerable members of society an should isolate for 12 weeks they will be getting a food parcel delivered in the next few days.

Buckinghamshire Council – Ivinghoe Division Councillors’ Report

  1. Coronavirus Information


These are very challenging and distressing times. It has been very encouraging that our local communities have come together and our thanks to the volunteers for the work they are doing. We ask all residents to follow guidelines to ensure that you can all keep safe.


Buckinghamshire Council is now doing daily video updates, Monday to Friday, for residents about what is going on locally to protect, inform and support our communities. There will be a guest each day to talk about specific areas like working with the health services, public health and businesses. You can find these at –


We also encourage residents to go to the Community Support Hub pages on the Buckinghamshire Council website, a place which gives information for local people to sign up and help those who need it in our communities. More information is available on the website at


There is also a website for Service Updates on the Buckinghamshire Council website, so do keep checking here regularly for the latest:


Things are changing quite quickly, but this information will keep you updated on specific services that are impacted.


  1. New Buckinghamshire Unitary Council outlines political arrangements following postponement of elections due to Coronavirus


Shadow Leader, Martin Tett said that although there were still many details to sort out, the new council’s leadership will follow guidance from the Government with the following arrangements in place:

  1. All Shadow Authority councillors become councillors of the new Buckinghamshire Council on 1st April until  May 2021.
  2. The existing Shadow Executive members will form Buckinghamshire Council’s new Cabinet until the elections  in May 2021
  3. The Council’s new constitution (its operating rules and procedures) will come into force on 1st April and new committees will be established.  The Government is due to introduce emergency rules which will allow committees to hold virtual meetings for a temporary period.


Martin Tett said; “These are clearly challenging and unprecedented times on a truly global scale.  However, we will still launch the new Buckinghamshire Council on 1st April as planned and will continue to provide services to residents with the minimum of disruption. A vast amount of planning and preparation is going on across all our services and we will be keeping people informed as decisions are made. It’s clear that the next few weeks and months will be difficult for all, but we will get through it.

“Buckinghamshire Council will remain in regular dialogue with Government and expect to confirm all legislative and other changes required as soon as possible.”


With AVDC and BCC ceasing as local authorities on April 1st and the local elections now postponed until May 2021 the existing councillors from either AVDC or BCC will be temporary members of the new authority until May 2021. These are:


Anne Wight, Chris Poll, Derek Town, Sandra Jenkins and Peter Cooper.


We are at present still working out exactly how this will operate but wanted to let you know that we are here for all residents within the new Ivinghoe division which covers:


Cheddington, Marsworth, Pitstone, Slapton, Ivinghoe, Edlesborough, Dagnall and Northall.


All our contact details are on the Buckinghamshire Council website and please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


The new Buckinghamshire Council encompasses four district councils plus Buckinghamshire County Council. As you can imagine this new Council covers a very large area and Councillors will be allocated seats on the new committees as soon as possible which will probably be ‘virtual’ in their operation for the near future.


  1. AVDC Cancels final Council meeting


In the light of the recent Government announcements relating to limiting large gatherings and encouraging social distancing to reduce the spread of coronavirus, the Leader of the Council, Cllr Angela Macpherson, in discussion with the Chairman of the Council, Cllr Judy Brandis, and the Buckinghamshire Director of Public Health, Dr Jane O’Grady, have concluded that the final meeting of Aylesbury Vale District Council, scheduled for Wednesday 25 March, should be cancelled.


Cllr Judy Brandis said: “It is incredibly disappointing to come to this decision, but these are unprecedented times and we are working hard to protect ourselves and others.


“We had invited a number of past Chairmen and Honorary Aldermen to attend the meeting but many are elderly and some have underlying health conditions – putting them in the high risk category if they contract coronavirus.”


Among those attending would have been the first ever AVDC Chairman, former Councillor Anthony Mogford, now 92.


Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) formally came into being on 1 April 1974. AVDC was created as a result of local government restructuring that saw the merger of the boroughs of Aylesbury and Buckingham, Aylesbury Rural District, Buckingham Rural District, Wing Rural District and part of Winslow Rural District.


As with the current restructuring, that will see AVDC, the three other district councils in the county and Buckinghamshire County Council replaced by the new Buckinghamshire Council, there was a period prior to the establishment of the new Council when members met to plan their new future – and the first meeting of Aylesbury Vale District Council took place on 19 June 1973, following elections that had taken place on 7 June 1973.


Cllr Angela Macpherson said: “AVDC has a lot to be proud of and will leave a strong legacy for the new Buckinghamshire Council to inherit. I would like to pay tribute to councillors past and present and to the staff of the council who have worked so hard and diligently to deliver services to local residents”.


Cllr Judy Brandis had a special word of thanks for Bill Ashton, Democratic Services Manager, who will be retiring at the end of the month after 50 years in local government service and 46 years at AVDC. “Bill was here from the very start of the new district council and in recent years has provided members with highly professional insights – keeping us all on track and fully aware of what we can and can’t do as councillors,” said Cllr Brandis, “and he has provided me with excellent support and advice during my year as Chairman.”


In closing may we wish all our residents the very best and keep safe at this difficult time. We hope to be able to attend Parish Council meetings in the not too distant future. In the meantime we will endeavour to continue to forward as much information as possible.



  1. Buckinghamshire County Council held its last ever full Council meeting on Thursday (March 12) after 131 years of service.

    County Councillors, Aldermen and distinguished guests including Lord Lieutenant, Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher Bt, KCVO and High Sheriff, Mrs Julia Upton MBE packed into the Oculus in Aylesbury to mark the historical occasion. The County Council and Buckinghamshire’s four district councils are being replaced by the new unitary Buckinghamshire Council on April 1.

    Alongside regular meeting business, councillors took the opportunity to look back over Council services spanning three centuries. Over this time, average life expectancy in the County has risen from just 46 in 1889 to over 81 currently, and population has nearly trebled to 540,000.

    The last ever Chairman of Buckinghamshire County Council, Brian Roberts, said he was proud to be given the privilege of ending such a historic chapter. He said after the meeting, “This Council has been serving Buckinghamshire residents since 1889. During that time we’ve seen four Monarchs, 26 prime ministers and 32 County Chairman. The decisions made by both our current and predecessor councillors have shaped how Buckinghamshire has developed as a County and how services have contributed to making life better for residents, businesses and communities.

    Brian added, “The County and the four districts councils now pass the baton on to Buckinghamshire Council and I wish the new authority every success going forward.

lost red prescription glasses? possibly a childs

A pair of red prescription glasses, possibly child size, have been left on the Windsor Road footpath and not collected over the weekend.   If you are missing a pair of glasses, they are propped on the lamp post in Windsor Road, by the path to the play space/cycle path (opposite the path through to Castle Close).


We, the Pitstone Covid-19 Mutual Support Group, are desperately looking for more people to volunteer to help support those in need during this time. We want to leaflet our local streets to make sure everyone has the chance to sign up as a helper in the village. We especially need to reach those that aren’t online or maybe not frequent users of Facebook in case they need help.

Obviously everyone’s health and safety are of the utmost importance, so you would need to practice social distancing, wear gloves or sanitize hands regularly during the drop and sanitize and wash well after . You would also need to respect peoples wishes if access to letterbox is blocked or there is a note on the door requesting no contact.

This is not a call to encourage people to go out more than once per day. Perhaps bored secondary school children would like to help their village or why not make the best of your exercise time?

We urge you not to put personal contact details on this page. Please message via the contact details below to add your name to the list and we will get back to you when help is needed. We will need your name, contact number and street name and also your age if you are under 16 years.

Thank you.

Please contact: Nikki Thomas via email address or text your details to 07984557039.

