Book your place for Fraud Prevention presentation 21-11-13

Thames Valley Alert members in the Aylesbury Vale area are invited to a:-

Fraud prevention presentation
Thursday 21 November 2013, 7pm
Aylesbury Vale District Council Offices
The Gateway
Gatehouse Road
HP19 8FF
We are lucky to have a guest speaker, Det Insp Gavin Tyrrell, from the Force’s Economic Crime Unit.  The evening will be opened by Aylesbury Vale’s Deputy Area Commander, Acting Chief Insp Emma Garside.

This promises to be an interesting and informative evening where people should get an insight into fraud and how to prevent becoming a victim themselves.

If you are interested in coming to this presentation, you will need to book your place, as numbers are limited.  You can do this by Contacting Diane Brown on 01296 396262 (leave a message on the answer phone if I am not in the office) or by email

Places will be issued on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and those that have been allocated a place will be notified.

I look forward to meeting some of you on the night.

Kind regards

Diane Brown
Neighbourhood Alert & Watch Schemes Co-ordinator
Aylesbury Vale

Don’t give thieves a chance this Christmas

With all the seasonal festivities at this time of year, home security is often the last thing we’ll think about. However, make it a priority this year to assess the security of your home like a burglar would. Christmas is the only time of year we advertise goods in our homes to such an extent. Follow the Community Safety Partnership top tips:

  • Securely lock front and back doors/windows with the key, and remember to also lock your side gate.
  • Use a light timer switch so your home lights up automatically. This ensures your home isn’t left in darkness whilst you’re not there.
  • Before wrapping presents jot down model and serial numbers. UV mark all valuables with your postcode and door number/house name. By doing this your items are less attractive to opportunists because being caught in possession of marked goods incriminates thieves. Also your goods are more likely to be returned to you by police if found.
  • Resist putting gifts under the tree until Christmas morning, or if you do before then, pull your curtains or blinds so items are not left on view.
  • After opening presents rip up present boxes, making sure not to leave them in view outside. An empty TV box for instance advertises the new item in the home.
  •                         Secure and lock your garage/shed as well as your home – they contain the tools a burglar requires to gain access to your property.
  • Use your household alarm if you have one.
  • Be vigilant of any suspicious behaviour in your area and report it to the police on 101. If you believe a burglary is in progress call 999.
  • Be conscious of what you put on social networking websites in regards to going out and leaving the home empty.
  • For more information visit:
  • Have a safe and merry Christmas!

Bonfire Night, Sat 2nd Nov, Ivinghoe Lawn.

Bonfire Night, Sat 2nd Nov, Ivinghoe Lawn.

Gates18:00. Bonfire lit 18:45. 19:15, fireworks & music.


Family £10; single £5,

BBQ,hot/cold drink fairground ride.

Walk if you can. Parking close to the Lawn will be difficult.



Can you give a child a home?

This National Adoption Week (4 – 10 November) Buckinghamshire County Council are looking for people like you to consider adoption for Buckinghamshire children who are waiting to find their new family.

They can ask questions of an expert during National Adoption Week in our ‘Bucks Adopt hour’ via twitter; running 2pm – 3pm every day except Wednesday when it will be from 7pm – 8pm. (reply to our tweets adding #BucksAdopt)

We are also running a training session on the 7th November for potential adopters (you can contact us to book a place on 08001601900)

There are many myths surrounding adoption and this often puts extremely good prospective parents off the idea of making enquiries. Just as every child is different, so every adoptive parent brings different life experiences, backgrounds and skills to the care and support they can give.

You can adopt:

  • Whatever your age, background or lifestyle
  • Irrespective of marital status or sexual orientation
  • From a home which is rented or owned

People often rule themselves out of being able to adopt because of their age, beliefs and lifestyle. All we ask if that you are over 21, happy to make space in your life and home for a child, patient, flexible and energetic, and determined to make a real difference to a child’s life, for a lifetime.

Discover the rewards of adoption today and know that we’ll be with you all the way – before and after adoption.

If you’re looking to build your family and think you could give a child a place to call home call the First Step Team on 0800 160 1900 email or visit

Please support Brookmead school & refrain from parking outside

Traffic congestion outside Brookmead school is becoming an increasing problem again, with drivers parking on both sides of the road and on top of the Keep Clear signs.    Please support the school and their efforts to alleviate the problem before an accident occurs:

  • walk  or scoot to school where possible
  • if you need to take the car, please park at either Pitstone Memorial Hall or the New May Fu (both of which have kindly granted use of their car parks at school drop off/pick up times) – it only takes 5 minutes to walk from May Fu
  • if you need to take a vehicle right up to school, please take advantage of the drop-off service within the school boundary which available every morning
  • if there is a special reason why you need to park outside the school, please refrain from parking at the end of Orchard Way and not on top of the Keep Clear signs
  • again, if there is a special reason why you need to park outside the school please park on the same side of the road as the school and not on the Haldi side, so that other traffic trying to pass in both directions (which includes buses and lorrys) can still pass

Thank you for your assistance.

Waste dumped in Ashridge / Pitstone Hill

Waste dumped in and around Ashridge Estate

2013 has seen several incidents of illegal waste dumping in and around the Ashridge National Trust Estate.  This has included large scale dumping of mixed wastes in woodland and farmland.  Several loads of carpet underlay have been dumped in the Stocks Road car park between Ivinghoe and Aldbury.  The dumping has also included the leaving of significant quantities of litter near parking areas where visitors appear to have had barbeques.

This dumping blights the area and can harm wildlife and farm animals.  Waste may also contain invasive ‘pest’ species, such as Japanese Knot Weed or Spanish Blue Bells which have very negative impact on local flora and fauna.  These also damage the Biological Site of Special Scientific Interest that covers most of the Estate.

The vast majority of visitors to the estate appreciate and value the beautiful countryside they find there, but there is a significant number who clearly feel able to dump waste.  

If you see someone abusing the area in this way, we do ask that you report what you have seen together with the offending vehicle registration on 0845 330 1856  or on line at

Please be advised that action is, and will be taken against offenders.

Operation Arctic

Message sent by
Naveenat  Sahota (Police, Local Comms, Thames Valley)

Thames Valley Police has been working in partnership with Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) to launch Operation Arctic this month which will focus on tackling and raising awareness of winter time burglary.

The operation will run until February 2014 to combat burglaries and target those who commit these crimes during the darker winter months.

