Spring Bank Holiday bin collections ​

Bin collections across Buckinghamshire will be operating to a revised timetable next week. With no collections on Monday 31 May (Spring Bank Holiday) all collections that week will take place one day later than usual (ie on Thursday 3 June instead of Wednesday 2 June). Please present any bins by 6:30am on your rescheduled collection day.

A friendly reminder that Buckinghamshire’s nine household recycling centres are open: 9am–6pm. All sites will remain open over the Bank Holiday weekend, including Monday 31 May. Before making a trip to the tip, please check our website for all the latest household recycling centre information: www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/bin-collection-recycling-and-waste/recycle-household-waste

Buckinghamshire Council has recently celebrated 100,000 unique users of the online Waste Wizard tool which provides helpful hints, tips and information including which bin an item belongs in and how to best dispose of items that can’t be recycled or disposed of at home. Try the Waste Wizard at www.recycleforbuckinghamshire.co.uk/waste-wizard

For more information including how to check your Bank Holiday bin collections and where to find your nearest household recycling centre, visit Buckinghamshire Council’s recycling and waste webpages: www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/bin-collection-recycling-and-waste

Please also follow @BucksCouncil to keep up to date with the latest recycling and waste and bin collection information on our Facebook and Twitter pages

Pitstone Crime Update from Thames Valley Police May 2021

Dates between – 01/10/2020 & 14/05/2021

Pitstone had 17 recorded crimes during this period. Of these 17, 6 of these were of note:

3 x reports of Anti-Social Behaviour

1 report of Criminal Damage

2 reports of suspicious vehicles in the area

We have also had other reports directly to us regarding Anti-Social Behaviour and possible drug use/dealing around the Memorial Hall/Pavillion area. We are regularly patrolling the area and are dealing with incidents accordingly. We would like to ask residents to report anything they see that is suspicious so we can build a bigger picture of what is occurring down there. They can do this by completing an online Webform via the Thames Valley Police website.

There have been reports of possible drug dealing up by the church and we have been patrolling the area regularly. We have not found anyone up there however we found a couple of “camps” in the wooded area and stopped 2 males in the area.

We have also had reports of drug dealing in the Castlemead area and the Industrial estate. We are aware that there is activity up by the fishing lakes along with a “camp” and we are keeping an eye on that area also.

Last summer the team conducted an operation in the village regarding the drug dealing issue. One person was arrested and upon searching their house, a substantial amount of drugs, money and weapons were seized.

Zest Yoga at Pitstone Pavilion every Tuesday

We were delighted that Zest Yoga were able to start up at Pitstone Pavilion today now that the covid restrictions have been lifted.

They are running classes every Tuesday morning and evening.

Tuesday evening sessions are currently full, but you can register to join the waiting list. There is currently space available for the morning sessions.

Please get in touch with Annabel to find out more (contact details and more information available on her website):


Could your organisation/club give local children a summer holiday of activities to remember?

Could your organisation, business or local group provide stimulating activities and a nutritious bite to eat for children and young people over the summer holidays? If so, Buckinghamshire Council wants to hear from you today!

Through the Government’s Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programme, the Council is making available funding of £683,000 to work with local providers operating in Buckinghamshire to help deliver a range of free holiday activities for those children aged 5 to 16 eligible for benefits related free school meals.

There’s no restriction on the range of activities that could be provided – it’s anything that children and young people would find interesting to try, help them develop new skills or a future hobby, and are just fun to do. Potential ideas range from gaming, sports, bush craft activities, dance, art and design, photography and cooking, but new ideas and suggestions are warmly welcomed.

School holidays can be a pressure point for some families because of increased costs, like food and childcare together with potentially reduced incomes. This means children from disadvantaged families may not be able to access out-of-school activities and could experience ‘unhealthy holidays’ in terms of nutrition and physical health or higher levels of social isolation.

The Council is looking to work in partnership with community and voluntary organisations, creative and performing arts providers, sports coaches, schools, private companies and a range of others to help put on a fantastic range of options and healthy meals for those eligible over the coming summer holidays.

The HAF scheme works on a 4x4x4 model with clubs or sessions running for four hours per day, four days each week and across four weeks of the summer holiday. Providers are able to bid for grant funds for projects that would run for part of the overall four week period.

Buckinghamshire Council’s Service Director for Education, Simon James said this was a great opportunity for those young people but also a chance for local providers to really showcase what they can offer.

“New activities and experiences can have a profound effect on children and young people, helping them to create lasting memories, enjoy new activities and skills, build confidence, meet new people and have fun. And, not only do they get the chance to take part in quality holiday activities, but they can also enjoy a healthy meal too.

“We’re looking to team up with local providers to offer a great range of free activities and things to do for those eligible children to help them enjoy something different and productive over the summer break and we really look forward to receiving your plans and ideas.”

Buckinghamshire Council strongly recommends that bids include consideration of how your programme could be made COVID-safe in the event of the national situation or government guidance requiring it.

To find out more about the HAF programme, please visit: https://yourvoicebucks.citizenspace.com/childrens-services/haf2021/ or email the HAF project team at haf@buckinghamshire.gov.uk. Completed bids need to be submitted by 9.00am on 7 June.

Protect Your Pooch

The PROTECT YOUR POOCH campaign encourages people to keep their pets SECURE, IN SIGHT and SEARCHABLE, and to HELP MAKE PET THEFT A SPECIFIC CRIMINAL OFFENCE.  The Met Police and Crimestoppers are backing our SECURE, IN SIGHT and SEARCHABLE message.  More information on the campaign can be found on www.ourwatch.org.uk/protectyourpooch

Attend the online Dog Theft webinar on the 27th May at 5pm.  The webinar will be led by Neighbourhood Watch Network with speakers from the Met Police and Crimestoppers, as well as special guest speaker Katy Bourne, PCC for Sussex. To book your place, click here.

Roadworks and road closures in Pitstone 17-20/5/21

The following road works have been advised by Buckinghamshire Council. Please visit their website if you require further information.

Cheddington Road

18 May — 19 May

Delays likely – Road closure

Works location: Works Descriptions are no longer publicly available due to Department for Transport data processing policies.

Works description: Works Descriptions are no longer publicly available due to Department for Transport data processing policies.

Responsibility for works: UK Power Networks

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: EC30040653218

Vicarage Road

17 May — 17 May

Delays possible – Traffic control (two-way signals)

Works location: Works Descriptions are no longer publicly available due to Department for Transport data processing policies.

Works description: Works Descriptions are no longer publicly available due to Department for Transport data processing policies.

Responsibility for works: Openreach

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: BC008WC4GT50N01

Rushendon Furlong

18 May — 20 May

Delays unlikely – Some carriageway incursion

Works location: Works Descriptions are no longer publicly available due to Department for Transport data processing policies.

Works description: Works Descriptions are no longer publicly available due to Department for Transport data processing policies.

Responsibility for works: Anglian Water

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: AD03258935423

Buckinghamshire Council consultation re parking near Pitstone quarry

The Buckinghamshire Council

(Prohibition of Waiting, Loading and Stopping) and (On-Street Parking Places) Order 2021

(Amendment No 1) Order 202*

Buckinghamshire Council in partnership with Transport for Bucks, stakeholders and working with your local Councillors are proposing implementing permanent parking restrictions at various locations following an increase in illegal and antisocial parking, and verge damage, following the lifting of the first COVID-19 lockdown.

Buckinghamshire Council is proposing to introduce restrictions at various locations across the county of Buckinghamshire.