Buckinghamshire councils lift all parking charges and restrictions to support communities during Coronavirus outbreak

Buckinghamshire councils lift all parking charges and restrictions to support communities during Coronavirus outbreak


All council car park charges and on-street parking restrictions have been lifted today across Buckinghamshire.

The five existing councils have taken the unprecedented step to help support communities, key workers and volunteers during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The changes will mean all council car parks across the county will be completely free to use and all parking restrictions lifted. This includes parking on yellow lines, limited waiting areas and in pay and display bays. Residents permits will also be extended by a month. Restrictions on disabled parking will however remain in force.

Parking officers will continue patrolling the main routes, car parks, and residential areas to help deal with any obstructions to support emergency services, key workers, essential food deliveries and residents.

If any vehicle does cause an obstruction, officers will attempt to locate the owner via the permits database so that the vehicle can be moved to a safer place. If owners can’t be located, vehicles will be towed to the nearest safe position. This will only be used as a last resort and will be to relocate vehicles, not remove them completely.

Leader of Buckinghamshire’s Shadow Executive, Martin Tett said the new measures were sensible and appropriate given the circumstances. “With most people working from home, parking is at a premium, so this gives everyone more flexibility and should help keep routes clear. If you live near to a council car park, please feel free to use it if it’s suitable.

“It should also make it easier for those key workers and volunteers who need to get around to help those most vulnerable in our communities.”

Martin added: “My only plea to motorists is to park sensibly and safely for the benefit of everyone and maintain social distancing. If we all pull together and use our common-sense, we can make a huge difference for those needing to get around in these testing and difficult times.”

These changes will be regularly reviewed and may be amended in line with further government guidance.

Some car parks are closed overnight, so please check the following links for further details. Specific questions or queries can be sent to the relevant area e-mail addresses.

Aylesbury Area

For information regarding on street parking, please contact

For assistance and the latest advice on coronavirus, please visit

For further information please contact: Aidan Shutter on 01296 382444 or out of hours on 07825430978 

Thames Valley Police ask for everyone to stay at home

Please follow government advice and do not leave your home/garden. If you are taking your one piece of daily exercise, please maintain social distancing. Thames Valley Police are reporting lots of people out and about, on Pitstone Hill and on the Recreation Ground. They ask everyone to please go home and stay home.

Buckinghamshire Council update

Buckinghamshire Council has outlined a series of political arrangements from 1st April in the light of the Government’s decision to delay this year’s elections to May 2021 due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
Shadow Leader, Martin Tett said that although there were still many details to sort out, the new Council will commence as planned on 1st April. The council’s leadership will follow guidance from the Government with the following arrangements in place:
All 202 current Shadow Authority councillors will become councillors of the new Buckinghamshire Council on 1st April until May 2021.
The existing Shadow Executive members will form Buckinghamshire Council’s new Cabinet until the elections in May 2021
The Council’s new constitution (its operating rules and procedures) will come into force on 1st April and new committees will be established.
The Government is due to introduce emergency rules which will allow committees to hold virtual meetings for a temporary period.
Martin said; “These are clearly challenging and unprecedented times on a truly global scale. However, we will still be launching the new Buckinghamshire Council on 1st April as planned and continuing to provide services to residents with the minimum of disruption. A vast amount of planning and preparation is going on across all our services and we will be keeping people informed as decisions are made. It’s clear that the next few weeks and months will be difficult for all, but we will get through it.
“While we are taking sensible steps to ensure political continuity for the new Council, I know some councillors had made personal decisions not to stand for election this year. It will of course be open to them to stand down as they planned or alternatively consider staying on for an additional year. Once we know what those councillors want to do, we can finalise our proposals.”
Martin added; “I have spoken with both the Lib Dem and Labour Leaders. We are all agreed that this is not the time for party politics. We all share the commitment to best serve the residents, businesses and communities of Buckinghamshire at this time of crisis. We remain in regular dialogue with Government and expect to confirm all legislative and other changes required as soon as possible.”

Update from Buckinghamshire Council re Coronavirus

The following is an update on the Coronavirus situation in Bucks from Martin Tett as Leader of the Shadow Executive and you are free to publish it on your websites.  It will also be published in the local press.
I think I made sure all links below are live, but if clerks could check that and rectify any which aren’t when adding the information to your websites, I would be especially grateful, so thanks!
Update on the Coronavirus outbreak from Buckinghamshire Councils – a letter from Shadow Executive Leader Martin Tett
I would like to update you on what we are doing across the councils in Buckinghamshire in response to Coronavirus, what you can do to protect yourself and others, and how you can become involved in supporting your community.
Firstly, my thoughts are with all people in Buckinghamshire who have been negatively impacted in any way by this crisis. These are difficult and very challenging times. This makes it even more important that we come together to support each other. We’re already seeing so much fantastic work going on across the county.
The current situation will no doubt test and stretch our ability, but the council is committed to providing community leadership and support wherever possible.
What are we doing?
The Coronavirus outbreak is of deep concern to everyone in Buckinghamshire. We are working together, across all the councils in Buckinghamshire, with Public Health England and the Department for Health and Social Care to tackle the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak to support our residents, communities, businesses and schools during this difficult time.
We are closely following government guidance to provide accurate and up to date information. We are well-prepared for these situations and have robust plans in place to focus on keeping essential services running to look after our elderly, the most vulnerable, children, and safeguard local communities.
As the impact of Coronavirus increases, we may need to make some temporary changes to some services. This is so we can protect people from infection and use our staff and resources where they are most needed. It is important that we communicate any changes to residents and ongoing engagement with communities will be a priority. Information about any service changes will be released to the press and published on our website
We know that some of you will still want to get in touch face to face so, for now, we are keeping our main libraries and council offices open to answer your questions and provide advice. You can see which libraries are open at
We are also keeping our country parks open with no parking charges so you can get out for some fresh air and stay healthy.
How can you help?
It’s crucial at times like this that everyone pulls together. In Bucks we are proud of our local communities and the voluntary and community work they do. I am truly humbled by the number of people and organisations coming forward and volunteering to help others in their towns and villages.
We know people, particularly if they are in isolation, are going to need support with practical things like getting medicines, doing grocery shopping, or caring for beloved pets, as well as dealing with the mental effects. The voluntary and community sectors will have a key role to play in supporting people.
If you are healthy and looking at ways you can help, take a look at our central community hub. This can be found on our new website
We are also looking for people with skills. Visit our website and complete the ‘I want to be involved’ form at
If you are a vulnerable or older person who is self-isolating, or know of someone who needs help get in touch with us; visit
What you can do to protect yourself and others
It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure we are doing everything we can to protect ourselves, our families and others around us.
1. Try to stay calm – be prepared and plan for the self-isolation of yourself or others but avoid panic buying so that others are not faced with empty shelves. Supermarkets inform us that there are no shortages. I have written today to all the major supermarket companies in Bucks asking them to offer priority personal and online shopping to the elderly and key vulnerable groups.
2. Stay healthy – there are lots of ways to stay healthy. Get outside and go for a walk in one on our country parks or visit National Trust parks for freebut do maintain a safe distance from other people.
3. Be alert to the symptoms and follow the government guidance – maintain good hygiene, reduce non-essential contact and stay at home if you have either:
• A high temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
• A new continuous cough – this means you’ve started coughing repeatedly
It is particularly important for people who are over 70, have an underlying health condition or are pregnant to follow this advice as much as possible.
Support our NHS
If you are worried about your symptoms it is important that you do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. This could spread the infection and put our doctors and health services at risk.
Go to or if you cannot go online call 111. This is so we can keep phone lines free for those who need it most.
The government have also advised that testing for Coronavirus is not needed if you are staying at home. You do not need to contact 111 to tell them you are staying at home, but if you are concerned about your symptoms and need urgent medical help call 999.
Keep up to date
Advice is changing all the time. There is a lot of information being shared about Coronavirus. There is a lot of misleading or even ‘fake news’, particularly online.
Make sure the information you are following is from a trusted source – the government, NHS or Public Health England. For local information follow our social mediavia the twitter handle @BucksCouncil and keep an eye on our webpage .
We are also writing to our vulnerable and older people who use our services to make sure they have the information they need to stay safe and well.
Supporting Bucks businesses
I am aware that Buckinghamshire is a county of many businesses from the very large to the very small. These are very difficult times for companies and the many people who work for them.
We are channelling support through the local Buckinghamshire business ‘hub’,Bucks Business First (BBF), as details are confirmed.
If you are a company who wants advice on current local or government support, such as that announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, find out more via BBF at .
The new Buckinghamshire Council
The government’s postponement of local elections until May 2021 will not stop the launch of the new Buckinghamshire Council. All five existing councils will be replaced by the one, new Buckinghamshire Council on 1 April. Plans for this are well advanced and we are already working together as one team to respond to the Coronavirus outbreak.
Lastly, I am also immensely proud of the dedication of all the staff in our local councils, NHS, social care, police and other key services who are continuing to work tirelessly to keep people safe and secure. I would like to pass on my thanks for everyone’s work in these unprecedented times.
Martin Tett Leader of the Shadow Executive

