Youth Cafe

94% of the young people we spoke to told the parish council that they would love somewhere safe to hang out and have fun with their friends. The older generation said that they would like somewhere constructive for the young people to go, rather than hang around the streets.

We held several successful pop-up cafe’s during the spring & summer holidays and are very grateful to Brookmead school for offering the Youth Cafe a regular home.

The cafe is a joint initiative between Pitstone Parish Council and Aylesbury Vale Youth for Christ who run several successful cafe’s across the Vale.

If you are 11-16 years old and at secondary school you are welcome to attend the café, which will be held every Wednesday from 6.30pm-8.00pm during term time.

The youth cafe offers loads of cool activities like games, wide screen computer games, sports, workshops, craft activities, snacks and drinks, music and chill out space. The trained youth leaders will also be able to provide you with support and guidance.

The project is funded by Pitstone parish council and we are very grateful for the support of all our volunteers, without whom it wouldn’t be able to operate.

All we ask is that you show respect to the people, school and property whilst at the cafe and to the neighbouring residents as you make your way home – so do come and join in the fun.

Contact: Laurie Eagling

Phone: 01296 660791