Road NameScheme NameRestrictions
Access to Old Telephone Exchange off KingswayBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Waiting At Any Time.
ALAN WAYLangley Park AreaNo Waiting At Any Time.
ALDERBOURNE LANEBlack Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway. No Stopping On Main Carriageway.
ASTON HILL CHIVERYWendover Woods Area4 Wheel Pavement Parking. No Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway. No Stopping On Main Carriageway.
AVENUE DRIVELangley Park AreaNo Stopping On Main Carriageway.
BEDFORD DRIVEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway. No Stopping On Main Carriageway.
BEECHES ROADBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Waiting At Any Time. Permit Holders Only FC1.
BELLSWOOD LANELangley Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway. No Stopping On Main Carriageway.
BILLET LANELangley Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway. No Stopping On Main Carriageway.
BLACK PARK ROADBlack Park Area &  Langley Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No. Stopping On Main Carriageway. Restricted Parking Zone No Waiting At Any Time No Loading At Any Time.
BLACKPOND LANEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Waiting At Any Time. Permit Holders Only FC1.
BLINCO LANELangley Park AreaNo Waiting At Any Time.
BOVENEY ROADDorney Lake AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway. No Stopping On Main Carriageway.
BUCKLAND ROADWendover Woods AreaNo Waiting At Any Time.
CHALKSHIRE ROADWendover Woods AreaNo Waiting At Any Time.
CHERRY TREE LANEBlack Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway.
CHIVERYWendover Woods AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway. No Stopping On Main Carriageway.
COMMON ROADDorney Lake AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway. No Stopping On Main Carriageway. No Waiting At Any Time.
CORONATION AVENUEBlack Park Area &  Langley Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway. No Stopping On Main Carriageway. No Waiting At Any Time.
COURT LANEDorney Lake AreaNo Waiting At Any Time.
CROW PIECE LANEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway. No Stopping On Main Carriageway.
CROWN LANEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway. No Stopping On Main Carriageway.
CUFF LANEGreat Brickhill VillageNo Waiting At Any Time. Permit Parking Area.
CURRIERS LANEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
DENHAM COURT DRIVEDenham Country ParkNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway
DINERS HILLWendover Woods AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway No Waiting At Any Time
DORNEY REACH ROADDorney Lake AreaPermit Parking Area
DUCK ENDGreat Brickhill VillageNo Waiting At Any Time Permit Parking Area
DUNSMOREWendover Woods AreaNo Waiting At Any Time Restricted Parking Zone No Waiting At Any Time
DUNSMORE LANEWendover Woods AreaNo Waiting At Any Time
EGYPT LANEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
ELLESBOROUGH ROAD, BUTLER’S CROSSWendover Woods AreaNo Waiting At Any Time
ELLESBOROUGH ROAD, WENDOVERWendover Woods AreaPermit Parking Area
FERRY LANEMedmenham VillageNo Waiting At Any Time (Option 1) Permit Holders Only (Option 2) 2 Hours No Return Within 2 Hours Or Permit Holders Restricted Parking Zone
FOX LANEWendover Woods AreaRestricted Parking Zone No Waiting At Any Time
FRENSHAM WALKBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonPermit Parking Area FC1
FULMER COMMON ROADBlack Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway Unrestricted Bay
GEORGE GREEN ROADBlack Park Area & Langley Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway No Waiting At Any Time
GOLDEN OAK CLOSEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonPermit Parking Area FC1
GREEN LANE, FARNHAM COMMONBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Waiting At Any Time Permit Parking Area FC1
GREEN LANE, BURNHAM BEECHESBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
GRENVILLE AVENUEWendover Woods AreaNo Waiting At Any Time
GROVE ROADBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
HALE LANEWendover Woods AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
HALTON LANEWendover Woods Area4 Wheel Pavement Parking No Waiting At Any Time
HARCOURT CLOSEDorney Lake AreaPermit Parking Area
HARCOURT ROADDorney Lake AreaNo Waiting At Any Time Permit Parking Area
HAWTHORN LANEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway No Waiting At Any Time
HEATH ROADGreat Brickhill Village / Stockgrove Country Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway No Waiting At Any Time
HENLEY ROADMedmenham VillageNo Waiting At Any Time
HILL FARM LANEWendover Woods AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
HILL PLACEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Waiting At Any Time
KINGSWAYBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Waiting At Any Time Permit Parking Area FC1
LAKE END ROADDorney Lake AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway No Waiting At Any Time
LANGTONS MEADOWBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonPermit Parking Area FC1
LOCK PATHDorney Lake AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
LODGE HILLWendover Woods AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway No Waiting At Any Time
LONDON ROADWendover Woods AreaNo Waiting At Any Time
LORD MAYORS DRIVEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway
MARSH LANEDorney Lake AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway No Waiting At Any Time
MEADOW WAYDorney Lake AreaPermit Parking Area
MIDDLE GREENLangley Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway No Waiting At Any Time
MISSENDEN ROADWendover Woods AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway No Waiting At Any Time
MOOR PARKWendover Woods AreaNo Waiting At Any Time
NIGHTINGALE PARKBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway
NORTHFIELD ROADPitstone Quarry AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway
OAK STUBBS LANEDorney Lake AreaNo Waiting At Any Time Permit Parking Area
PARK LANEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
PINEWOOD ROADBlack Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
PUMPKIN HILLBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
ROSEWOOD WAYBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonPermit Holders Only FC1
ROWLEY LANEBlack Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
SCOTLANDS DRIVEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Waiting At Any Time
SOUTH FIELD CLOSEDorney Lake AreaNo Waiting At Any Time
STEWARTS DRIVEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
STOKE COMMON ROADBlack Park AreaNo Stopping On Main Carriageway
THOMPKINS LANEBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway
UPPER ICKNIELD WAYPitstone Quarry AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway
UXBRIDGE ROADBlack Park Area & Langley Park AreaBus Stop Clearway Limited Waiting 8am-6pm 1hr No Return Within 2hrs No Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway
VICTORIA ROADBurnham Beeches / Farnham CommonNo Waiting At Any Time Permit Parking Area FC1
VILLAGE ROADDorney Lake AreaNo Waiting At Any Time
WENDOVER ROADWendover Woods AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway No Stopping On Main Carriageway No Waiting At Any Time
WESTFIELD ROADPitstone Quarry AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway
WEXHAM PARK LANEBlack Park Area & Langley Park AreaNo Stopping At Any Time On Verge Or Footway
WILLOWBROOKWendover Woods AreaNo Waiting At Any Time
WITHY CROFTLangley Park AreaNo Waiting At Any Time

Under the Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996 as a Statutory Consultee we are inviting your comments to the proposals. Full details and plans can be found on the Buckinghamshire Council Website at https://yourvoicebucks.citizenspace.com/ from the 12th May 2021 and from today on https://www.buckinghamshiretraffweb.uk/ under “Public Consultation”, “6. Active Consultation – Static”.

The Consultation runs until the 6th June 2021. Any comments you may wish to make should be addressed to parkingtro@buckscc.gov.uk.

Anglers Retreat in Marsworth

Marsworth Parish Council has asked us to make residents aware of a current planning application consultation relating to a change of use for the Anglers Retreat in Marsworth, in case any Pitstone residents which to submit comments to Buckinghamshire Council. The details are below:

21/01520/AOP – MARSWORTH
Anglers Retreat Ph And 30 Startops Startops End Lower Icknield Way
Marsworth Buckinghamshire HP23 4LJ
Change of use for Public House to residential use and conversion of public
house to two flats with two storey rear extension and single storey side
extension and demolition of existing conservatory, demolition of existing
outbuildings and erection of 4 houses, change of boundary location with 30
Startops, change of access for 30 Startops and erection of carport for two
vehicles and enclosed store, two storey side extension for 30 Startops

Details can be found and/or comments submitted via the Buckinghamshire Council planning portal (link here: https://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/search-planning-licensing-applications ) using the reference number above.