Garden waste collection – an urgent message from AVDC

In this unprecedented situation with coronavirus we are having to look at prioritising some of our services. We do not make these decisions lightly. Collections of refuse, clinical waste and food will remain a priority throughout and therefore until further notice we regret we will be stopping the garden and bulky waste collection services.


Please be reassured that these materials are not hazardous if left for longer than two weeks and if you wish you will still be able to take this waste to your nearest Household Recycling Centre. Whilst we appreciate that not all residents can travel to an HRC, any that do will help reduce the backlog and allow us to resume normal service more quickly afterwards.


Any residents who are self-isolating, have COVID-19 symptoms or are in an ‘at risk’ category should not visit Household Recycling Centres.


We are sorry for any inconvenience this will cause and once we know when the service can be resumed, for customers receiving the garden waste service, we will be in touch regarding how we plan to compensate you for any loss of service.

Poultons Meadow and Icknield Gardens

Please find below a link to the Public Health Act 1925 Section 18 Naming of Streets notification issued by AVDC.  The notice includes a map of the site with the two new roads highlighted.

Combined 20-16-NEWDEV Section 18 notice

  • The main road, from the Lower Icknield Way to Vicarage Road, will be named “Poultons Meadow” to commemorate the previous name by which the meadow was known, which this site now occupies.
  • The smaller road facing the Recreation Ground, will be known as “Icknield Gardens” to commemorate the fact that it sits upon the site of the old Allotment Gardens and is adjacent to the Lower Icknield Way.

If anyone is aggrieved by the intended order, you may appeal to the Magistrates Court within 21 days of 12 March 2020.  Contact details are provided in the link.

This information will also be displayed on a notice at the site.




Update on Cheddington Road bridge flooding (9-3-2020)

Work is starting on Tuesday (10-3-2020) to clear the trees and vegetation to the side of Cooks Wharf canal bridge. Once this work is complete (hopefully by Wednesday 11-3-2020) BCC TfB will be able to see what sort of excavator can squeeze in there to get the ditch cleared.

The ditch clearance will not follow immediately after but should take place within the next 2 weeks. Once the ditch is cleared the back-up of water should flow out the system and the flood should recede.

More road closed signage has been erected to help prevent vehicles turning round in the drive of properties before the bridge.

Works had been delayed as high priority works were required on the A413 Buckingham Road, Weedon where severe flooding was causing vehicles to aquaplane off the carriageway, which we are sure residents will understand needed to be remedied as the priority.

Senior School Allocations and Home to School Transport policy

We understand that parents of children moving up to secondary school in September will now have received their offer letters.

If you have any questions regarding your school offer, how the waiting list system works, whether you need to remain on the waiting list to receive free transport, whether you are entitled to free transport, or whether you need to register for paid-transport until free transport can be confirmed, please call the Bucks County Council Schools Team on  01296 395000.

Bucks County Council have also answered some of the questions from local parents surrounding the change to policy in their updated Frequently Asked Questions document which is available via this link:

We understand that some of the wording within the BCC home to school transport policy for the Pitstone area may have been amended recently, to clarify the actions that need to be taken (or not taken) to qualify for free transport.  Therefore it is very important that you keep up to date.

If parents have any ongoing concerns that the helpline can’t assist you with, please copy the Parish Council ( and the County Councillor ( on any correspondence to the school transport team so that we are aware of any local issues.


Thames Valley Police Community Forum 12-3-2020 in Wing.

The next Community Forum will be held at 7:30pm on Thursday 12th March in the Small Hall in Wing Village Hall. You are all welcome to attend to receive Crime Updates and discuss issues throughout the area.

As Thames Valley Police no longer hold quarterly Neighbourhood Action Group meetings in Pitstone and will not be attending the annual assembly this year, the Community Forums are now the only way for residents to speak direct to TVP.  Therefore please do attend if you have any policing concerns or queries.

Your Council is Changing

Your council is changing

On 1 April your council will change. The new Buckinghamshire Council will replace all five of the district and county councils in Buckinghamshire, and over the coming weeks and months you’ll start to see some changes as you come across the new look council.

What does the new council mean for me?

  • The same services, better together. For most people there will be no change to the day-to-day services you use. This includes bin collections, looking after our elderly and young people, libraries and parking. The focus for the future will be on improving these services as a new council together.
  • One council. Getting in touch with the council will be simpler because you’ll only need to contact one council for all the services currently provided by the county and district councils.
  • Face-to-face advice, support and information from your council through a network of 17 local Council Access Points based at the heart of your local community – in current council offices and libraries across the county. The five council offices in Aylesbury (Walton Street and The Gateway), High Wycombe, Amersham and Denham will be ‘access plus’ points, geared up to handle more complex enquiries.
  • Stronger links with local communities. Buckinghamshire Council councillors will work closely with local people and community organisations to understand and respond to the key issues affecting their local area through 16 Community Boards.

Who will be my local councillor on the new council?

There will be 147 councillors elected to Buckinghamshire Council. Elections for the new council will take place on 7 May 2020. Until these newly elected councillors take up their posts, your current elected members from the five existing councils will continue to serve your communities.

How can I find out more?

For regular news and updates, follow @BucksCouncil on Twitter and Facebook or find out more at

Coronavirus advice from Bucks County Council

  1. Handwashing – The most important thing that everyone can do as an individual is follow NHS advice on handwashing. This means washing your hands more frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. This video shows the best way to wash your hands.


  1. New poster – please see the poster below

Coronavirus A4 Poster

  1. NHS 111 has an online coronavirus service that can tell you if you need medical help and advise you what to do.

Use this service if:

  • you think you might have coronavirus;
  • in the last 14 days you’ve been to a country or area with a high risk of coronavirus;
  • you’ve been in close contact with someone with coronavirus.

      Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Contact 111 if you need to speak to someone


  1. Travel risk – The latest information about Coronovirus symptoms and areas of travel risk can be found on


5    General advice  – Like the common cold, coronavirus infection usually occurs through close contact with an infected  person via cough, sneeze or hand contact. You can also catch the virus by touching contaminated surfaces if you do not wash your hands afterwards.

Everyone is being reminded to follow Public Health England advice to:


  • Always carry tissues with you and use them to catch your cough or sneeze. Then bin the tissue, and wash your hands, or use a sanitiser gel.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after using public transport. Use a sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are unwell.

County Council Update from County Councillor Anne Wight, March 2020


Freight Strategy Update


The Freight Strategy Public Engagement is now running from 19 February until 14 March, 2020.


Attached is a link to the latest news regarding the repair plans for the Brownlow Bridge in Ivinghoe, along with a link to the Freight Strategy survey itself.


