Subterranean Secrets

Talk at Pitstone Museum.   All visitors very welcome.  Meetings are held on the meeting room in the Pitstone Green Museum at 8pm.  Members £2 and non members £3.  Refreshments provided.

Edna, the alter ego of Amanda Pickard, has been fortunate enough to have worked at the Imperial War Museum’s Cabinet War Rooms.  Since leaving Churchill’s WW2 secret underground bunker she has collected a series of images on subterranean London during WW2 and devised this fascinating talk.  The talk is in 3 sections, firstly she sets the scene and explains why it was necessary to transfer many wartime activities underground.  Edna then talks about Churchill’s Cabinet War Rooms, including behind the scenes images of how they are today.  The final talk features images from the many other wartime secret locations around London.


Date: 22/10/2015

Venue: Pitstone Green Museum

Contact: Sue Lipscomb

Phone: 01296 630578