Great British Spring Clean 28/5/21-13/6/21


Keep Britain Tidy are running the Great British Spring Clean between 28/5 and 13/6 to encourage local residents to litter pick. More details can be found via the above link. The website also contains lots of useful information about how to stay safe whilst you are out, especially if you plan to collect litter from near any roads.

Buckinghamshire Council can offer a variety of support to people who officially register for the above. They can supply black sacks and will come and collect the full bags once you notify them of the location. They can also loan litter pickers and other equipment. Please contact the email address below for more information: streetscene.av@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

The parish council has staff that regularly collect litter from our playgrounds, open space, paths and roadsides. At the moment, the recreation ground playground is seeing huge volumes of litter (despite Coronavirus guidelines which recommend that children do not eat or drink whilst using play equipment), and we are emptying bins and picking litter three times per week. In between, other local volunteers are also picking litter to try and keep on top of the situation. If you, or your children, are using the playground, please do put all rubbish in the bins provided to help keep the play space in good condition for all our users.

Freight zone consultation looks to lighten the load around Ivinghoe

Plans for Buckinghamshire’s first ever ‘freight zone’ to control the movement of HGVs in and around the Ivinghoe area take a step closer today (7 May) with the start of a four-week public consultation on the detail of the legal traffic regulation order.

Proposed for the areas around Ivinghoe, Cheddington and Mentmore, the zone sits within defined boundaries, east of the A418, north of the A41 and west of the B489, and follows two years of research, monitoring, discussions, public engagement and detailed planning with the local community.

The traffic regulation order (TRO) proposes a 7.5 tonne weight limit on vehicles travelling through the zone, however, there will be an exception for vehicles travelling to destinations within the zone. This means deliveries and collections to local homes and businesses can continue unaffected.

Monitoring in November 2019 showed an average of 254 HGVs per week passed through the proposed zone, heading for destinations further afield, nearly half (47%) of the total HGV traffic in the area.

Buckinghamshire Council’s Corporate Director for Planning, Growth and Sustainability, Ian Thompson said that the zone would bring benefits to the community and encouraged people to take part in the consultation and give their views.

“A zone like this can clearly reduce the level of traffic by removing a significant number of HGVs that simply pass through the area. The TRO will help reduce the negative impacts on local residents, buildings and the environment, while of course still allowing local lorry deliveries to be made.

“Over the next four weeks, we want to hear from anyone who might be affected to give their views on the detail of the proposed TRO to help us finalise arrangements.” 

Ian added: “Subject to the feedback received, the scheme could be fully operational later in the year which would be great news for everyone.” 

Public engagement on the concept of the freight zone took place early last year and was widely supported by local residents, businesses and community groups. It included dialogue with parish councils, local councillors and businesses, along with exhibitions and a survey which received 332 responses.

To take part in the consultation, please visit: https://yourvoicebucks.citizenspace.com/highway-projects/ivinghoe-freight-tro 

Alternatively you can e-mail comments to tfbschemesdelivery@buckinghamshire.gov.uk or by writing to: Ivinghoe Freight Zone Consultation, Design Services, Transport for Bucks, Aylesbury Vale Area Office, Corrib Industrial Park, Griffin Lane, Aylesbury, HP19 8BP. The consultation closes on 3 June.

Safe voting tomorrow

Elections for Buckinghamshire Council, Town and Parish Councils and the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner are taking place tomorrow, Thursday, 6 May. Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm. We have worked hard to ensure that all of our polling stations are COVID-19 secure places to vote. To find your polling station look here: https://wheredoivote.co.uk/

We are recommending that voters bring their own pens/pencils. There will be pencils available if voters forget their own which they will need to take away with them once used. You can expect many of the measures you’ve become used to over recent months in shops and banks, such as clear signage, hand sanitiser, and face coverings. Where possible, dependent on the venue, one-way entrance and exits will be in place. Electors will be asked to social distance and that may mean that during busier periods electors may need to wait outside the polling station until some electors have left. All polling stations will be cleaned regularly through the day. Unless you are exempt, masks will need to be worn by everyone coming into a polling station, including the people staffing it. If a voter arrives without a mask, there will be masks available for them to use at the polling station. Staff will be behind protective screens and don’t have to wear a mask when behind a screen, but they may choose to wear one. We do ask that voters do not attend their polling station if they have COVID symptoms or are required to self-isolate.

If you are unable to vote in person at your polling station on 6 May because you are self-isolating as a result of government or medical advice, and have not registered for a postal vote, you may apply for an emergency proxy vote here:  https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/sites/default/files/2021-04/Emergency%20employment%20proxy%20vote%20application%20form.pdf A completed emergency proxy application form must be submitted to Electoral Services at Buckinghamshire Council before 5pm on 6 May, before the proxy can vote in the elector’s polling station on their behalf. Forms then need to be emailed to proxyvote@buckinghamshire.gov.uk and the emergency proxy’s email address must be provided.

Votes for the Buckinghamshire Council and Town and Parish councils are being counted on Saturday 8 May. Each of the four count venues have been made COVID-19 secure. Results will be published on our website – https://www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/your-council/council-and-democracy/election-and-voting/ and on our social media accounts @BucksCouncil The PCC election votes are being counted on Monday 10 May and the results will be published here: www.cherwell.gov.uk/paro2021.

Wild Aylesbury Vale Competition encourages every resident to get involved

The overall aim of the competition is to encourage wildlife into any available green space and in doing so connect us with our local green environment and support our health and wellbeing.

We want our community to get behind this project and turn every available green space into a haven for wildlife and we are here to help you do it.

More information here:


Early May Bank Holiday bin collection information from BC

Bin collections across Buckinghamshire will be operating to a revised timetable next week.

With no collections on Monday 3 May (Early May Bank Holiday) all collections that week will take place one day later than usual. Please check the revised timetable below and present any bins by 6.30am on your rescheduled collection day.

Bank holiday revised bin collection dates:

Usual collection dayRevised collection day
Monday 3 MayTuesday 4 May
Tuesday 4 MayWednesday 5 May
Wednesday 5 MayThursday 6 May
Thursday 6 MayFriday 7 May
Friday 7 MaySaturday 8 May

A friendly reminder that Buckinghamshire’s nine household recycling centres are now operating to summer opening hours: 9am – 6pm. All sites will also remain open over the Bank Holiday weekend, including Monday 3 May. Before making a trip to the tip, please check the website for all the latest household recycling centre information: www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/bin-collection-recycling-and-waste/garden-waste-collection

As the weather continues to improve, it’s likely that BBQ season will be fast approaching in Buckinghamshire. Remember all foil drinks cans, plastic and glass bottles can be recycled at home. If you use a disposable barbecue, please make sure you’re disposing of it safely and responsibly after use. For helpful hints and tips, please take a look at the online Waste Wizard: www.recycleforbuckinghamshire.co.uk/waste-wizard

For more information including how to check your Bank Holiday bin collections and where to find your nearest household recycling centre, go to: www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/bin-collection-recycling-and-waste

Please also follow @BucksCouncil to keep up-to-date with the latest recycling & waste and bin collection information on Facebook and Twitter.

Vicarage Road roadworks 28-4-21

Vicarage Road

28 April — 28 April

Delays possible – Traffic control (two-way signals)

Works location: Works Descriptions are no longer publicly available due to Department for Transport data processing policies.

Works description: Works Descriptions are no longer publicly available due to Department for Transport data processing policies.