As the darker nights are drawing in and the clocks go back on Sunday 27/10, it is important to think about following these simple steps to help to prevent your home from becoming the next target by opportunist criminals:

  • Using timer switches help to give the impression that your home is occupied.
  • Register your valuables on Its free and takes just a few minutes and if your valuables are stolen, will allow you to tell the police, your insurer, and the second-hand trade to assist in recovering your property and catch the thief
  • Ensure that desirable items such as I-pad, I-phones, Laptops, PlayStations and jewellery are keep away from view so as not to attract attention.
  • Invest in some additional locks for windows and back doors to improve security, remember if you have a UPVC door make sure you have double locked it, and turn the key in the door whilst in the house.
  • A burglar alarm is still one of the best deterrents.

Insp James Davies,said: “Aylesbury Vale has seen a seven percent reduction in burglary dwellings, since April 2013. However, as the nights draw in, we need to start to re-visit security measures to keep safe and deter opportunist burglars that intend to use the cover of darkness to commit crime.

“We aim to raise awareness of winter time burglary and we will be working in partnership with Aylesbury Vale District Council to provide local residents with vital crime prevention advice, to help prevent themselves from becoming a victim of crime during the upcoming winter period.

“The neighbourhood teams will be carrying out high visibility patrols in the town and the rural areas. The team will also be carrying out a series of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) operations during the winter period and proactively patrolling burglary hot spot areas to target known offenders.

“If you have any concerns or just want some advice and information, approach your local neighbourhood officers who will be there to assist you.”

Councillor Pam Pearce, Cabinet Member for Community Matters at Aylesbury Vale District Council, said: “Being the victim of burglary is upsetting for those involved, we want homeowners to think carefully about home security and take some personal responsibility, Prevention is the message we want to get across.”

You can also follow us on Twitter @TVP_Aylesbury for crime prevention tips during the operation

If you see anyone acting suspiciously around a property or outbuilding please report this to the police via the 101 number.

If you don’t want to speak directly to the police you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at

No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court.

Make Sure You Are Registered

By now all households should have received an electoral registration form, which needs to be responded to, to ensure that eligible people are registered to vote. Aylesbury Vale District Council is asking residents to respond to this form straight away to help prevent the council having to waste public money reminding them to do so.

Chris Sheard, Electoral Services Manager, said: “Last year, we had to visit 12,839 households, as they had not registered to vote, which cost the council £17,336.75. With the need to make savings and to protect public money we want to stop this waste, but we need residents to help us.”

It’s about more than just voting as the electoral register is also one of the criteria used by credit checking agencies. People not on the register may find it difficult to get a loan, mortgage or mobile phone contract. Other pitfalls include not being eligible to apply for certain jobs, which require security checks or being able to open a bank account. Not being registered could also result in a fine of up to £1,000.

Most people simply need to tell the council that the information about them is still correct. You can do this by visiting a secure website, by text or by calling a Freephone number. Using these methods can help reduce the costs of keeping the electoral register up to date. If any details on the form need to be changed you will have to post the form back in the pre-paid envelope provided.

On the electoral registration form residents can opt to have their details excluded from the edited register. This will mean their details could not be bought by individuals and commercial organisations. Electors using the telephone or internet services can opt in or out. Residents using the form will need to place a tick in the appropriate column to opt out, or leave the column blank.

The next elections taking place are the European elections on 22 May 2014.

You can respond straight away by:
Calling our 24 hour Freephone number 0800 197 6185
Text message to 80212
Or, if you cannot use the above options or wish to make changes, return the form by post.

For more information or help with your form call Electoral Registration on 01296 585807.

County Councillor Avril Davies’s report for October 2013

Nineteen years ago SAVE (Support Aylesbury Vale’s Environment) was launched by Jonathon Porritt and George Monbiot at a big conference in Aylesbury Civic Centre for anyone and everyone interested in supporting their local environment.

I had the idea for SAVE after the 1991 Rio world environment conference urged  ‘think global act local’, and as chairman of environment committee and chairman of the council, I was then in a position to innovate and champion the environment. With the dedicated support of a handful of like minded Aylesbury Vale officers this little vehicle for environmental activists, thinkers and visionaries in the local community has become an ‘environmental innovation hub’.

Five ’round table’ working groups and 2 conferences delivered SAVE week for 6 years including the Green Fair and the Recycled Clothes Show, involving thousands of people. It has supported education projects, community events including theatre and film and Zap Carbon, SAVE Solar, and Superhomes projects enabling residents to improve their homes, install renewable energy systems and reduce bills. SAVE has awarded £40K in grants and presented hundreds of SAVE awards to recognise local initiatives that have resulted in lasting environmental gain. It re-established the Tour de Vale cycle ride in 2005, now a major  fundraiser for the British Wheelchair Sports Association. It set up Furniture Aid, the Aylesbury re-use and recycling centre, and DuckLETS, a cash free trading system. The SAVE code is 10 things you personally can do to contribute to a better Aylesbury Vale, including SAVE on waste, save driving, and save wildlife.

On Oct 3rd I attended a symposium SAVE 20-20 – developing a vision for the next 20 years. There were three speakers at the event. David Lidington MP, Foreign Office Minister for Europe, spoke without notes for 40 minutes on the global economic contributors to climate change, and how without climate security it will be impossible to guarantee future security of food, water and energy supplies. He wholeheartedly encouraged SAVE to press on for the next 20 years. Martin Hodson, environmental scientist, plant biologist from Oxford Brookes University and Haddenham resident, explained in detail and with pictures the whole recent IPPC climate change report and its implications for us locally. Victoria Harvey, South Beds Friends of the Earth told us about some of her campaigns and successful projects, but more importantly the significance of bees to the farmer, supermarket, kitchen table and overall biodiversity,  and what anyone can do to help the survival of bees.

Enthusiastic  questions and discussion meant the event over ran its schedule, and SAVE Is still no nearer deciding its future, but with a success record such as it has, we cannot afford to let it go.

To know more about SAVE and activities in the Vale such as Haddnham in Transition, or Winslow in Transition contact

Creating a Nature Reserve – the story of College Lake

BBOWT College Lake hosted a book launch and signing on 21st September for this amazing book by Graham Atkins, and at the same event re-dedicated the refurbished Castle hide to George Goddard the cement works manager without whom Graham’s vision would never have materialised. By making some of my Community Leaders Fund available to BBOWT for the advance purchase of the book, the book could be published, the story told, and is available at the College Lake Centre.

Three areas where Transport for Bucks  ‘could do better’ –

highway maintenance, speed reduction measures, and grass cutting.