Please encourage all residents and stakeholders to participate in this informal consultation as we are hoping for a robust response.

There is a display in Ivinghoe Hub and we have a few hard copies and proposal plans available at the Beacons Community Library for residents who may not have access to the internet.


Link to news article:


Freight Strategy public consultation link:   



Coronavirus Update


Just to remind residents concerned about Coronavirus, the current advice for anyone who has travelled to the UK from mainland China, Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia or Macau in the last 14 days and is experiencing cough or fever or shortness of breath, to stay indoors and call NHS 111, even if symptoms are mild.


The government is carrying out enhanced monitoring of direct flights from these areas. Passengers will be told how to report any symptoms they develop during the flight, at the time of arrival, or after leaving the airport.


These areas have been identified because of the volume of air travel from affected areas, understanding of other travel routes and number of reported cases. This list will be kept under review.


If you have returned from these specific areas since 19 February, you should call NHS 111 and stay indoors and avoid contact with other people even if you do not have symptoms:




specific lockdown areas in northern Italy as designated by the Government of Italy

‘special care zones’ in South Korea as designated by the Government of the Republic of South Korea


Hubei province (returned in the past 14 days)


If you have returned from these areas since 19 February and develop symptoms, however mild, you should stay indoors at home and avoid contact with other people immediately and call NHS 111. You do not need to follow this advice if you have no symptoms.


northern Italy (anywhere north of Pisa, Florence and Rimini)






However, as the advice may change as the situation develops, please consult the link below for the latest advice, which is updated frequently.


Transport for Bucks —-Extreme Rainfall and Flooding


As several residents have contacted me with issues regarding local gullies and surface water flooding, I appreciate their patience since we are experiencing the worst flooding in 100 years nationally.  While our teams are trying to resolve the most urgent issues first—-particularly with fallen trees across roads as well as local flooding from recent storms—-unfortunately they are currently unable to prioritise some of the maintenance and repair works as a result.


Looking longer term, however, I am can say that strategic improvements are already under way and so I thought it might be a good time to update residents on those.


As some of you may know, Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) Network Improvement Team had a busy year in 2019, particularly in one of its key areas of work – drainage improvement schemes.  In all, 29 schemes were included in the countywide programme for 2019 – 20 with the team on target to complete this programme in this financial year.


The TfB team work very closely with the Buckinghamshire County Council Strategic Flooding Team on all schemes, aiming to increase capacity and efficiency of drainage.

Ironically the drainage programme was hampered by extreme periods of heavy rainfall that can be attributed to climate change. Scientists say that as the world has warmed by 0.7C, with the atmosphere able to hold 4% more moisture, which means more potential rain. The persistent wet weather started in mid-August and continued throughout the latter part of 2019, with a series of downpours in late November bringing one of the wettest weeks in the last 50 years, causing major disruption.


Over the past few years and with the threat of increasing heavy rainfall, the TfB team developed a matrix to prioritise proposed drainage schemes.  The flood management team also advised on flood risk areas in order to include schemes to tackle flooding before they become an issue to residents.


The matrix is completed to score each proposed scheme against a set of criteria which includes road safety, property damage, local reports and time weighting. From this matrix a rolling programme of works is developed with approximately 30 schemes prioritised for delivery each year.


What else has TfB been doing to tackle the wet weather and flooding?


As well as the 29 drainage schemes the highway maintenance teams carry out a range of activities including routine gully clearing to keep the drainage flowing.


Over the last few months of extreme rainfall, it has been a challenge to keep on top of the significant additional reactive work of clearing sites where flooding or standing surface water has been identified. Often, problems lie within underground drainage pipes, or more recently the issue of a lot of water trying to enter the drainage at once, overwhelming the system.


Even if sufficient capacity exists,  gullies and pipes can also become blocked with debris, especially during autumn leaf fall.  An additional machine was brought in by TfB for a twelve week period in order to supplement the efforts of the three full time teams in the depots in the North and South of the County. Additionally, new gully machines have been purchased to upgrade existing ones, operating from the depots at Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Amersham. This will double the number of gully emptiers active on the network between April and June, combatting the effects of the winter period and preparing the network for the autumn and winter weather of 2020/21.


A new asset management software system (GullySMART) is now in use to manage over 79,000 gullies in Buckinghamshire.  The system combines mobile technology with mapping data, available on a hand held device and building a forward looking profile of required maintenance based upon historical knowledge of attendance and condition. This innovative technology will enable TfB to build a picture of the condition of the gully data, which will ultimately lead to a more focussed ‘needs based’ approach to the gully-clearing programme, concentrating on those gullies that need more frequent cleansing.


Mark Shaw Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Transportation keeps a keen eye on all work in progress to manage flooding and said: “I am satisfied that this two pronged approach to gully clearing plus major schemes to address the more problem areas of highway flooding will have a significant impact however, we can’t get complacent. I am pleased that we will also be adding an additional £1 million to the routine gully clearing programme from April 2020.  We will have an extra 3 gully machines on the network between April and June giving us 6 machines to get ahead of ourselves this year, should we experience another wet autumn.”


Hopefully that will help to resolve some of the issues we are experiencing in Ivinghoe Division with flooding and surface water going forward.


Many Thanks!


As this is my last report in my capacity as your county councillor for Buckinghamshire County Council, I wanted to say what a privilege it has been for me to serve our local community.  While it is a somewhat poignant and moving time for those of us in Buckinghamshire County Council and undoubtedly also for my colleagues in Aylesbury Vale District Council and the other district councils across Buckinghamshire, I hope that the new unitary Buckinghamshire Council will be welcomed by residents and parish councils alike, and will go from strength to strength.

I would like to remind residents that the new Buckinghamshire Council comes into effect on 1st April, 2020 and that councillor elections will take place on 7th May, 2020.  I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all candidates good luck in those elections.

Update on Royal Mail post box repair (junction of Glebe Close)

Residents have been asking the parish council when the post box on the junction of Marsworth Road and Glebe Close will be re-instated, as it was sealed up following a traffic accident.

Royal Mail advise that the repair has been requested and the box should be reinstated shortly.

The box was damaged in such a way that there is a danger of the door falling off and as the door weighs around 200 pounds Royal Mail have had to seal the box for the safety of operatives and public.

In the meantime, you can hand your letters to the post master at the Post Office in Ivinghoe or you can utilise the boxes by The Crescent, Vicarage Road or Windsor Road.

BCC invite you to have your say on freight through the village

Attached is a link to the latest news regarding the repair plans for the Brownlow Bridge in Ivinghoe, along with a link to the Freight Strategy public engagement which is currently underway and which will run until 14 March.
Please circulate widely to ensure a robust response.
Link to news article:
Freight Strategy public consultation link:

How safe do you feel in your local community?

We’re inviting you to give your feedback about how safe you feel in Buckinghamshire. Your views on crime, anti-social behaviour, drugs and alcohol, will help us shape the priorities for the new Safer Buckinghamshire Community Safety Partnership and how they will work together over the next year to make Buckinghamshire a safer place to be.

The new Safer Buckinghamshire Community Safety Partnership will come into effect in April 2020 (in line with the creation of the new Buckinghamshire Council). The partners include Thames Valley Police, Bucks Fire & Rescue, the health service and probation service in Buckinghamshire and the new Buckinghamshire Council. They will work together to help reduce crime and disorder across the county.

This short survey (click the link) will only take a few minutes to complete. We want to hear from people who live or work in Buckinghamshire, your views are important to us and will help us plan our work for the future.

The survey closes on 23 February 2020.