Responsibility for works: Openreach

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: BC008PTMS275017A

Buckinghamshire Council elections

Please find attached:

  • The statement of persons nominated and notice of poll for the election of Buckinghamshire Councillors for the Ivinghoe (includes Pitstone) area (NB 3 councillors to be elected to each ward)
  • The notice of election agents’ names and offices for the above candidates

Please click this link for information on the situation of polling stations: https://buckinghamshire-gov-uk.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/AV_Situation_of_Polling_Stations_6_May_2021.pdf

Free twice weekly lateral flow home test kits available from Windmill Pharmacy for all residents

The government has made twice weekly home testing for covid via lateral flow tests freely available for anyone in England from today.   Windmill Pharmacy in Ivinghoe has confirmed that they have plenty of stock.

If you are not already testing twice per week via another route (eg as a parent of a school age child or through other work), you might like to consider taking advantage of this free service.

Easter Bank Holiday bin collections across Buckinghamshire ​

Bin collections across Buckinghamshire will be operating to a revised timetable over the Easter Bank Holiday. Collections due to take place on Good Friday, 2 April, will move to Saturday 3 April. And with no collections on Easter Monday, 5 April, all collections that week will take place one day later than usual.

Please check the revised timetable online and present any bins by 6.30am on the revised collection day.

Residents who might be using the Easter Bank Holiday to get started on some spring cleaning are reminded that as of 1 April, Buckinghamshire’s nine household recycling centres will move to their summer opening hours: 9am – 6pm. All sites will also remain open over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, including Good Friday and Easter Monday. Please check the website before you travel.

More information including, how to check your Easter Bank Holiday bin collections, where to find your nearest household recycling centre and top recycling tips for this Easter can be found by visiting the Easter bin collections webpage: www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/news/easter-bin-collections Please also follow @BucksCouncil to keep up-to-date with the latest recycling & waste and bin collection information on Facebook and Twitter.

Notice of Election

Please find below the Notice of Election published by Buckinghamshire Council for parishes in the Aylesbury area. The number of seats in Pitstone will increase from 10 to 11 to reflect our growing population. If anyone would like to find out more information about the powers vested in parish councils, the work that Pitstone Parish Council does, how much time volunteering as a parish councillor might involve, or the two charities that you would also become a legal trustee of, please do contact parishclerk@pitstone.co.uk and we will happily provide you with packs of information.

1. An election is to be held for Buckinghamshire Council unitary wards.

2. Nomination papers can be obtained from the Returning Officer as follows:

3. Nomination papers must be hand delivered to the Returning Officer or his appointed staff at The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, HP19 8FF between 10am and 4pm on any working day (excluding Good Friday 2 April 2021 and Easter Monday 5 April 2021) from and including Monday 22 March 2021 but no later than 4pm on Thursday 8 April 2021. Please go to the Main Reception where you will be directed to the Returning Officer and their appointed staff.

4. If the election is contested the poll will take place on Thursday 6 May 2021.

5. Applications to register to vote must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by 12 midnight on Monday 19 April 2021. Applications can be made online: www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

6. Applications, amendments or cancellations of postal votes must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on Tuesday 20 April 2021.

7. Applications to vote by proxy at this election must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on Tuesday 27 April 2021.

8. Applications to vote by emergency proxy at this election on the grounds of disability or for work/service reasons must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on Thursday 6 May 2021.The disability must have occurred after 5pm on Tuesday 27 April 2021. To apply on the grounds of work/service, the person must have become aware that they cannot go to the polling station in person after 5pm on Tuesday 27 April 2021.

Dated: Monday 22 March 2021                                         Nick Graham (Returning Officer)

Free public event – Question & answers for potential town and parish council candidates

If you are considering standing for election, you may like to attend this free online session to find out more information.

Thank you to those residents that have expressed a potential interest so far. If you are thinking of standing for the Pitstone elections, please do let the parish clerk know by emailing parishclerk@pitstone.co.uk and we will provide an information pack about the local council so that you can find out more.

Session information:

If you are passionate about what happens in your community, take part in our online Q & A and find out how you can make a change


Join BMKALC at 6.00pm on Wednesday 17 March to find out more

Join Zoom Meeting 


Meeting ID: 823 0296 6446

Passcode: 639201

Wing & Ivinghoe Community Board continues to support local community

One of the primary aims of Buckinghamshire’s 16 community boards is to listen to local people and take action on the matters that concern them most. That is exactly what the Wing & Ivinghoe Board has been doing as they reviewed the projects and initiatives they have helped support in the past six months.

At the board meeting members reviewed the projects they have agreed funding towards and approved two more. Applications for funding are welcome from any group or organisation within the local area of a community board but are most likely to be successful if they link to one of the areas the board has a particular focus on. Working groups reflect the topics that local people have raised as areas they would like a greater focus to be given.

The Wing & Ivinghoe board currently has four areas that it is particularly focused on this year and working groups have been set up to address each one:

  • Environment
  • Covid-19 recovery
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Transport

At the meeting board members and residents could see where the funding agreed so far has been used including new traffic calming measures, improvements to children’s play areas and crisis funding to local groups providing support to local people during the pandemic. The board also acknowledged that parishes and residents from different areas of the locality are working together in a much more collaborative way.

Members also agreed funding for Whitchurch Wildlife Community Group to purchase basic gardening and outdoor equipment to carry out work in the village to improve the surrounding environment of both residents and wildlife. The group hopes the project will have multiple benefits from improving and maintaining natural habitats to supporting the health and wellbeing of residents, enabling people to come together in a productive and sociable way.

Chairman of the Wing & Ivinghoe Community Board, Anne Wight said: “We are always keen to hear from people who want to get more involved in what is going on in their local community. If there is something you would like the community board to look into or you would like to join one of our current working groups please get in touch. By working together we can make improvements for the whole community to enjoy.”

To find out more about the Wing & Ivinghoe working groups email: http://wingandivinghoecb@buckinghamshire.gov.uk/

You can keep up to date with all the latest news from the board on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Wing-and-Ivinghoe-Community-Board-104964671378244

You can view a recording of the meeting online: https://www.youtube.com/embed/2GZikEOsco8

Dog Theft Survey

Neighbourhood Watch Network is supporting Sussex’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, who, in partnership with the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), has created an online survey designed to understand the public’s perception of dog theft, enforcement, and the prosecution of offenders.

The survey includes a question seeking views on whether dogs should be treated in law merely as property when they are stolen. Having a common understanding of how the public feels about this issue will help inform discussions that PCCs and NWN will have nationally, as well as allow police forces to better understand the public’s views.

Mrs Bourne said: “Pet theft, dog theft in particular, is a growing concern for the public and their fear has been perpetuated over the last couple of weeks with shocking reports in the media of more dogs being snatched by criminals.

“I am incredibly eager to get more detail around this issue and understand residents’ views and if they feel more could be done to respond to their concerns or for more preventative measures to be put in place to better protect their pets.”

Neighbourhood Watch Network have just been approached to help support this campaign so apologies for the short notice as the survey closes on Friday12th March.  Please, if you can, and haven’t already, take a couple of minutes to complete the survey as your support and views are really valuable to us.

Link to survey is here:https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/dogtheft

Kind regards


Follow us..ourwatch.org.uk / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn
Neighbourhoood Watch Network is a charity registered in England & Wales, CIO no: 1173349

Bucks Covid grants help thousands of local businesses with extra ‘lifeline’ Over 2,800 businesses have received funding

08 March 2021

Over 2,800 businesses in Buckinghamshire employing over 7,600 people have received Covid ‘safety net’ grants paid out by Buckinghamshire Council through the Buckinghamshire Additional Restrictions Grants (Bucks ARG) scheme. The local grant scheme was put in place to provide a financial lifeline to help local businesses who fall outside the funding criteria set out by national government under the Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG).  The last round of Bucks ARG funding round closed on Sunday 28 February. Buckinghamshire Council has focussed on getting this safety net funding out to businesses as fast as possible.