Getting on for twelve months ago I identified with highways engineers where the priority road maintenance should be done. This is in addition to ongoing pothole repairs. Some  maps show the work to have been completed at the Travellers Rest Roundabout and the B488 from Grove to Rowden Farm, but we couldn’t find it! The other schemes are the rest of the B488 to Great Gap, and Ivinghoe Aston to Slapton ( which will continue to be patched and planed with the bad corner to be prioritised).

Following on the speed watch teams activities last year the Local Area Forum (LAF) considered it worthwhile to fund additional measures in Mentmore, Great Gap and Ivinghoe, and Edlesborough. These ‘are in the pipeline’ as they say. The LAF is going to fund the preliminary work needed on the A4146 between the Travellers Rest and the Pebblemoor turning for a 50mph limit as a result of continuous pressure since this was turned down at the last review. LAF funded Vehicle Activated Signs shared by several parishes have been put in place, although if you are travelling within the speed limit they are hard to spot!

Grass cutting. Can’t say much, it could be libellous. Endless requests along long lines of command produced nothing but more long grass this year, with walking routes badly affected. After the May election Cllr Ruth Vigor Hedderley was handed this responsibility at the County Council. She told members of the Environment Select Committee in September that any Parish Council wishing to take over this service, with the existing by-the-metre funding transferred, should contact her. If your council thinks this is a good idea, please contact me or her directly.

Connected Counties update – high speed broadband

The Connected counties newsletter shows that the Ivinghoe/Pitstone/Cheddington areas already have the highest speed broadband service, although it doesn’t feel like that as contention problems at peak usage times are daily occurrences.

On digging deeper in to BT websites  it looks as if by December 31st all the Cheddington exchange Cabinets will have fibre broadband installed, but to different speeds. Eg cabinet 2 downstream UP TO 25.5 Mbps, and cabinet 8 UP TO 57mbps. Upstream speeds much slower of course.

Avril Davies

County Councillor Ivinghoe Division BCC

Bucks County Council launch budget consultation

You can help us tackle what’s important to you
Tell us what you want from your County Council in the future

We are contacting you to request your support to complete a consultation on what the County Council’s priorities should be from April 2014 – March 2015.

As you may be aware, the County Council, like other public organisations has been receiving less funding from government, which has meant we have had to dramatically change the way we operate.

We have already started delivering some of our services in a different way and working more with third party organisations.  This has helped us to save over £85 million over the last four years; however we still need to make further savings.

Please take this opportunity to have your say.  The survey can be completed online on Hard copies of the survey can be made available to residents by contacting our contact centre on 0845 370 8090.

The consultation is open until 18th November 2013.

A summary of the results will be presented on the have your say page of our website (  If you wish to speak to someone about the survey, please call us on 0845 370 8090 or email

Your views are important and will help us make the right choices.

Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse Support Services

Raising awareness of domestic abuse support services

Tackling domestic abuse is one of the main priorities of the Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership. Domestic abuse consists of any threatening behaviour, violence or abuse, whether physical, sexual, financial or emotional, between current or past intimate partners or family members. Domestic violence is a crime – it is unacceptable.

Nationally, two women every week are killed by their current or former partner so the seriousness of these crimes should not be underestimated.  It is not only a problem of men’s violence towards women, domestic abuse also occurs where women are the perpetrators and it can happen in same sex relationships too. One in six men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime.

Please see below a list of support service and information about what they offer:

Aylesbury Women’s Aid 01296 436827- Offers support, information, advocacy and access to safe accommodation in Aylesbury and other areas. Provides a 24 hour emergency service.

National Domestic Violence Helpline 0808 2000 247- Gives support, help and information over the telephone, wherever the caller might be in the country. The helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by fully trained female helpline support workers.

Men’s Advice Line 0808 801 0327- Male victims of domestic abuse can get help and advice.

Anyone in immediate danger should always call the police on 999.

For further information you can visit:

Winter Driving Workshops

Transport for Buckinghamshire is well on the way to preparing for the winter weather and one of the services offered to residents is to gain the knowledge and skills to help them drive safely during the winter months.
Buckinghamshire can be prone to experiencing micro climates, which means an unexpected variation from the surrounding conditions and we can encounter these more during the winter.  For example meeting icy conditions where tree coverage has not allowed the sun to melt the ground or pockets of mist and fog near water.  By reading the clues provided by road signs and our environment we can become more hazard aware and prepare for these diversities.
To help motorists read the environment and adjust their driving accordingly, the Road Safety Team offer residents the opportunity to attend a Winter Driving Workshop.  The workshops are offered in partnership with STS Tyre Pros garages at Aylesbury, Chesham and High Wycombe during November.
Workshops include a presentation by a former Class 1 police response driver on how to handle vehicles on ice and snow and garage technicians show motorists how to conduct basic checks on their vehicles to reduce the likelihood of them becoming one of the 18,000 winter breakdown statistics on Buckinghamshire roads.
The workshops take place on:
Tuesday 19th November 2013 at 511 London Road, High Wycombe HP11 1EP
Thursday 21st November 2013 at Amersham Road, Chesham HP15 1NG
Thursday 28th November 2013 at Park Street, Aylesbury HP20 1DX
The workshops start at 7 pm and last for two hours and cost £10 a place which includes a car safety pack.
To book and pay please email or telephone 0845  2302882 or go online to

Change to mobile library service from 1 November 2013

Bucks County Council has advised that the mobile library service will be moving from fortnightly to monthly with effect from 1 November 2013.   Their evidence shows that most customers visit the mobile library monthly, as items are issued on a four week loan period.

The mobile library stops at the Yardley Avenue Health Centre on a Tuesday from 2.45-3.15pm.

You can find out more information by visiting or email

Police warning over bank card courier scam

Police warning over bank card courier scam

Thames Valley residents are advised to be on their guard to a new type of scam which is becoming prevalent across London and is now spreading to other areas.
The courier fraud scam often targets the elderly and vulnerable and takes the following steps:

  1. The victim receives an unsolicited telephone call from fraudsters saying they are from their bank (or in some cases claiming to be the police), stating that their systems have spotted a fraudulent payment on their card or that their card is due to expire and needs to be replaced.
  2. The person may be asked to ring the bank back using the phone number printed on the back of their bank card. This helps to convince the person that the call is genuine. However, the fraudster has kept the telephone line open so even though the person has called the bank, the call does not go through. Instead they are unknowingly connected straight back to the fraudster.
  3. The fraudster then gains the person’s trust by pretending to be from the bank and seeming to offer assistance. In many cases the person is asked to provide their full bank card details and key in their PIN so that their existing card can be cancelled and their new one activated or authorised. The fraudster will then explain that the bank will need to collect the card.
  4. The fraudster will then attend the person’s address or send an innocent courier company driver to collect the card and sometimes provide them with a replacement card which is subsequently found to be fake.
  5. Therefore, the fraudster has obtained the person’s name, address, full bank details, the card itself and the PIN. The bank cards are then used fraudulently without the victim’s knowledge.

