Do you use the alaphabet snake & hopscotch?

The alphabet snake and hopscotch markings by the Windsor Road play area sit on land owned by Buckinghamshire Council (BC). The parish council requested they consider repainting them, as the markings are wearing away. Sadly, BC advise that they only intend to maintain this land and open space and won’t be updating the alphabet snake or hopscotch.

They will also be removing the post and rail fence, as this no longer serves a purpose.

BC have indicated that they would grant permission to the parish council to repaint the snake and hopscotch facilities if the PPC fund & manage.

Before we seek quotations or consider options, could you please spare us a minute to let us know whether your children enjoy the alphabet snake and/or hopscotch so that we can determine the level of local use and support for the facilities.

Thank you.

Wash, wipe and spray to help keep Covid-19 at bay

Message from Buckinghamshire Council:

Residents are kindly reminded to please wash, wipe or spray bin handles with disinfectant before and after collection to help stop the spread of Coronavirus in Buckinghamshire.  There’s lots of things you can do to help prevent the spread of the virus, including; 

  • washing your hands before and after putting your bins out for collection
  • double bagging used tissues (and waiting 72 hours) before throwing them away.

For more information and top tips on keeping yourself, your neighbours and our collection crews safe, take a look at the Covid-19 guidance for recycling and waste services.

Buckinghamshire Council consultation on school transport policy

Buckinghamshire Council’s consultation on the proposed home to school transport policy for 2021/22 is drawing to its close on 7 December, so it’s the last chance for people to give the council their views.

Any changes made as a result of the consultation would take effect from April 2021 for the next academic year starting in September 2021. Of special note are the proposed options for changing the way transport is arranged for eligible post-16 students with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND)to travel to their school, college or learning provider from September 2021. This applies to eligible SEND students aged 16-18 and students aged 19 who are continuing on a course started before their 19th birthday.

You can find all the information and take part in the consultation at

Anita Cranmer, Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Education & Skills, said: “It’s crucial families can make informed choices about their educational transport so that all students arrive at school ready to learn.

“This consultation will help to shape the new home to school transport policy for the next academic year so I’d ask anyone with an interest in our school transport policy to take a look at the online consultation. 

“Whether you have just become aware, or have already been considering taking part, please note that the consultation is closing very soon, on Monday 7 December – we do want to hear your views.”