Martin Tett, Leader of Buckinghamshire Council said: “Our Bucks Additional Restrictions Grant has been a lifeline for many Bucks businesses who weren’t eligible for the main government national funding support schemes.” He continued: “We have made it a real priority to get this money flowing out into the local economy as fast as we possibly can. Unlike many other councils in the country who are still sitting on funding, I’m proud to say we have focused on trying to get every penny out to help our local businesses. We’ve got around 94 % of our additional grant money out of the door and straight into the bank accounts for local businesses.” So far over 2,800 different businesses have received funding from the Bucks ARG local scheme which has distributed £14.1 million to local businesses in three rounds of funding. We estimate that these businesses employ around 7,600 people.  The focus for Bucks ARG grants has been on processing applications quickly to get money out to businesses and to help self-employed people who may not have qualified for other support. The grants team has received over 7,000 individual applications over the three rounds of this funding. There are still some applications still in process, but we expect to distribute approximately 94% of the available funding by mid March. This is significantly higher than most other councils in the country.

Over £1.75 million has gone to self-employed people like local dance music producer and DJ Sean Matthews found out about the local additional restrictions grants through an interview which Martin Tett did on a local radio station. He said: “I, like millions, found myself excluded from government support. I heard about the Bucks Additional Restrictions Grants and found out that I was eligible to apply. The money was in my account within two weeks. This has been a massive life saver for me, it’s the difference between paying existing bills and racking up possibly huge amounts of debt. I’m extremely grateful to the team at Buckinghamshire Council for making sure this Additional Restrictions Grant reaches people that need it. Thank you”.

LRSG Grants update Local Restrictions Support Grants are still being paid out to businesses. Additional funding to cover the period from 16 February to 31 March is now available for all businesses who meet the qualifying criteria. To make things even easier, all businesses who have already received LRSG payments do not need to apply again for the additional funding. They will automatically receive payment from Buckinghamshire Council in the first half of March. If your businesses hasn’t yet applied for LRSG funding, it’s worth checking to see if you are eligible for this financial support. The information you need and the application form is all available online at https://www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/coronavirus/coronavirus-business-support-hub/coronavirus-business-grants/local-restrictions-support-grant/ For information about Covid business support available in Buckinghamshire visit our business support hub. Go to https://www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/coronavirus/coronavirus-business-support-hub/   

Plan ahead for your trip to the tip ​

Buckinghamshire Council is encouraging residents to please check their website before visiting a local Household Recycling Centre (HRC) and remember to allow plenty of time for your trip.

As spring approaches and the weather improves, many of us will be spring cleaning our homes and looking to spend time in the garden – clearing leaves, planting flowers and pruning shrubs. Residents are reminded to plan ahead if they intend to visit one of Buckinghamshire’s nine HRCs, especially during busier times such as weekends. Covid-19 measures are still in place to keep staff and visitors safe. This includes a limit on the number of vehicles unloading, fewer spaces on site as well as social distancing measures with visitors encouraged to wear masks. With this in mind, please remember to allow plenty of time as it may take longer than usual to complete your visit.

Before visiting, residents are encouraged to check the webcams online to see how busy the site is and for the quieter times to visit. All sites are currently open 9am-4pm and tend to get busier after lunch. Last entry may be before 4pm to allow those already onsite to unload their waste and exit by 4pm. Residents are asked to consider coming back at another time if the site is busy, especially if there are queues outside the site.

Cllr Bill Chapple OBE, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, said: “We’re committed to making sure our HRCs remain open and safe for our staff and visitors. The sites are typically quietest and best to visit mid-week, but if you have to visit at the weekend, remember the earlier the better. Please also bear in mind, three of our local sites – Aylesbury, Burnham and Chesham, are closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. “Spring is commonly the busiest time of the year with queues even more likely with current restrictions. Please only visit if you cannot store your waste safely and where possible, make use of the kerbside collection services available from Buckinghamshire Council. Information about our collection services and the HRCs is available on the council’s website.” For more information visit: www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk

Census support – help to complete forms, podcast, LGBTQ+ event, liaising with seldom-heard groups ​

Buckinghamshire residents are being asked to take part in the census – and Buckinghamshire Council is supporting the census team in its target to get every household to respond.   Census day is Sunday 21 March and in 2021, for the first time, most of the responses are expected to be done online.   You should receive a letter shortly explaining how to complete the form online. If you don’t receive it in the next week or so, please get in touch with the census contact centre. You can also ask for a paper questionnaire if you’d prefer.  

Buckinghamshire Council is providing a range of census support, information and advice to residents:   Library staff and Adult Learning staff have been trained and are available to help people complete the form, either online or on paper. These support sessions are running until Friday 4 May and will be over the phone while Covid-19 restrictions remain in place. Book an appointment by calling 0300 131 6000 and asking for census information/support.   Our Community Engagement and Development team are linking in with partner organisations to share census fliers with clients which will help spread the word to seldom-heard communities.   Buckinghamshire Archives welcomed the Census Engagement Manager for Buckinghamshire, Ross Tackley, onto episode five of their monthly podcast. They spoke about what residents need to do this month, and also shared stories from the archives’ collections about censuses of the past. The podcast is available at https://open.spotify.com/show/78wopWJljQd7vtnGFQEwQd.   Ross also took part in an LGBTQ+ online event organised by Buckinghamshire County Museum and spoke about the new optional questions on sexual orientation and gender identification. The event was recorded and will be available to view shortly at www.buckscountymuseum.org.   Go to https://www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/your-council/council-and-democracy/census-2021/ for further information and contact details.  

Cllr Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health, said: “The census provides a snapshot of our communities. Based on the information provided it will ensure money is invested in the services we need in Buckinghamshire, such as emergency services, mental health care, school places, hospital beds, houses, roads, and GP and dental services.   “While many will be able to simply complete the form online, our team are ready to help anyone who is struggling and needs some support.”   Since 1801 the census has been held every 10 years except for 1941 when World War Two was raging. The information gathered provides the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales.   The questionnaire includes questions about sex, age, work, health, education, household size and ethnicity.   Results will be available within 12 months and, as well as being used to determine investment in an area, will be used by charities and voluntary organisations as evidence to get funding and by businesses to help them understand their customers and decide where to open new shops.   The personal information you give is not shared with anyone, and you cannot be identified in the statistics published. Personal records are locked away for 100 years, kept safe for future generations.  

Have you seen the census advert on TV? Towards the end eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted that the band (Jose McGill and The Vagabond from Norwich) are playing in front of the Guildhall in High Wycombe.   Across England and Wales iconic buildings are being lit up purple during the census weekend (Friday 19 to Sunday 21 March). In Buckinghamshire, Waddesdon Manor and the Dashwood Mausoleum at West Wycombe will be lit up purple to mark the occasion. Other buildings are to be confirmed.

Proposed Wendover cycleway routes ready for residents to view ​

The council has secured £500K from HS2 for sustainable travel improvement and wants your views. From Monday 1 March residents will be able to view, and comment on proposals for three cycleway routes in Wendover  https://yourvoicebucks.citizenspace.com/highway-projects/wendover-cycleways The survey will run from Monday 1 March to Sunday 28 March 2021 [four weeks].

The three proposed cycleway routes will: create a link from the current Amber Way cycle route on Aylesbury Road to the Railway Stations improve the Amber Way cycle route between the Halton Lane junction and Castle Park Road junction provide a link to the schools on Wharf Road. The council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Nick Naylor, is encouraging both cyclists and non-cyclists to give their views and says: “We want to encourage cycling for shorter journeys around Wendover by developing the cycling network. The cycleway proposals we have made will improve access and make it easier for cyclists to get around the town.  We plan to install road markings and signage along each route to guide cyclists and make sure all road users are aware of cyclists. “In addition to £500K from HS2 – the council has added a further £60K to ensure the improvements are fit for purpose and meet local need. We have talked with local groups about how we can improve the cycleway in Wendover, now we need residents to get involved and tell us what they think about the proposals.” The council is also inviting residents to offer any feedback they have to planners.