There are a number of variations to the scam, including:

  • Fraudsters pretending to be from the police cold calling members of the public and telling them that their bank account has been compromised by criminals. The fraudster suggests that the person should transfer their bank balance into a ‘safe’ police bank account.
  • Fraudsters pretending to be from the police attending people’s addresses and retrieving the person’s card and PIN.
  • Members of the public receiving letters on bank headed paper informing them that their account has been the subject of a fraud. The letter advises them to transfer their funds to a ‘safe’ account and that an official will be in contact to provide them with a new card and PIN.
  • Fraudsters contacting members of the public requesting them to cut their cards in half because their account has been compromised. They are then asked to post the cut card to an address where fraudsters simply tape the card together again and can use the details to commit fraud.

Between May and August, Thames Valley Police has received 17 reports of fraud of this type, all in the central Milton Keynes area.
Police advice is that if you receive such a call, end it immediately. If you have elderly or vulnerable family members, friends, or neighbours, let them know about the scam.
Please be aware that:

  • Your bank will never attend your home
  • Your bank and/or the police will never collect your bank card
  • Your bank and/or the police will never ask for your PIN

If you receive this type of call, report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, or via their website. In an emergency, dial 999.

Free magazine for the deaf or hard of hearing

My name is Sarah Lawrence and I am Deaf.

Every quarter I write and publish a deaf friendly lifestyle and culture magazine. The Magazine is free and is full of information, advice and deaf friendly
articles that are aimed at people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and
speak British Sign Language.

The magazine can be viewed on-line at

Whilst the magazine itself is free, if you did want printed copies, all I
ask is that people cover the cost of postage and packing, as the costs
of printing itself are prohibitive for a one woman band like mine.

Register your valuables with Immobilise

Immobilise is the UK national property register, which allows members of the public and businesses to register all kinds of property, including bicycles, tools, and gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, so that they can be reunited with them if they are stolen.

Benefits of registration:

  • Immobilise helps police identify the owner of lost & stolen property thousands of times each day.
  • Loss & theft updates you make are immediately available to the Police nationally.
  • Combat the sale of stolen gadgets & valuables; alert the second-hand trade & publicly checkable stolen goods database if an item goes missing.
  • Simplify insurance claims and Police reports with certificates of ownership.
  • Great member offers from Immobilise’s numerous supporters, often helping support provision of Immobilise.
  • These features are unique to the FREE Immobilise service.

Please register your property FREE at

Car crime prevention advice

Often people invite thieves to take an interest in their vehicle by leaving
valuable items in open view. Thieves also know that people leave laptops
and bags in the boots of their cars so it’s not safe to leave anything
valuable in your car.

When tools are stolen from vehicles the majority are not easily traceable as
they are not security marked with the owners’ postcodes and
business names. We strongly advise that tools are visibly and
permanently marked with these details by engraving or etching. Property
marking also acts as a deterrent to thieves who have to cause permanent
damage to remove the marking, making it difficult to sell these items

In addition to ensuring that tools are locked away whenever they are not
being used, we also advise that alarms are fitted to vans and
outbuildings containing tools and that the alarm is set whenever they
are not occupied.

Tips to avoid becoming a victim of car crime:

•Always park in a well lit area
•Lock all your doors and close your windows
•Never leave anything valuable in your car, as it only takes a few seconds for a thief to smash your window
•Do not leave a jacket or coat on display in your car. A thief may think that it’s hiding your laptop or handbag.

If you have any information about car crime, please contact Thames Valley Police via the non emergency number 101.  If you don’t want to speak directly to the police you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers  anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court.

Local events this autumn

Below is a list of activities and events happening this autumn in your local area. Information supplied by Aylesbury Vale District Council.

Simply Walk in Wendover
10am Meet outside the Clock Tower, High Street, HP22 6DX
Walk – occasional stile and gradient, 60 – 90 minutes

First Thursday of every month
11am. Meet at Wendover Woods café in main car park, HP22 SNQ
Parking charges apply
Walk – occasional stile and gradient, 60 – 90 minutes

Theatre in the Villages

Boo & Bang by Cat Weatherill
Marshmallows or sprinkles? Pizza or chips? Sometimes you just want both! This show is a combination of spooky ghost stories and a funny and wondrous whacky science show, so you can laugh, shiver and go WOW all at the same time. Brilliant! Cat is one of Europe’s most famous storytellers and a best-selling children’s author. Catch her while you can! Suitable for 8+ years.
Sat 12 Oct 3pm
St Anne’s Hall, Aylesbury Road, Wendover, HP22 6JG
Tickets £10 Adults £3 Children (Family ticket available)
Mike Spain 01296 622678 or Wendover Tourist Information Centre 01296 696759

The Government Inspector by Flintlock Theatre
Anton Antonovich, a mayor in small-town Russia, is in the midst of a crisis. A government official is on his way to inspect his district where the streets are unkept and Anton has been liberal with the mayoral accounts. The inspector is only too willing to overlook these misdemeanours in exchange for the odd generous bribe. But is he quite who he says he is? Flintlock Theatre presents Gogol’s hilarious satire in a high-energy production featuring four actors swapping characters at break-neck speed and frequent audience participation. Following a sell-out run, The Government Inspector is a captivating night out for all the family. Suitable for 10+ years.
Sun 13 Oct 7pm
Wingrave Community Centre, HP22 4PE
Tickets £10 Adults £5 Children
Sylvia Francis 01296 681566 or Mrs Kelly Targell 01296 688461The Village Shop, Winslow Road, Wingrave.

HeartSong by Cat Weatherill
HeartSong is a show I created specially for churches and old, old buildings. It’s not a religious show but ‘stories and songs to stir the soul and captivate the heart’. The stories are warm, thoughtful and atmospheric. There’s live music too – songs performed with a shruti box and a dulcimer. HeartSong is about feeling connected: as a community, as fellow travellers on life’s journey. It’s the kind of show that will linger in the memory for years to come. Suitable for 12+ years.
Sat 26 Oct 8pm
St Mary’s Church, Church Lane,
Wendover, HP22 6NL
Tickets £12
Mike Spain 01296 622678 or Wendover Tourist Information Centre 01296 696759

Full details of the Theatre in the Villages programme are available on the AVDC website:

 Energise Gold sessions for the over 50s
Gentle aerobics is followed by a choice of table tennis, short tennis or bowls. Energise Gold take place on Thursdays at Cheddington Village Hall, 10.15am to 12.15pm for only £3 a week.