More information about the new Family Support Service

About the Family Support Service

The Family Support Service provides a wide range of support to children, young people and families in Buckinghamshire. This includes information, advice and guidance through the Family Information Service, open access sessions fand health services for early years children and parents/carers at a network of 16 Family Centres across the county, which also offer a range of support for parents with children aged up to 19 years (or up to 25 years for young people with special educational needs and disabilities). You can drop in anytime during the week at our three Family Centre Plus sites. All activities at Family Centres are free for children, young people and families.

The Service is there for the whole family, not just children but for parents and young people too. Families are able to refer themselves to the service or may be supported by a school, health or other professional who will make a referral on their behalf.

The service can provide support to families and individuals who are facing more complex challenges, through group work or support from a dedicated Family Worker. The Family Support Service does not provide whole-family support when a child or young person is open to statutory Children’s Services, but if specific support is needed (for example parenting, one to one youth support or early years support at family centre sessions), you can make this request for support.

The Service has been carefully designed to provide better, more targeted support for vulnerable families who face a range of issues or more complex challenges. The service provides one-to-one support to families and individuals in a setting that is most comfortable to them, like their home, a local community setting or somewhere else.

More information can be obtained by visiting the Bucks County Council website via the link below:
If you visit the new Family Centre, or have any feedback about the services, please do feel free to provide feedback to either the BCC team or County Councillor Anne Wight.

County Council update from County Councillor Anne Wight, Feb 2020


County Council Update

from County Cllr Anne Wight

February 2020


Freight Strategy Update


I am happy to be able to provide an update from our Freight Strategy officer with regard to the forthcoming Freight Strategy Public Consultation:


“We are at last moving toward being able to start engaging with residents and businesses on the proposal for managing freight and heavy good vehicle movements in the area known as the Ivinghoe Division. Work has started on putting together display materials, leaflets and posters along with an online survey to capture important comment from the area, feedback we can use to shape the formal consultation process. We are hoping to get the public engagement process underway in February.


In the meantime, we have reached out to affected County Councillors to inform them and gain their support. Now we are looking at meeting Parish Councillors to bring them up to speed, answer any questions they may have and to, hopefully obtain their help and support promoting what is believed to be a best available balanced solution for the communities and businesses. The first of these meetings is taking place on Tuesday 4th of February with representatives from four Parish Councils. The second meeting for the remaining Parish Councils is being worked on to find a venue and date that works. It is important we engage with the elected bodies in the area prior to the wider public engagements. We are hopeful to get this completed before the public engagement gets underway.”



Reporting Unauthorised Encampments


An unauthorised encampment is a group of people with vehicles who are entering and staying on land without the landowner’s consent.

As you may know, the County Council’s enforcement team works closely with the district councils and Thames Valley Police to assist communities in resolving issues with encampments when they arise. However, people often have unrealistic expectations of the powers of the local authority and police to take immediate enforcement action when an encampment takes place.


In order to better explain the legal situation and processes involved, our colleagues at Thames Valley Police have produced a couple of short films which explain the law and practice in this area in a way which is both concise and easy to understand.


These films are an excellent resource for summarising the law in this area so that if an encampment occurs, there is greater awareness of the process of eviction and the limitations on police and local authority action.


The links for the films appear below.


Thames Valley Police encampments video part 1:

Thames Valley Police encampments video part 2:


For further information, or to report an unauthorised encampment, please go to the County Council website for more detail.


Fairer funding plea to look after Buckinghamshire’s roads

Buckinghamshire is supporting calls to the Government for a fairer slice of funding for roads, following national research that shows London has the money to invest three times the amount compared to counties.  And other major cities aren’t far behind.

Figures, produced by the County Councils Network (CCN) this week, showed the 36 shire counties in the analysis were able to spend an average £20,885 per mile on road repairs, pothole filling, and building new junctions and roads last year.  By contrast, London councils were able to spend an average £62,350 per mile.

Mark Shaw, Buckinghamshire County Council Deputy Leader and Transport Cabinet Member, said that while the authority was investing more than £20 million in roads in the current financial year, including halving the number of potholes needing repair last year*, it was still well below what he would like to see invested to bring all the county’s roads up to scratch.

“Our road teams work tirelessly to keep our 2,000 miles of roads safe and resilient, and that includes a tremendous achievement in repairing road defects like potholes, but our budget is always under intense pressure,” said Mark.

“It’s a fact that our roads are some of the busiest in the country and without adequate funding from Government, we’ll always be playing catch-up, particularly when you think of the damage done during the three months of rain we’ve just had.”

Mark welcomed CCN lobbying on behalf of county councils to ensure a fair distribution of the new Government’s promised £2 billion for repairing potholes in the coming four years. An announcement on allocations of the first £500 million for 2020-21 is expected in the coming weeks. 
“The CCN analysis shows a big difference between the two sides of Buckinghamshire’s south eastern boundary;  that our county’s motorists are the poor relation to drivers in London and other cities, when it comes to spending on mending potholes and improving local roads,” said Mark.

“What’s needed is a more equitable allocation of Government funds across different council types, and a longer-term settlement for roads funding, rather than the current ad-hoc fund pots we have to bid for,” he said. “I welcome the CCN’s drive to influence the Government to correct this disparity.”

Buckinghamshire’s Family Support Service – how we can help you

Do you sometimes struggle to relate to your teen? Are you a young parent who sometimes feels isolated? Maybe you’re having difficulties with your primary school child’s behaviour.

Anyone and everyone struggles with parenting from time to time and it can be tough being a kid too! Buckinghamshire’s Family Support Service is here to help.

We have a network of 16 family centres across Buckinghamshire and new timetables for all of them have just been released. The new spring timetables run from Monday 6 January right through until Easter and there are different types of sessions at each centre.

Here are some of the courses and sessions on offer:

  • “Incredible Years” parenting courses – for parents of children aged 4-10 years


  • “Your Space” drop in sessions – for children in school years 7-13


  • “Teen Triple P” sessions – a positive parenting programme for parents of teenagers


  • “Strengthening Families” course for parents and children aged 10-14


  • “Marlow Feel Good Group” for adults who’ve experienced mental health issues


  • Many ‘universal’ ‘playgroup’ type drop in sessions for parents with babies and pre-school aged children


  • Sessions for parents of children with disabilities or special educational needs


There are lots of other types of sessions available too – check out the Family Centre timetables at Some of the courses start later on in the term and some are bookable so take a look at all the details.

Warren Whyte is Buckinghamshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services. He said:

“It’s great to see our new Family Centres offering such a wide range of support for local families. As people will see, we still offer lots of open sessions for parents and carers with babies and young children. But now we cater for families with children of all ages and our new timetables reflect this.

We are continuing to develop what’s on offer at all of our Family Centres and are exploring the needs of all local children and families. We welcome feedback and we aim to carry on introducing new courses depending on what local people want and need.”


  • Buckinghamshire’s new Family Support Service launched by the county council in September 2019
  • It aims to help local families who might be facing challenges so they can solve their problems before they reach crisis point
  • The Family Support Service helps local families who are facing issues such as money problems, poor family relationships, mental health problems and problems with drugs or alcohol
  • To find out more and to find out how to contact the service go to


Update from BCC TfB on the flood under Cheddington Road railway bridge

Please be advised that BCC TfB need to carry out more extensive works this year in order to alleviate the flooding under the railway bridge on Cheddington Road.   The parish council has received the following update from BCC TfB:

“The drainage system outfalls into a ditch next to the canal bridge. This ditch needs clearing to allow the water which has backed up to flow into the ditch and canal.

It sounds simple however I need to arrange for a lot of vegetation clearance to be done to gain access to the ditch. Once this initial work has been carried out I will be sending in a contractor with a large excavator to clear the ditch. When the water can freely flow out the headwall pipe and into the ditch there should (in theory) be no further issues.

I will also arrange for the drainage system including the road gullies between the bridge and junction to be cleared.