More information about this and the proposals can be found on the council’s website www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/wendover-cycleways To give your view on the proposals either complete the online feedback form  https://yourvoicebucks.citizenspace.com/highway-projects/wendover-cycleways or: email us on hitmailbox@buckinghamshire.gov.uk write to us at Highways Infrastructure Projects Team, Wendover Cycleways, Buckinghamshire Council, Floor 7, Walton Street Offices, Walton Street, Aylesbury, HP20 1UY To get a printed version of the feedback form, please phone us on 0300 131 6000 or email us on hitmailbox@buckinghamshire.gov.uk.

EN Amber Way Amber Way Improvements.pdf
School AccessSchool Access.pdf
Railway station accessRailway Station Access.pdf

Update from BC on Ivinghoe Freight Strategy

Dear all,

As you may recall that due to the TRO audit and moratorium we had planned to start the Statutory Consultation phase of the Ivinghoe Area Freight Strategy mid-late February. I wanted to bring you up to speed on where we are.

Part of the identified freight zone covered an area that falls within the Hertfordshire County. During the project we, of course, kept officers from Herts CC engaged, taking time to consult with them in the ‘informal engagement’ phase and keeping them in the loop since. In planning the Statutory Consultation phase we are required to advertise in local press the Traffic Regulation Order that provides the 7.5 tonne weight restriction with access by exception. To be able to do this we needed legal authority from Herts CC, unfortunately this was not been given in time to allow us to move into the Statutory Consultation at this time. In normal circumstances this would not be a problem and the consultation would be simply delayed until the authority was given, this year we have to consider the planned local elections in May. We are not able to run the consultation for the minimum amount of time prior to Purdah which starts on March 22nd, and as you can appreciate it is not appropriate to conduct the consultation during the Purdah period.

However, had we been able to get the Statutory Consultation in prior to Purdah we would still have had to wait until after the election and for Cabinet Member approvals once the appointment of Cabinet had taken place. This would have given a potential ‘green-light’ for implementation around the middle of June.

Not being able to start the Consultation until just after the election effectively means we would have this complete and be in a position to take the proposal to Cabinet Member for approval around mid-June and hopefully be able to look at implementation near the end of June / beginning of July, losing around 2-3 weeks only had we been able to get the Consultation started in February.  

I appreciate that delays are not something any of us would like to see; that there is great support within the communities for the Freight Strategy to be implemented at the earliest opportunity; and to see unwanted Heavy Goods Vehicles taken out of the area. My colleagues and I will continue to strive to make this happen as soon as we possibly can, subject of course, to there being no insurmountable objections during the Statutory Consultation. I am aware that we have seen an increase in HGV movements around the area, these may have something to do with construction projects nearby however, once allowed, I will try and get out to investigate.

I would appreciate it if you could filter this message into your communities, using your newsletters, websites and excellent networks to provide them with this latest information.

With Kind regards


Graham Hillary CMILT

Transport Strategy Officer (Freight)

Strategic Transport & Infrastructure

Planning, Growth & Sustainability

Buckinghamshire Council

BC Wing & Ivinghoe Community Board main meeting 3-3-21

The next main Wing & Ivinghoe Community Board meeting is on the 03rd March 2021. The meeting will begin at 7pm but we open up the room from 6.45pm to allow for any technical issues to be ironed out.

Minutes and recording from our last meeting can be found here: https://buckinghamshire.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=863&MId=16490&Ver=4

Our Facebook page has just been made live and you can follow it here: https://www.facebook.com/Wing-and-Ivinghoe-Community-Board-104964671378244/

The agenda and papers will be available here 5 working days before the meeting electronically: https://buckinghamshire.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=863&MId=16712&Ver=4

To add the meeting to your calendar, click here

To join on the day of the meeting please click “join teams meeting” below.


Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting

Or call in (audio only)

+44 1296 794005,,425154066#   United Kingdom, Aylesbury

Phone Conference ID: 425 154 066#

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Learn More | Meeting options

Kind Regards

Katrina Kelly

Community Board Co-Ordinator for the Wing and Ivinghoe board

Localities & Strategic Partnerships Service Directorate

Buckinghamshire Council

01296 383970

07917 210597


BC consults on new Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) is a document that we must produce and keep up to date to ensure effective community involvement at all stages in the planning process.

It sets out how anyone who lives, works, plays or carries out business in the Buckinghamshire Council area can be involved in plan making (local plans), Supplementary Planning Documents, neighbourhood plans, planning applications, and planning enforcement. The main aim of the SCI is to make consultation and involvement in planning more transparent, accessible, collaborative, inclusive and consistent.

Consultation on the SCI will run from today (16 February) to 22 March 2021.

We will then review all of the comments received and then take this to Cabinet for formal adoption. This is expected to be around June 2021.

The SCI is available on ‘Your Voice Bucks’ during the consultation period https://yourvoicebucks.citizenspace.com/planning/sci-2021

Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Planning and Enforcement said: “We recognise that planning affects people’s daily lives, as the decisions we make shape the place we live and work in. As a result, we want to involve communities as early in the process as possible.

There are many benefits for involving communities in planning matters, these include a greater focus on local needs and priorities; planning decisions informed by local knowledge; increased community understanding of how planning policies are developed.

We want our residents and business community, to feel empowered to get involved with planning if they wish. We aim to make consultation and involvement in planning transparent, accessible, collaborative, inclusive and consistent. We will do this through the methods set out in this SCI.”

TVP Automatic Number Plate Recognition survey

As part of a national survey, Thames Valley Police is looking for your feedback around the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) across our policing area.

ANPR technology is used by police forces across the UK to help detect, deter and disrupt criminality, including organised crime groups and terrorists.

Registration plate cameras are most commonly used to alert officers to stolen vehicles, vehicles that have been involved in crime or to help locate missing people. The data they collect can also be used in investigations and they are governed by strict codes of practice.

You have probably seen how ANPR works from TV programmes or you may have even visited a petrol station or car park which uses ANPR systems to keep you safe.

West Midlands Police have produced a short video which demonstrates how they used ANPR to locate a missing person. To watch the video please click here ANPR Video.

ANPR is a vital tool to help policing stay one-step ahead of criminals and better protect our communities. Your views play an important part in how we do this. The survey is anonymous and only takes a few minutes of your time to complete.

Click here to complete the survey ANPR Survey.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide your feedback.