Home Sweet Home
Be part of a unique art project and see your story brought to life in 3D in Aylesbury Town Centre!  During the Paralympic Flame Celebration in 2012, Shared Space and Light transformed the Court House in Market Square in Aylesbury with a spectacular video projection.  Now they’re back!

This autumn, a 3D video installation in Aylesbury’s Market Square will combine locals’ stories with startling transformations and surprising juxtapositions of architectural images.

What’s your story?
Short informal interviews will take place to collect a wide cross-section of stories and opinions from Aylesbury Vale residents about their home and where they live.
Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury HP21 7RT
Thursday 12 September
20 minute slots between 12pm and 8pm
If you are interested in getting involved then please book your slot by contacting Katie Laird at or 07838 393421.


Are you looking for a fun-filled family day out with a difference?
Junior Autumnwatch is an fun event on Saturday 26 October, 11am to 3pm for children, young people and their families to encourage and promote ideas for nature and outdoor activities. The event will take place at Quarrendon and Meadowcroft Community Centre in Aylesbury HP19 9HH. The event runs alongside the BBC programme Autumnwatch due to be aired in September and October.

In today’s society it’s easy for children to fall victim to video games, TV and internet so the event aims to provide the perfect opportunity for children and young people to get closer to and interactive with wildlife. There will be birds from Shuttleworth Birds of Prey, farm animals for the children to play with and live creepy crawlies from The Butterfly World Project. There will also be fun hands-on activities such as willow weaving and arts and crafts.

Also on offer will be a wide range of fun yet educational activities provided by various environmental organisations, local voluntary groups and children’s play providers. Information will be available about local places of interest, local clubs and organisations.

There will be a small entry charge and parents must attend with their children.

Our previous Autumnwatch event in 2010 had over 1000 children and families attend and we’re expecting this year to be even bigger! Come along, have a great time and learn something too.

For more information go to

Don’t put yourself at risk swimming in a quarry

Thames Valley Police is appealing for people to be sensible and stay safe near open water, especially during the summer holidays when warmer weather might make it tempting to take a dip in a lake, quarry, river or canal. Aylesbury Vale has plenty of excellent swimming pools and leisure centres; these provide the cleanest and safest environment for swimming.

We are reminding members of the public to be aware of the following:

  • 60% of all drownings occur in canals, lakes and rivers.
  • You can drown in just a few centimetres of water.
  • If you fall or jump into the water, the cold will shock your body, making your muscles seize up so you can’t move.
  • You could easily cut yourself on rubbish or rocks and you may become ill due to bacteria in the water.

Summer is a fantastic time and we want everyone to enjoy the weather, but more importantly, please take this safety advice seriously. If you want to go swimming please go to a swimming pool or your local leisure centre – don’t put yourself or your friends in danger by swimming in a lake, quarry, pond or canal.
Thank you, PC 6794 Steve Brisley, Neigbourhood Supervisor

Alzheimer’s Society Memorial Walk

Every September people like you join together for the Memory Walk and raise money for people affected by dementia. Some walk to be amongst people who truly understand. All walk with one common goal – to fight dementia. One day for family, friends and fundraising. Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading support service and research charity for people with dementia and those who care for them. The money you raise through the Memory Walk will help them to provide local supported services, so people you know and love can still live their lives well.

Waddesdon Manor Memory Walk – Saturday 21st September 2013 2km or 10km walks Wendover Woods Memory Walk – Sunday 29th September 2013 1km or 3km or 5km walks

To sign up for the Memory Walk and see the full details or to find other memory walks near you, visit or call us on 0845 306 0898.

Top 10 tips for keeping cool during the heatwave

 It is important that we keep cool to stay healthy in heatwave conditions. Danger symptoms to watch out for in such weather include: feeling dizzy or faint, easily becoming short of breath, increasing confusion and/or vomiting. Below are our ‘top ten tips’ to help you keep cool: 

1. Keep your fluid intake up. Cold water is best:- avoid excess alcohol, caffeine and hot drinks. 

2. Keep windows closed when the room is cooler than outside temperatures. At night, when outside temperatures have dropped, open windows where there is no security risk.

3. Close curtains to shut out direct sunlight during the day. Alternatively, fit blinds as these can be closed during the day without blocking out the daylight, but note that metal blinds and dark curtains may absorb heat, and therefore make the room warmer – pale curtains and reflective materials are best.

4. Limit your sun exposure. Avoid being out in the hottest part of the day (11am – 3pm)

5. When you are out, try to stay in the shade as much as possible. Wear a hat and light, loose-fitting clothes, preferably cotton. Remember to take a drink with you.

6. Never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, especially infants, young children or animals.

7. In your home, turn appliances you’re not using off. This will keep your property cooler and also save energy, helping to keep your bills manageable.

8. Make sure your fridge and freezer are working effectively. A fridge or freezer working too hard will expel excess heat. Keep it defrosted and keep the door shut as much as possible.

9. Insulating your loft and cavity walls will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Additionally, increase lagging on pipes and make sure your hot water tank has insulation. It will also save you £’s on your energy bills.

10. Look out for others, especially vulnerable groups such as the elderly, young children, babies and those with serious illnesses.

If you, or someone near you shows any of the symptoms of over-heating, take the following immediate action, as recommended by the Department of Health:

1) Cool down as quickly as possible (following the above tips)

2) Do not take aspirin or paracetamol unless these are prescribed for you, as these drugs could make the problems worse. You should continue to take all other prescribed medicines as normal.

3) Seek further advice from the NHS 111 service or your doctor.

4) Remember that heatstroke can kill, and can develop very suddenly and rapidly lead to unconsciousness. If you suspect someone has heatstroke, call 999 immediately.

Further Information:

Call the Affordable Warmth Helpline for additional tips on keeping cool: 0800 107 0044. This service can also post information out to you, including a thermometer card so you can see if your house is cool enough in summer, and warm enough in winter. 