I will be meeting our tree surgeon contractor on site next week to show him the extent of work required to clear the area. Following this meeting he should be able to undertake the work fairly quickly and then I will arrange for the ditch to be cleared.”

We are aware that a number of residents have been raising queries regarding this flood.  We are also aware that there are currently a number of flood site across the county, some of which are of a more serious nature and have required urgent attention from BCC TfB.  Please be assured that the Highways Authority is aware of the situation and does have steps in place to rectify the issue as soon as possible.  In the meantime, please take extra care in this area.

Drainage clearance on Marsworth Road and Vicarage Road 30/1-3/2/2020

B489 Marsworth Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire

30 January — 03 February

Delays likely – Traffic control (Stop/Go boards)



Responsibility for works: Buckinghamshire

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: BH0025124225

Vicarage Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire

30 January — 03 February

Delays possible – Traffic control (Stop/Go boards)



Responsibility for works: Buckinghamshire

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: BH0025124228

Aldbury Parish Council have a vacancy for a Parish Clerk

Vacancy for Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer


Aldbury is a rural parish in the West of Hertfordshire encompassing the village of Aldbury and the neighbouring hamlet of Tring Station.  It is a thriving and friendly community, situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty.


The council has 8 members and an annual precept (2019/20) of £20,066.  The successful applicant will be responsible for the day to day management of the parish council’s business and will also be the Responsible Financial Officer. In the execution of these duties the successful applicant will be expected to be competent in the use of appropriate computer word processing and financial packages.


In support of the general administrative aspects of the role, the successful applicant will be expected to have or to develop a strong awareness of the obligations and opportunities of the Parish Council within the local government structure of the UK and to constructively assist the Parish Council in both meeting the obligations and in representing the views of its constituents.


The position is for 8-16 hours per week and involves working from home and being prepared to store relevant Parish Council records.  The successful applicant will be expected to attend meetings of the Parish Council which typically take place on the first Monday of each month, as well as the occasional ad-hoc daytime/evening meeting when the Parish Council requires the Clerk to attend.  The successful applicant will also be expected to develop and maintain good relations within the Parish and with appropriate representatives of the Borough, County and neighbouring Parish and Town Councils.  An hourly rate in accordance with nationally agreed conditions is payable and will depend on ability and experience.


For further details please contact


Rob McCarthy (Chairman)

Tel: 01442 825534



Or               Peter Moore (Vice Chairman)

Tel: 01442 851337 or 07973 752744



Closing date for applications is Tuesday 25 February 2020.

Craft challenges ahead of I&P Veg & Flower Show 2020

Ivinghoe and Pitstone

Veg & Flower Show 2020

Craft challenges to get

working on this winter,  ready

 for Autumn Show 2020!


1 Design and arrange ribbons to form a ‘wearable’ bouquet.

2 Sew, Crochet something practical that becomes an art object too. 20cms cube max.

3 Cross stitch a framed addition to any Nursery.        A4 max.

4 Knit a wearable necklace – free choice of materials to knit with.

5 Cut, fix and build up a pop-up Card to delight someone. A4 max

6 Make a fascinator to wear – out of beads, wire and feathers.

7 Photograph an unusual portrait of a living being & frame it. A4 max.

8 ‘Skyward looking’ – any size & medium, unframed.

Update from Ivinghoe Old School Community Hub (Jan 20)

Belated ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020’ to you all out there in our community, and following on from our very delightful pre-Christmas Wintry Marketing sparkly evening last November – thankyou to all those who came to buy your original Christmas presents and through this support our Community Hub, saved by we ordinary villagers to support the wider community. May we all have many happy 2020 gatherings together throughout the colder first months; Spring Market and Easter egg Hunts, then on through the basking summer to follow with its own Summery Market on the Cafes Birthday in mid-June; and then on into the Autumn with its inevitable harvests celebrating its Hub and Town Hall Veggie Show on our Autumn Market day, showing off all your own Flowers, Veggies, Crafts and Produce; then later preparing for Midwinter again.
We the volunteer trustees are hoping that your own New Year’s resolutions include supporting all the community run offerings in the neighbourhood which depend on that support and were created for your own and everyone’s wellbeing whilst living in this rural community. Your own positive support is the key ingredient otherwise we all disappear, sadly!
Our Hub hall bookings welcome your use for parties, wakes, meetings, teaching and learning spaces in a variety of subjects like Crafts and Music and fitness translated into several exercising classes throughout the week. The rental for this whole Hub hall space at £12 first hour, then £10 for each hour after or for a screened off half Hub Hall space its £9 for the first hour and £7 each following hour.
This rental fee pays for all our replacement furniture, Computer and Café Kitchen equipment, structural replacements, re-decoration and volunteer DIY, whilst the Café tenants rent pays our utilities. Volunteers are always welcome to offer their own donated time, to work alongside the Trustee voluntary crew in undertaking this DIY on your behalf. We are looking to find community volunteers to work alongside us to make our lovely independent Community Hub sustainable well into the future so please contact us if you are active and generous with a wee bit of spare time!
To start the year 2020 Quizzes in the Café are planned we hear, and we the Hub Volunteer trustee back room crew plan, a lively pancake flipping Shrove Tuesday and a loving Valentine Day whereat love for our neighbours, friends, family, pets and each other is celebrated all day 14th February. By the end of February the expensive replacement of all our original 1867 ancient and now battered and shredded well used and loved floorboards will have been replaced by strong but suitably matching aged boards all paid for by a Grant which we had won! Please come down and fill the Hub with love and laughter, living up to what we as a community saved the building for!
Ivinghoe Old School Hub Facebook page;
Website Ivinghoe Old
Thanks Carol Tarrant Chair of Hub.

Sleeping Rough or at risk of sleeping rough?

As we move toward the coldest months of the year Aylesbury Vale District Council is working in partnership with the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust to extend our current severe weather emergency provision (SWEP) accommodation for the entire months of January and February this year.


If you are sleeping rough or at risk of sleeping rough on the streets of Aylesbury Vale  please  contact a member of the Housing Team on 01296 585168  or visit our offices at The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury Bucks, HP19 8FF during office hours to access accommodation or contact our out of hours number 0800 999 7677.


If you see anyone sleeping rough you can also contact StreetLink via or phone 0300 500 0914, who will notify our outreach teams so that assistance can be provided. If you are worried about the welfare of an individual please call the police on 999.

Have you organised a raffle or draw?

Please see the following information from the AVDC Licencing team.


At present we are trying to track down all schools, doctors surgeries, parish councils and village organisations to make sure they are not in need of registering for a Small Society License. Small Society Lotteries are often referred to as raffles or draws and can be a good way to raise funds for charitable purposes as well as your society, organisation or as a PTA. If money is paid for the chance to win a prize where no skill, judgement or knowledge affects the outcome, this is known as a lottery. There is an exemption to this and that is if all of the tickets are sold on the same day as the draw, for example at a fête or dance, this wouldn’t need registering.


The application fee for initial registration is £40. Once registered the society needs to pay an annual fee of £20, this fee needs to be paid before each anniversary of the date of registration. You’ll also need to send us a return form no later than three months after you have carried out your draw. To register with us you here or if you would like further information on small society lotteries you can visit our website here or visit the gambling commission website bellow.


For further information you can contact the licensing team with the following details; 01296 585605 or

Quarterly update from County Councillor Anne Wight (Jan 2020)

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year, and I sincerely hope that the coming year may be one of peace and prosperity for all the residents of Ivinghoe Division.  I would also like to welcome you to the final edition of my newsletter as your county councillor for Buckinghamshire County Council. With  the new unitary Buckinghamshire Council starting  on the 1st of April, it won’t be long now until the brand new council comes into effect.

I would also like to thank all the residents and local businesses who kindly donated presents to our Christmas Present Appeal for children in care across  Buckinghamshire.  The gifts meant so much to the growing number of looked after children in our care for whom Christmas can be a very difficult time.   Thanks very much on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council to everyone who took the time to remember our looked after children this Christmas.