Buckinghamshire Council call for brownfield sites

Buckinghamshire Council has now started work on the Buckinghamshire Local Plan (BLP). The BLP will allocate sites for development in the period up to 2040. A part of this process, we carrying out a ‘call for brownfield sites’ that have the potential for future development. A brownfield site is an area of land that has previously undergone development, but is currently no longer in use. These could be sites that will become vacant in the next 5-10 years too, and not just currently empty sites. The ‘call for brownfield sites’ will start today (16 February) and run for five weeks until 5pm on the 22 March 2021. To submit sites, the applicant must complete a ‘call for sites’ proforma which can be found here – https://yourvoicebucks.citizenspace.com/planning/brownfield-call Or by calling 0300 131 6000 for a hard copy. Once completed the form can be sent to Planning Policy, Buckinghamshire Council – Wycombe area office, Council Offices, Queen Victoria Road, High Wycombe, HP11 1BB or by email to planningpolicyteam.bc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk. It is important that the ‘call for sites’ form is completed in as much detail as possible, and that a plan is submitted with the form, which clearly shows the site boundary as well as information about land ownership and any technical information available  (e.g. heritage statement, air quality report, ecological survey) and indicative plans and layouts. Sites can be put forward by anyone or any organisation , although typically it would be by land owners, developers, agents, local businesses, individuals and groups. The Council will technically assess all brownfield sites submitted to see whether they are suitable, available and achievable (including viable) to meet the development needs (for both housing and economic purposes) of the Council.  We will follow government advice as to how to do this, which is set out in the Planning Practice Guidance on Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessments (HELAA). Once the HELAA assessment has been completed, the Council will publish a schedule and a map setting out which sites it considers to have the potential to be considered further in the plan-making process. We will publish full details of our HELAA in due course, and this will be available for public consultation. The preparation of a HELAA is a Government requirement, which allows councils to better understand the amount of land which may be available for development in an area. However, inclusion of a site within a HELAA does not mean that it will be allocated for development in a local plan. The HELAA may include many more sites than are needed to meet development needs. Should HELAA sites then get allocated in a local plan, the plan and its supporting evidence will be subject to further formal public consultation and an independent examination, where concerns about sites allocated for development can be raised.  Plans cannot be adopted unless they pass this independent examination. Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Planning and Enforcement said: “Buckinghamshire is in an area of limited development opportunities with our towns and villages surrounded by Green Belt, valuable countryside, open space and areas needing protection, whilst on the other hand we need to provide for new housing.  As part of the research for the new Buckinghamshire Plan, I am keen that we re-visit all our town and villages to make sure we don’t miss existing brownfield sites that have potential for redevelopment, and I urge residents, parish councils and land owners to help us compile a comprehensive list to identify any previously developed land across the county that could potentially be used for residential development in the future.  I encourage everyone to take part so that together we can look at finding positive solutions for the growth needed to provide new homes for future generations whilst protecting important open spaces and countryside.”

Appeal to over-70s who have not yet been vaccinated against Covid-19

The last invites to those aged 70 and over, or on the Shielded Patients List, who are yet to be vaccinated have now either been delivered or are due to arrive this week. However, nobody should be left behind, so anyone aged 70 and over or those on the Shielded Patients List who hasn’t had your first dose yet, it may be because the NHS doesn’t have your contact details. Over-70s should come forward now and make an appointment at nhs.uk/covidvaccination, or by phoning 119 if they can’t use the internet. GPs and their teams will be prioritising going out to housebound patients this week too – supported by additional investment of £10 per person to reflect the extra costs of vaccinating this way.

Rothschild House Group Surgeries, Tring & Pitstone Patient Participation Group e:newsletter


Please find above the link to the latest newsletter from the PPG with information relating to:

  • Practice News
  • Vaccinations Update
  • Warning! Vaccination Scams
  • West Herts Hospital Trust News
  • Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust News
  • Dacorum Local Plan
  • Newsletter Archive

It includes a link for you to sign up to receive future issues direct by email and also includes links to all this year’s previous newsletters, which will give readers a good idea about typical content.

Community Boards prepare to update on their latest actions

Buckinghamshire’s 16 Community Boards are preparing to hold their next public meeting over coming weeks, offering a chance for local people to find out more about what the boards have been up to in recent months.

Each community board holds four public meetings a year where anyone who is interested can tune in to listen and take part. The next meetings take place on:

  • Amersham – Thursday 18 February
  • Aylesbury – Tuesday 9 March
  • Beaconsfield & Chepping Wye – Tuesday 16 February
  • Beeches – Wednesday 17 February
  • Buckingham & Villages – Tuesday 23 February
  • Chesham & Villages – Thursday 11 March
  • Denham, Gerrards Cross & Chalfonts – Thursday 11 February
  • Haddenham & Waddesdon – Thursday 18 March
  • High Wycombe – Wednesday 10 February
  • Missendens – Tuesday 9 March
  • North West Chilterns – Thursday 11 March
  • South West Chilterns – Tuesday 23 February
  • Wendover – Tuesday 16 March
  • Wexham & Iver – Tuesday 23 February
  • Wing & Ivinghoe – Wednesday 3 March
  • Winslow & Villages – Thursday 18 February

Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health said: “Since they first came into being eight months ago, our 16 Community Boards have been working hard behind the scenes to fully immerse themselves in all matters relating to their local community. They have forged close working relationships with groups and organisations and listened to the views and ideas of local people.

“These public meeting are a great way for local residents and interested groups to find out more about what their board has achieved and the ongoing matters they are currently exploring to improve the local community. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback about what is important to you where you live.”

Community board meetings are currently hosted online. If you would like to attend your local meeting or find out more about community boards in general visit our website.

Vicarage Road roadworks 10-12/2/21

Vicarage Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire

10 February — 12 February

Delays possible – Traffic control (two-way signals)

Works location: From the side of 1 to the side of 120 (Footway, Carriageway, Verge)

Works description: Rolling works in footway, verge and carriageway accessing BT boxes to carry out essential works on overblown fibre cables. No excavation.. Footway closure: Pedestrian walkway will be provided

Responsibility for works: Openreach

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: BC112KN-CHEDDINGTON-OVB

Knowing Your Place…Discovering Buckinghamshire’s Parishes

Are you a keen historian, local super-sleuth or simply fascinated by your parish’s past? Do you belong to a local history society with shared knowledge of your local area? Or perhaps you’re new to the area and keen to learn all about the history of your new home and surroundings?

If so, then the Buckinghamshire Council Archaeology Service needs your help with updating its special ‘parish summaries’. These give an important potted history of locally significant archaeological sites, landscapes and buildings in each parish and include illustrations and links to other detailed records and photographs.

The call for help follows last summer’s launch of the Buckinghamshire Heritage Portal, an interactive public-facing website containing vast amounts of data and information about the history of Buckinghamshire.

Included on the portal are the parish summaries, one for each of the county’s 163 parishes. While they are fascinating and informative, some of the summaries are now over 10 years old and need updating in light of more recent local parish discoveries. You can check out the current parish summaries at https://heritageportal.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/theme-list/parishes

Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Culture, Patrick Hogan said it was really important that local people take part. “The Heritage Portal is a hugely valuable resource containing thousands of important local references. Brilliant as it is, we can make it even better by tapping into those with invaluable local knowledge to help us update our parish summary records.

“We’re really keen to invite local historians, societies and interested parties to join in and help us out with this fascinating project.” 

Patrick continued: “Training on using the portal to update the text will be provided, and all assistance will be acknowledged on the relevant parish pages once updated. Of course, additional information, known to the local community but missing from the portal, is very much welcomed.”

For further information and details of how to take part, please email her@buckinghamshire.gov.uk with the subject heading ‘FAO Lucy Lawrence – Knowing Your Place’ and with the following information:

  • Name of participant(s)
  • Parish(es) of interest
  • Association to parish(es) of interest
  • Affiliation to local archaeological or historical societies
  • Any particular area of expertise.

We will allocate a volunteer group or individual to each parish on a ‘first come first served’ basis, although we will be looking for an association with a parish from the participant. This will be a real two-way relationship and we will provide positive support to volunteers. There is no deadline for expressions of interest, and the volunteers are welcome to take on further parishes if there are any remaining after the first round of applications.

Fast, free rapid lateral flow covid-19 testing

Does your organisation have staff and volunteers who are leaving home to go out and work in the community?

Fast, free rapid COVID-19 testing is now available in Buckinghamshire for public-facing staff and volunteers. Around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 have no symptoms but can still pass it on. Regular testing can help identify cases of COVID-19 with no symptoms and break the chain of infection. Rapid testing can also provide valuable peace of mind to your staff and volunteers who are at increased risk of exposure to the virus because of their work in the community.  