Check the weather forecast and any high temperature health warnings at 

NHS Choices have a wide-range of advice available online at: Remember that the new non-emergency for the NHS is now ‘111’. This number can be called free of charge from mobiles and landlines, and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Finally, advice is available on protecting your skin during hot weather from the Cancer Research UK ‘SunSmart’ campaign website:

Party in the Park, tomorrow from 1pm

Don’t forget to come along to Party in the Park on Pitstone Recreation Ground from 1pm tomorrow, Saturday 13 July 2013.  Outdoor entertainment concludes at 6pm, indoor entertainment until 11pm.

Free entry.  Live music from outside and inside stages.  Family attractions.  Beer Festival.  Food and drink.

Please try and walk to the venue.  Bring your picnic blankets and stay for the day!

Funds raised go to support Pitstone Memorial Hall and Cure Rett charity.

For further details, visit or visit the Facebook page.

Laughter on the Lawn – still tickets left

Laughter on the Lawn – still tickets left

But do arrive as soon as you can.

We have sold well but there is still space. Park on the Lawn (next to marquee).

It’s nice and dry inside.

Doors open 18:30

Comedians on-stage approx. 20:00

There is a Disco after the comedy has finished

Event finishes at 00:00


There is a bar (Rose & Crown) so, please, no persnal alcohol. It contravenes our licence.


Laughter on the Lawn – timings and tickets

These are the timings for Saturday’s Laughter on the Lawn (Ivinghoe Lawn.)

Doors open 18:30

Comedians on-stage approx. 20:00

There is a Disco after the comedy has finished

Event finishes at 00:00

Please note the marquee is licensed, so, please, no personal alcohol.  Bar will be provided by the Rose & Crown.

Tickets will be available ‘on-the-door’ for £15. It’s worth booking ahead if you can – usualk outlets or see web below.

We’ll try to give an update on numbers – to let you know how many tickets will be available – nearer the time.


BeaconLit literary festival – June 22nd, Ivinghoe lawn

BeaconLit, a small but star-studded literary festival with big ambitions, launches on Ivinghoe Lawn on Satuday 22 June 2013

A small but star-studded literary festival with big ambitions launches on Ivinghoe Lawn on Satuday 22 June 2013


There is still time to buy tickets – or buy them on the day at the door (if marquees have doors!).

The inaugural BeaconLit runs from 12.00-3.30pm.

There will be a crime writing panel, featuring authors S J Bolton, Alison Bruce and Elana Forbes.

That is followed by a romantic fiction panel comprising writers Kate Lace, Carole Matthews and  Sue Moorcroft.

In between the panels there will be a BeaconLit a la Carte interlude offering refreshments, book signings, magic carpet storytelling, a creative writing workshop, bookstalls and information about the local library.

There are many literaryfestivals around the country. The organisers of BeaconLit want to join that annual catalogue, to raise interest in books and writing within the Beacon viallages.

The event is being run in association with Ivinghoe Entertainments, as part of the annual Ivinghoe Summer Festival weekend.

Fencing round fields off Westfield Road, Pitstone

You may have noticed that Taylor Wimpey has erected wooden fencing around the boundary of their land off Westfield Road, by the village ‘gate’ and around the boundary with the industrial units.

The parish council has received a number of enquiries with regard to this fencing and would like to clarify that there was not a public right of way or permissive access across this land, nor is it registered common land.  Therefore, anyone who has been walking across these fields/hills or visiting the pond, has been doing so without the permission of the landowner.

Taylor Wimpey advise that they are deterring trespassers and in particular, protecting their land from quad-bike and motorbike use.

Bucks Owl Raptor Group

Those that attended the recent annual assembly were treated to a wonderful talk by the Bucks Owl Raptor Group and had the opportunity to meet a wonderful barn owl.

If you would like to find out more about all the local owls and raptors, and the work of BORG, or would like to volunteer or offer funding, please visit their web site:

We look forward to welcoming Dave Short again next year, to tell us all about bats.

Laurie Eagling, Clerk to Pitstone Parish Council


Get your power tools property marked for free on 1/6/13

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) from the team will be holding a Property Marking Event at:

Pitstone Memorial Hall, Vicarage Road, Pitstone
On: Saturday 1 June 2013 from 3pm to 6pm

Come along and have up to three power tools marked.  PCSOs will also be able to chat to local residents and discuss any issues you may have in your area.

If you can’t make the event but would like to talk to your local neighbourhood team they can be contacted via the 24 hour Police Enquiry Centre number 101.

Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Armed Forces Day 29-6-13

Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Armed Forces Day will take place in Weston Turville.  Please find below some more information on the day itself and our Veteran of the Year Awards.

Armed Forces Day is a chance for us to show our support for the Armed Forces Community. This year we will be hosting a family fun day on Saturday 29 June 2013 at Aylesbury Rugby Club from 1pm-9pm. There will be entertainment for the whole family to enjoy including live music, a zip wire and climbing wall, stalls, beer tent, fun fair and an air display.

As a thank you, Cadets, Veterans, Serving Personnel, War Widows, Reservists and Forces Families all get free tickets to the event and will need to email to find out how to obtain their tickets.

Non-Military tickets are available at the following venues:
Aylesbury – Tourist Information Centre and the Waterside Theatre
High Wycombe – Tourist Information Centre based in the library
Milton Keynes – Milton Keynes Theatre
(There may be a small administration fee attached to the ticket price by the ticket outlet.)  Alternatively, you can purchase your tickets from

Veteran of the Year Awards

The Veteran of the Year Award is an opportunity to say thank you for an outstanding commitment to voluntary work within the community. If you know of a Veteran who has served as part of the Air Force, Army, Marines or Navy and lives within Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes, fill in our online form: or email us at  to nominate them.

Voting is open from 10 April – 1 June 2013 and the presentation will take place on 29 June at Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Armed Forces Day.

For more information on any of the above please call 01296 382679 or email

Be a better driver – for all of life’s journeys

Be a better driver assessments support motorists throughout their driving career. The aim of the assessment is to help you drive safely, smoothly and economically adjusting to the road and traffic conditions around you and the actions of others.
There are 5 assessment categories:
Young driver, refresher, older/mature driver, driving for work and school run/carshare.
The assessment lasts approximately one hour and will be in your own vehicle.
You and your assessor will complete a short questionnaire prior to the drive to ensure the assessment is tailored to meet your driving needs.
You will be given feedback after the assessment and receive a written report and a certificate of completion by post.
All the assessors are Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructors.
The assessment costs £35 and includes a written report, car safety pack and a copy of the Highway code.
For more information please contact Bucks County Council on 0845 230 2882 or email or visit

Catalytic Converter Thefts in Aylesbury Vale

This is a Neighbourhood Alert from Amanda Oak, Crime Reduction & Prevention Advisor for Aylesbury Vale.