New ‘Council Access Points’

One of the key features of the new unitary Council  will include improving the way that local residents can get  on the spot access to council services. This will be through a network of new local bases called Council Access Points, supporting the new unitary council to be closer to its communities and making it simpler for people to get the information and support they need and nearer to where they live and work.

The Council Access Points (CAPs) will be based at the heart of local community life in existing buildings throughout Buckinghamshire Staff will be on hand to help, people, and support them with online services.

Five ‘Access Plus’ centres, located in the current council offices in the county’s main towns, will offer extra services from Monday to Friday for residents who have more complex enquiries.

Other Council Access Points will operate from existing buildings, such as libraries, spread across the county stretching from Buckingham in the north to Burnham in the south. The locations of these will be confirmed and promoted as part of the launch preparations for Buckinghamshire Council which will go live in April 2020.

Once the Council Access Points are up and running, Buckinghamshire Council will start work on the next phase. The ambition is to evolve the access points to create wider one-stop community hubs based in multi-purpose buildings at the heart of community life.

Residents will  also be able to get support from different services such as the police, town and parish councils, visitor services and community groups all in one place. We will ask residents and communities to help co-design these facilities to meet local needs.

Cllr Martin Tett, Leader of the Shadow Executive said: “Whilst we’re seeing a lot more people access our services online, we know that sometimes our residents need to speak to someone face to face. Having access points dotted across the county will mean that people will be able to speak to someone to get the help and advice they need, close to where they live.  It’s really important that the new council doesn’t become distant from its communities so it makes absolute sense to use existing places like council offices and libraries that people are used to visiting, to provide local support and advice for those who need it.”

We are also in the process of setting up the Community Boards, which will replace the current Local Area Forums.  The results from the recent consultation will be analysed to ensure resident input while the format of the Community Boards is finalized, so thank you very much if you were able to help us out with that consultation.

For those who may not know, the Community Boards are a way of bringing together Buckinghamshire Council councillors with local communities to help solve local issues and to provide a vital link between the council, elected councillors and communities. These local issues could include improving facilities for young people, tackling social isolation of older people or helping to set up a community bus.  It is hoped that they will enable Buckinghamshire Council councillors to take decisions on local issues, alongside key partners including other community representatives, and allow Buckinghamshire Council councillors to work with communities to influence service design and delivery on local issues.

We want Community Boards to involve everyone in the local area who wants to make a difference and work with the new council to do this.  We’re proposing that Buckinghamshire Council councillors from the local area would sit on their local board. To be effective, community boards would also need to include people and organisations from the local community such as fire services, police and health, residents, parish and town councils and young people.

Hopefully, Community Boards will give residents greater influence on how services are run locally as well as contact with elected members and key stakeholders.


Transport for Bucks Update

I met with the Capital Maintenance Programme team in November and was able to prioritise the remainder of Cheddington High Street for resurfacing works in Spring 2020.   The resurfacing will be done from  the tennis courts through the rest of the High Street, and Mentmore Road down to the mini double roundabout on Station Road.  The preliminary patching for this work started before Christmas, and hopefully the smoother surface will improve some of the vibration and noise disturbance from traffic for residents along Mentmore Road.

On another note, Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) was recently announced as the overall winner of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Global Award – “Improving Customer Service through Collaboration” at the Institute of Asset Management awards on 27 November 2019.

TfB was successful in winning by making a step change in improved customer service. This was achieved by focusing and engaging elected County Councillors and executive management on asset management principles, ongoing Member meetings and increased stakeholder engagement. The result is a far better customer journey as well as genuine improvements in the highways asset.

In attendance at the awards ceremony were Rob Smith, Director of Growth, Strategy and Highways Services at Buckinghamshire County Council, Andy Denman Operations Director for Ringway Jacobs and BCC political leaders along with the Transport for Buckinghamshire Asset team and Jacobs’ colleagues, who have been instrumental in achieving this success, once more demonstrating this successful and collaborative partnership.

The IAM received a huge number of entries for their annual awards this year, with excellent entries from around the globe covering a wide range of sectors. Their judges felt that the quality of the nominations was exceptional, highlighting pioneering achievements, outstanding international practice and great leadership in asset management.

TfB was very pleased for the hard work and collaborative approach from both Officers and Members to be recognised by such a well-respected, professional body, particularly given the strength of competition, globally, and across all sectors. The award builds upon the recognition the Asset Management approach had through the achievement of ISO 55001 Accreditation and the very real benefits of achieving Band 3 DfT Incentive funding.

It’s encouraging to see the service improvements for residents that TfB have made and hopefully will continue to make going forward.

Health and Wellbeing

I thought it might be useful to remind everyone of the Bucks Health and Wellbeing website initiatives which can be found on the main website below.

One thing worth pointing out on the overall page is the link to the Heads Up website which relates specifically to men’s emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Heads Up exists to help men stay happy. They have a toolbox that can help men overcome common issues like having trouble with sleeping, feeling low and money worries and even an online check-up to help you assess your wellbeing, as well as information on different ways to get support.

If you know a man that might be feeling a bit down or blue, have a look at our Support a Man page.  Contacts are also available for men who might want to discuss some of the issues they are facing or anything which they are struggling with.

Do please check out the services on offer below, as well as ideas and tips on how we can all live healthier lives in 2020.

In closing, as this is my final submission as your county councillor for Buckinghamshire County Council, I would just like to say that I have felt very privileged to have been elected to serve the Ivinghoe Division throughout the past three years.  It has been really lovely to have met so many of you at various local events or through my work at BCC, and it has been a very enriching experience for me to have had a chance to help serve the local community.  Going forward, I am certain that the new Buckinghamshire Council will benefit from all the support and goodwill which Ivinghoe Division residents and parish councils can provide, and I am sure that the new council working with our communities will go from strength to strength.

Drain clearance along Marsworth Road and Vicarage Road 9-14/1/20

B489 Marsworth Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire

09 January — 13 January


Delays likely – Traffic control (Stop/Go boards)






Responsibility for works: Buckinghamshire


Current status: Planned work about to start


Works reference: BH0025124225




Vicarage Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire

10 January — 14 January


Delays possible – Traffic control (Stop/Go boards)






Responsibility for works: Buckinghamshire


Current status: Planned work about to start


Works reference: BH0025124228

Cheddington High Street road closure 9.30-3.30 10-13 Dec

ttro-application-form-mk-new-115751373-3198181 ched high st

Please find above a copy of the road closure information for Cheddington High Street to enable urgent carriageway repairs.

The diversion will go past Cooks Wharf, onto Marsworth Road and up through Ivinghoe.  Please therefore be especially vigilant at the junction past the sports pavilion & railway bridge on Marsworth Road, as there may be an increased level of traffic trying to turn left out of this difficult junction, or traffic stationary on Marsworth Road as they wait to turn into it.

Having a real Christmas tree/wreath/decorations this Christmas?

Are you keeping it real this Christmas?

If so, Buckinghamshire Recycling Centres can compost your tree after Christmas for free!
Just bring it to any of our nine household recycling centres and we’ll do the rest.
(We can only compost the real ones though, no baubles or tinsel either)

Tree too big to take to the recycling centre?  Not enough time? Want to help local charity?

1st Ivinghoe & Pitstone Scout Group will be collecting Christmas Trees to raise funds for a new scout hut on the following weekends: Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 January, plus Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 January 2020.  If you would like to donate £5 and have your tree collected, please contact Natalie on 07956 197777 or message them through their Facebook page “Friends of 1st Ivinghoe and Pitstone Scout Group”.

Subscribe to the Brown Bin Garden Waste service?