For more information and to book regular appointments, visit https://www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/coronavirus/bookarapidtest/

Online Arthritis Action Groups

Arthritis Action Groups are an opportunity for people with arthritis to talk with others and share their tips on how to manage their arthritis and stay active whilst at home, and we actively welcome new attendees. We discuss a variety of self-management techniques. Participants will need to contact us directly for the log in instructions for the meeting, and we have produced ‘How To’ guides for those not familiar with using Zoom.

East Anglia Groups:

Afternoon: 16th February 2pm

Evening: 4th March 6pm

Morning: 5th March 10:30 am

For joining details see http://www.arthritisaction.org.uk/media-centre/events  

Work commenced on new multi use ball court

We are pleased that Nicholas King Homes have commenced work on the new multi use ball court which will be located by the recreation ground (on parish council land that previously formed part of the car park. Replacement parking will be provided adjacent to the ball court.).

Nicholas King Homes currently estimate that works should be complete by April. If you need a reminder about what the finished court will look like, here is the image from the approved planning permission:

Foodbank open Friday 10.30-noon

Thank you to everyone who came to the Drop In Foodbank last Friday to deliver donations of food. The Foodbank is open again tomorrow, Friday, from 10.30 to noon at Pitstone Pavilion so please call in if you are in need of food support this weekend or you wish to make a donation. The foodbank is here to help.

Bin collection on Thursday instead of Wednesday

The snow and icy conditions on Monday 25 January meant there have been some disruptions to waste collections in Buckinghamshire this week.

The situation can change quickly so we would advise all residents to check the Buckinghamshire Council website before their usual collection day. If their bin hasn’t been collected, they should leave it out and visit the website before reporting a missed bin.

In Aylesbury Vale, no collections took place on Monday 25 January. The service resumed on Tuesday 26 January and collections for this week have been rearranged meaning all residents will have their bin emptied one day later than usual. For further information, please visit the waste collection information page for the Aylesbury Vale area.

Co-design workshops – Aylesbury Gardenway

The Aylesbury Garden Town team are offering a second chance to get involved to co-design the Aylesbury Gardenway

A new series of online community co-design conversations start next week on Monday 25 January when we will be looking at the north, south, east and west sections of the #AGTGardenway in more detail.

We had a great response to our first series of online discussions and we will be sharing some of the feedback received so far as we talk in more detail about the different sections.

Information gathered from the co-design workshops will be then be brought together to finalise the proposed route to provide fully accessible routes for walking, wheeling and cycling, encouraging play, active lifestyles, food growing and outdoor leisure as well as being a haven for wildlife.

Monday 25 January

West Section – Oxford Road to Bicester Road

Tuesday 26 January

North Section – Bicester Road to the Aylesbury Arm of the Grand Union Canal

Wednesday 27 January

East Section – Aylesbury Arm of the Grand Union Canal to Wendover Road

Thursday 28 January

South Section – Wendover Road to Oxford Road

To find out more about the Gardenway visit www.aylesburygardenway.so

To register for one of our community conversations to get involved and to share your local knowledge visit https://bit.ly/2VxMXJf

Buckinghamshire Council Community Boards

As a reminder, here are the links to the Buckinghamshire Council website page relating to the Community Boards (Pitstone comes under ‘Wing and Ivinghoe’) and the Wing & Ivinghoe Community Board Facebook page. Residents may wish to ‘like’ the Facebook page to receive updates relating to the local area.



Change in location of speed limit signs on Westfield Road

Further update 18-1-21 17.06pm:

Wing and Ivinghoe Community Board has now convened a Transport sub-group meeting for 4-2-2021 at 18.30pm. If residents wish to attend, you can find the details of how to register here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2501876303441962

Further update 18-1-21 16.23pm:

Development Management has spoken with Thames Valley Police and the TfB Safety Officers today. TVP has advised that the current road signs cannot be relocated back to the village gates whilst other options are explored, as they are currently located in the only enforceable location. However, TVP and TfB have agreed to work with Development Management and Taylor Wimpey to find an alternative solution that all these parties would find acceptable and will seek to put such a solution into place prior to adoption. When we are provided with any further details, we will issue the updates to residents.

You can continue to email your concerns to highwaysdm@buckinghamshire.gov.uk and copy to parishclerk@pitstone.co.uk.

Original post:

We have been contacted by several residents who have expressed concern that Taylor Wimpey has, over the weekend, moved the end of the 60mph derestricted zone from the white village gates to just before the start of Warwick Road.  There has been no consultation with the Parish Council nor local residents regarding the doubling of the speed limit in this location.

The parish council has spoken to the Adoptions Manager in the Development Management division of Buckinghamshire Council this morning.  You will be aware that Taylor Wimpey (TW) have had to undertake certain remedial works to bring the highways up to standard before Buckinghamshire Council can adopt them (we also confirm that neither Westfield Road nor the estate roads have been adopted by Buckinghamshire Council as yet).  As part of this process, Buckinghamshire Council has to ensure that the highways meet regulations and speed limits would be enforceable.  We understand that the 30mph zone between the village gates and the first lamp post would not have been enforceable. BC advise that they discussed three options with Taylor Wimpey (1) put a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) in place for this stretch of road (2) install more lamp posts out to the white gate (which would need to be adopted by Buckinghamshire Council along with the other Westfield Road lamp posts but are not normally erected where there are no houses direct onto the frontage) or (3) move the 30mph sign to the lamp post.  TW have, probably understandably, taken the cheapest and easiest option and put up the sign on the lamppost.  BC adoptions say they have no legal recourse with TW to force them to take the other actions and that TW have complied with the terms of their planning agreement. The parish council does not feel that this is acceptable and has asked that the 30mph signs be removed until further conversations can take place and more options explored.

The Adoptions Manager has since called back to say that they will liaise further with both Thames Valley Police and the Road Safety team at Buckinghamshire Council to review the situation and determine a solution.  They advise that the white gates are probably too far from the residential area but that the lamppost is possibly too close.  They will respond to the Parish Council in due course and we will update residents as soon as we have further information.  We have again asked for the signs to be relocated back to the gates whilst these conversations take place.

Buckinghamshire Council are our Highways Authority, so all matters relating to the highway need to be determined by them.  We are advised that if the Adoptions Department can’t initiate an acceptable solution then the matter needs to be raised through the local BC Community Board.  We have thus spoken to both Anne Wight, who is the Chair of the Wing & Ivinghoe Local Community Board, and Derek Town, who is our local Buckinghamshire Councillor and who sits on the Transport Sub Committee for the Community Board.   They will also engage Transport for Bucks officers and ask them to review the safety implications and consider/advise of available options, as well as ensuring that it is added to the next Community Board Transport Sub Committee meeting for detailed exploration and engagement with the correct departments at Buckinghamshire Council.  Once we are aware of the date and time, we will make residents aware.

It would be helpful if residents could raise their concerns via email to the following people, and copy the parish council, as this will help to demonstrate the extent of local feeling to the Highways Authority and Community Board members:

  • highwaysdm@buckinghamshire.gov.uk (the adoptions team at Buckinghamshire Council)
  • Katrina.kelly@buckinghamshire.gov.uk (the coordinator for the local Community Board)
  • Anne.wight@buckinghamshire.gov.uk (the chair of the local Community Board)
  • Derek.town@buckinghamshire.gov.uk (our local Buckinghamshire Councillor, who also sits on the Transport sub-committee)
  • peter@peterbrazier.com (the coordinator for the Transport sub-committee)
  • parishclerk@pitstone.co.uk (please copy your correspondence to the parish council)

    The parish council was not aware of this change and was not consulted, although we understand that the adoptions team at Buckinghamshire Council have obviously been aware and liaising with the developer.    We will continue to pursue this issue with both the Adoptions Team and the Community Board.  We have also arranged for the mVAS (flashing speed sign) to be relocated back to Westfield Road so that we can get some additional up-to-date data.