Following a recent spate of catalytic converter thefts from motor vehicles Police are encouraging vehicle owners to take action to protect their vehicles.

The following advice is given;

  • Where possible, park in your garage 
  • Alternatively try to park in a location that restricts access underneath your vehicle 
  • Consider security lighting if not already fitted
  • If your catalytic converter is ‘bolt on,’ you can have the bolts welded shut 
  • Consider the installation of CCTV to protect your vehicle
  • Identify/etch your converter with a unique serial number and advertise that the vehicle has been protected with window stickers
  • Consider the installation of a physical security device to the catalytic converter

Details of approved marking and security companies and products can be found at under vehicle security.

Anyone with any information on this type of crime should contact the Police via the 24-hour Police Enquiry Centre on 101.  If you don’t want to speak directly to the police, you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at  No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court.

Roald Dahl Festival 6/7/2103

Roald Dahl Festival – Magnificent Animal Menagerie
Saturday 6 July 2013
Parade starts at 11am in Aylesbury Town Centre

Celebrate the annual Roald Dahl Festival in Aylesbury Town Centre. This year’s theme is based on the amazing animals that live in Roald Dahl books. This scrumdiddlyumptious day will be brimmed full of exciting hands-on art and craft activities, storytelling, live music and dance that celebrates this internationally renowned author. A fabulous Roald Dahl Parade with giant puppets and artwork made by 22 schools in Aylesbury Vale, alongside samba bands and street entertainers will take place in and around the Market Square and Kingsbury from 11am. A range of free family entertainment will follow in Kingsbury, Buckinghamshire County Museum, Aylesbury Library, St. Mary’s Church and Aylesbury Waterside Theatre.

For more details go to

Charity Bike Ride on 9 June 2013 for WheelPower

WheelPower is based at Stoke Mandeville, the birthplace of the Paralympic movement. WheelPower helps disabled children and adults improve their lives through sport.

Now into its 10th year, the Mix 96 Tour de Vale Bike Ride starts and finishes at Stoke Mandeville Stadium on Sunday 9 June 2013.  Our three routes will take you through beautiful countryside and villages that offer something for everyone: 

– 15 miles is perfect for families
– 35 miles is ideal for the leisure cyclist but beware of the hills!
– 55 miles is the ‘challenge route  

The three routes are fully signed and there are safety marshals and mechanics in case of emergency. There are friendly water stops on each route plus refreshments and changing facilities at the start and finish. 

Entry Fee: Adults £10   Under 16 FREE (must be accompanied by an adult)
Entry Fee on the day £20

 Start times:
55 mile – 9am
35 mile – 10am
15 mile – 10.30am

 To download an entry form or enter online go to  or call WheelPower on 01296 395995

Free Disability Benefit Information Events

The biggest ever change to disability benefits has begun and many disabled people will lose all or some of their current benefits – will you be one of them? Find out at these free events organised by a leading independent Buckinghamshire charity

Sat 18th May 6 pm Marlow Library, Institute Rd
Sun 19th May 11 am Amersham Library, Chiltern Ave
Mon 20th May 11 am Beaconsfield Library, Reynolds Rd
Tue 11th June 11 am High Wycombe Library, 5 Eden Place
Wed 19th June 11 am Hazlemere Library, 312 Amersham Rd
Sat 22nd June 4 pm Winslow Library, Park Road
Sun 23rd June 11 am Aylesbury Library, Walton Street
Mon 24th June 11 am Burnham Library, Windsor Lane
Tue 25th June 11 am Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road
Wed 26th June 2 pm Bourne End Library, Wakeman Rd
Sun 30th June 11 am Chesham Library, Elgiva Lane
Mon 1st July 11 am Buckingham Library , Verney Close
Wed 3rd July 2 pm Princes Risborough Library, Bell St

Booking essential as spaces are limited Or call 01494 568 864 mon-thurs 10-2
Bucks Disability Service (BuDS), The Clare Charity Centre, Wycombe Road, Saunderton, Bucks HP14 4BF.

Child Bereavement UK Open Day 3-7-13

Local charity opens its doors to visitors.

Child Bereavement UK is inviting visitors to attend its Open Day on Wednesday 3 July between 2pm and 7pm at the Clare Charity Centre, Saunderton. The charity has been working in Bucks, and at various locations across the country, for nearly 20 years, supporting families and educating professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement. It made headlines recently when its Royal patron HRH The Duke of Cambridge visited with the Duchess and met bereaved families participating in the charity’s support groups for children, parents and young people.

During the Open Day, you will be able to learn more about the bereavement services provided for families, and the broad range of training courses the charity offers professionals whose work brings them into contact with bereaved families. You will also be able to find out more about volunteering and fundraising, and chat to staff and volunteers, who will be on hand to provide information and advice – as well as offering refreshments.

Child Bereavement UK’s Support and Information line receives 1500 calls per year from families and professionals, and c. 200 bereaved families are supported via its groups and one-to-one sessions with its trained bereavement support workers.

If you are interested in volunteering, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, where projects will be matched to your skills which will be highly valued.

Teresa Griffin, who has volunteered with the charity since 2011 on the Support and Information line, said: “I have completed a course of training to become a bereavement services volunteer for Child Bereavement UK. I remain very conscious of the vulnerability of those families who have the courage to ring the charity and I feel proud and privileged to be associated with such a worthwhile and much-needed organisation.”

Chief Executive of Child Bereavement UK, Ann Chalmers said: “We are very grateful for the on-going support that the people of Bucks have given us over the years. Our Open Day is an informal opportunity for you to come along and find out more. As a charity, we depend on the generosity and support of so many people to ensure that we can continue to help families receive the support they need to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies. Whether you are interested in our services, our courses, volunteering or fundraising – we look forward to welcoming you.”

