Howarth Halloween Spectacular

We have raised a considerable amount over the years since we started raising money for various charities. We started with Find a Cure for Frankie then Rett Uk and Reverse Rett followed by 1st Ivinghoe and Pitstone Scout Group and finally this year back to Rett Uk and Windmill Preschool.

Peter and I have been overwhelmed not only with the huge support but also by the generosity of those who come along, and not forgetting the kind donations of sweets for us to hand out.  We will also have treats for those with intolerances they just need to approach me, and I will ensure they don’t get let out.

This year we have embarked on a very ambitious project that started in December 2021 with animated props and characters from famous horror and thriller films, we are also creating a special; area for younger ones to enjoy on the green opposite our home. The children’s area will have a variety of 3D printed animal skulls on gravestones, and each will have a printed card with details about that animal providing fun and education at the same time. We have also been approached by some locals who want to be part of the event which has thrilled us because this is a community event. 

Without the support from our neighbours and of course the Parish Council none of this would be possible.

We would kindly ask that if anyone wishes to drive, please park either on Westfield Rd or the Industrial Estate as there will be many families walking around Castlemead  also please respect houses with no decorations no Pumpkin means no Knocking.

Thank you.

Lin Howarth

Date: 31/10/2022

Venue: 3 Durham Road