Residents who have subscribed to AVDC’s garden waste service can put natural Christmas trees, wreaths, holly and mistletoe in their brown garden waste bin. Trees should be cut into small pieces before placing in the brown bin and all decorations and metal should be removed first. Garden waste collections will recommence in February.

Please don’t fly-tip your Christmas trees, wreaths and plant displays into the woodland or fields around our village.  Fly-tipping is a criminal offence.


Roadworks 27-29/11/19 on Marsworth Road between roundabout & westfield rd

B489 Marsworth Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire

27 November — 29 November


Delays likely – Traffic control (two-way signals)






Responsibility for works: Buckinghamshire


Current status: Planned work about to start


Works reference: BH0025124245

County Councillor Anne Wight update for December 2019

Annual Christmas Present appeal

The County Council has launched its annual Christmas present appeal to help Buckinghamshire’s vulnerable children and young people.

The annual appeal, now in its fifth year, sees County Council employees and county councillors donate Christmas presents throughout November and December for disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people across the county. The presents will be handed over to children and young people by members of the council’s Children’s Services teams in time for Christmas.

Tolis Vouyioukas, Executive Director for Children’s Services, said: “Our employees are fantastic, caring people and for the last few years they’ve really committed to supporting our appeal by donating many hundreds, if not thousands, of presents.

“We are thrilled to be running the collection again this year as we know how much all our staff want to help make Christmas that little bit better for children who otherwise might not receive much. I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to every member of staff who brings in a present; it will make a real and tangible difference to the disadvantaged families we work with.

“Supporting us with the appeal again this year are a number of local residents, community organisations and businesses who together provide a lot of support, for which we are very grateful.”

If any residents wish to donate gifts, these are always very much appreciated by the children, and can be dropped off at county hall reception in Aylesbury.

Donation guidelines:

We would welcome gifts for children aged from babies to 19 years old, male or female

There are more disadvantaged children in the 10 – 16 age range than any other – so we do need most gifts for that age range

We ask that you leave the gift unwrapped so that we know what gender and age the present is for


London Luton Airport Expansion Consultation and information

Luton Airport’s Statutory consultation for the proposed expansion from 18 to 32 million passengers per year will continue to run until 16th December.

Residents might wish to review expansion proposals and reports on the Future Luton website below in order to fully understand the key issues under discussion during the consultation.


Help test the new Website


In April 2020, the five councils in Buckinghamshire will be replaced by a new unitary authority called Buckinghamshire Council. As part of this transition, we are creating a new website.


We are looking for local people to give us feedback on the design and usability of the new site. If you live in Buckinghamshire and you’re willing to help us, please sign up to help.


What does this involve?


Over the next year we will be moving all the information on the current five council websites to the new website for Buckinghamshire Council.


If you sign up, we will send you regular (no more than monthly) emails asking you to complete testing online or inviting you to take part in face-to-face sessions.


Online testing will involve short 5-10 min tasks.


Face-to-face sessions will be held in the current five council buildings. They will last approximately 30-40 mins and involve testing the website and a short interview. £25 of shopping vouchers will be offered for your time and travel for the face to face sessions.


You can sign up or opt out at any time by going to the Shadow Authority website and accessing the link below or by going to the homepage and clicking on the “News” heading in the top frame.


Freight Strategy Officer Update


I am pleased to be able to provide a progress update from our Freight Strategy officer, Graham Hillary:


“I must thank all the residents and businesses in the Ivinghoe Division for their patience and consideration during the Brownlow Bridge restriction period. It has been clear that some places have seen reduced Heavy Goods Vehicle flows whilst others have seen increased numbers. I appreciate the inconvenience experienced along with concerns about listed buildings, roads and the schools in the area.

The restriction was introduced as a result of a Canals and Rivers Trust survey that raised concerns about the weight bearing capacity of the bridge. For safety reasons it was critical to restrict use of the bridge by large goods vehicles while we worked on how to proceed. In order to protect the structure from further deterioration and to support the local businesses that employ hundreds of residents, approval was given to repair the bridge and maintain its role as part of the highway infrastructure.

The role of the Brownlow Bridge moving forward will be as part of a wider area approach focused on delivering the adopted freight strategy. The strategy has clear objectives to:


  • ensure HGV traffic stays off unsuitable roads, minimising the negative impact on residents and the environment;
  • promote the use of preferred routes for HGVs; and
  • Offer support for business to deliver the county’s aspirations for growth.


The proposal is being finalised for internal Bucks County Council approval, after which it is expected to be subject to public consultation. It is important that the approach is presented in the right forum to help gather constructive comment to help shape the final proposal. I look forward to the consultation and the opportunity to position what I believe is a good proposal, I welcome the chance to meet with many residents and work together to improve things in the area.”



New contact points for new Buckinghamshire Council

People in Buckinghamshire will be able to visit an expanded range of  locations for face to face information and advice on services of the new Buckinghamshire Council from April next year.


The Shadow Executive for the new council looked at how residents will be able to get on the spot access to council services through a network of local bases called Council Access Points, supporting the new unitary council to be close to its communities and making it simpler for people to get the information and support they need.


When the new Buckinghamshire Council comes into being on 1 April 2020, Buckinghamshire residents will be able to access information, advice and support on a range of topics near where they live or work.  The Council Access Points (CAPs) will be based at the heart of local community life in existing buildings throughout Buckinghamshire.


Residents will be able to get face to face help on the spot from staff in locations they currently use to access council services. Staff will be on hand to guide people, signpost them to help, support them with online services and in some locations discuss more complex issues.


Five ‘Access Plus’ centres, located in the current council offices in the county’s main towns, will offer extra services from Monday to Friday for residents who have more complex enquiries.


Other Council Access Points will operate from  existing buildings, such as libraries, spread across the county stretching from Buckingham in the north to Burnham in the south. The locations of these will be confirmed and promoted as part of the launch preparations for Buckinghamshire Council which will go live in April 2020.


Once the Council Access Points are up and running, Buckinghamshire Council will start work on the next phase. The ambition is to evolve the access points to create wider one-stop community hubs based in multi-purpose buildings at the heart of community life.


Residents will ideally be able to access information about a wide range of topics, enjoy a social space and get support from different services such as the police, town and parish councils, visitor services and community groups all in one place. We will ask residents and communities to help co-design these facilities to meet local needs.


Whilst services will easily be accessible online, sometimes residents need to speak to someone face to face. Having access points dotted across the county will mean that people will be able to speak to someone to get the help and advice they need, close to where they live.  More information on the Council Access Points will be forthcoming over the next few months, so I will be keeping everyone informed as to further developments.

Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas Tree Collection

In aid of 1st Ivinghoe and Pitstone Scout Group

We will be collecting Christmas Trees to raise funds for our new hut on the following weekends.   If you would like to donate £5 and have your tree collected, please contact Natalie on 07956 197777 or message through our Facebook group “Friends of 1st Ivinghoe and Pitstone Scout Group”.

Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 January 2020.

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 January 2020.

College Lake Artists 29/11-2/12/19

College Lake Artists are busy throwing clay, painting canvases, printmaking, fusing glass and soldering silver and jewels all in preparation for our end of year Festive Fair.

As always we would be delighted to see you so please save the dates in your diary and come on over.

College Lake Nature Reserve, Tring

Send and Save with The Big Christmas Post


The Scout Christmas Post is back for 2019.

This Christmas why not support your local Scouts and save yourself some time posting Christmas cards around the villages by using the Scout Christmas post instead?

You can buy the special Scout stamps from St Marys Christmas Market on 16 November and then from local retailers.  Stick them on your cards and post them in one of our many special post boxes dotted around the villages.

The Scouts will ensure that all cards posted by the ‘last post’ will be delivered before Christmas.

Look out for the posters, check their facebook page (1st Ivinghoe & Pitstone Scout Group) and village web sites for more information.