For more information about the Open Day please contact Sue Randall on 01494 568919 or email

Child Bereavement UK, Clare Charity Centre, Wycombe Road, Saunderton, HP14 4BF

Crime Prevention advice from PCSO Dodson

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Jackie Dodson from the Great Brickhill, Wing and Ivinghoe neighbourhood Policing Team is encouraging local residents to help prevent burglary and theft by following some simple crime prevention tips:-

  • Move bins away from the side of your house / back gate so they can’t be used as a stepping stone and lock garden gates.
  • Make sure you lock your doors with the key once inside the house and when going to bed, making sure your keys are out of sight but available in an emergency.   DO NOT leave keys in doors or anywhere that they could be reached through the letter box or windows etc.  Close curtains when it’s getting dark, and before putting on lights, so your valuables cannot be seen.
  • Lock windows and don’t leave windows open in any part of your house that is unattended – such as front windows whilst you are working in your back garden.  It only takes a minute for opportunist criminals to gain entry and steal easily accessible items.
  • Use timer switches on lights to give the impression that the property is occupied and consider leaving the radio on a chat program when out of the house.
  • Keep valuables locked away out of site and don’t keep cash ‘hidden’ in your house – put it in the bank or building society.
  • Trim or cut any overgrowing bushes or trees from the front of the property – this will make it harder for anyone to break in at the front without being seen.
  •  Consider buying Alarm padlocks (which you can buy for as little as £10) to use on sheds and outbuildings etc.
  • Buy a free standing camera which can detect movement and send a message to your phone or laptop, again these can be purchased for as little as £39, also Fake TV, where a light flickers looking like a TV is on, (good for using upstairs)
  • Let neighbours know you are going away and see if they can park a vehicle on your driveway.   Ask them to push any mail right through your letter box and see if they can put your bin out and bring it back in on collection day.
  • DO NOT talk about the fact you are going away in your local shop or outside school, you don’t know who is listening.
  • Outside security lighting – make sure it is put high up to stop them being tampered with and is in good working order.
  • Lock away all garden tools and ladders to prevent them being used to break into yours or someone else’s premise.  Property mark them with your postcode and house number
  • Be aware of your surroundings – when leaving home check for anything that doesn’t seem right and if you’re unsure ring the 24 hour non- emergency number 101, or if a crime is in progress dial on 999.

Kind Regards
PCSO Jackie Dodson

Message from Avril Davies

Following her win in this week’s County Council elections, Avril would like to pass on the following message:

“Very pleased to get back to representing Ivinghoe Division on Bucks County Council once more. Thank you all so much. Looking forward to the Ivinghoe Festival Ball, BeaconLit literary festival and all the summer events I can now put in the diary.”

Check out the latest bands to sign up for Party in the Park 2013

This year’s Party in the Park is to be held on Pitstone Recreation Ground on Saturday 13th July 2013 from 2pm-11pm. The afternoon sees Bands perform from an outside stage on the Recreation Ground with the evening sessions moving to inside the Memorial hall which is adjacent to the Recreation Ground with a more intimate 200 person capacity. The Recreation Ground will also host an array of Family attractions including Bouncy Castles,Quaser Zone and local Charity and Organisation Stalls and events.

We are pleased that again we have a Beer Festival for our event with over 10 Real Ales and Ciders which will be served from three bars on the site.

No such event would of course be complete without an Ice Cream Van,Candy Floss and great food and we have this well covered with a number of different Food stalls and the traditional Barbecue ( watch out for the Morris Men too ! )

Last year over 2000 people sampled our first event. 2013 Promises to be even bigger and better..

Check out the bands on the dedicated web site:
‘Like’ the Facebook page:
Or follow the event on Twitter:  @pitstoneparty

Help available to help you understand the changes to the benefits system

The recent Welfare Reform Act 2012 made significant changes to welfare benefits. Starting this April and over the next four years, this will involve changes to how the following benefits are delivered:

  • job seekers allowance
  • disability living allowance
  • council tax benefit
  • housing benefit

The introduction of the Benefit Cap will have a significant impact upon the level of benefits some families will receive and will encourage more people back to work.

Nationally the amount of Housing Benefit paid to working age tenants who live in housing association properties, will be reduced where they have more bedrooms that the government consider the family needs. This is called under occupancy.

To help you understand all the changes, Bucks County Council has produced a booklet called “Benefits are Changing” this is available for you to download from:

Top tips to help reduce car crime

Vehicle security– Don’t make it easy for thieves to make a quick getaway. Follow these tips to reduce car crime.

  • Keep car keys out of view of windows and doors. In some cases, vehicles have been stolen by accessing car keys with hooks through the letterbox.
  • Remove your satellite navigation system, as well as the cradle. Also, wipe away  any suction mark left by the device on the windscreen.
  • Lock your car and close all windows
  • Park in a safe well lit place
  • Don’t leave valuables on show
  • If you have a garage, park your vehicle inside it

Top tip: Joint Thames Valley Alert!

 If you live in Buckinghamshire and other surrounding areas, you are invited to sign up the Thames Valley Alert. This enables subscribers to be sent messages of information, crime alerts and witness appeals local to the area in which you live by Thames Valley Police and the District Council. You can opt to have the information sent by phone, email or text.

To join, visit to sign up and be in the know!

Beacon Villages Community Library launches their Supporters Card

Today Beacon Villages Community Library launches the BVCL Supporters Card – a new way to support your library.

For a small annual fee, supporters can help to fund the costs of the library (vital to us as we continue our journey as a self-funded charitable organisation) and receive cardholder benefits.   Cardholders will have the opportunity of:

  •  Priority access to new book stock
  • Early-bird booking for BVCL events
  • Free refreshments at BVCL events

The annual cost of £8 for individuals or £15 for families/households and is available at the library now. If you are a UK income tax payer you can also complete a Gift Aid form, which will allow BVCL to reclaim an extra £2 for individual cards and an extra £3.75 for family cards from the inland revenue at no extra cost to you.

You can purchase the card at the library during our normal opening hours: 2pm-5pm Tues and Thurs, 2pm-7pm Friday and 10am-1pm Saturday.

Next time you pop in you may also like to sample some of our popular new line of fudge (and occasionally coconut ice and peppermint ice), for a suggested donation of just £1 a bag. Get in quick because it sells like hot cakes (or, in fact, cold sweets!)

We hope to see you in the library soon.

Change to garden refuse collection dates in May

As you may know AVDC are unable to collect brown bins on bank holidays. If your brown bin (garden waste) is due for collection on Monday 6 May it will be collected on the following Saturday 11 May.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Scheduled day Revised day
Monday 6 May Saturday 11 May
Monday 27 May Saturday 1 June

You may be interested to know that we collect around 500 tonnes of garden waste every month. By using the brown bin scheme you are contributing to the effort of keeping compostable waste out of landfill and so reduce the amount of methane gas produced. The garden waste we collected is processed locally in to compost, and used by local farmers.

If you would like further information on any aspect of our recycling and waste service please visit our website or phone our waste help line on 01296 585510

Thank you and happy gardening

AVDC Recycling and Waste team

The Beacon Villages Community Library is now open

It’s been an amzing achievement to secure the future of this vital asset, in the existing premises in Ivinghoe, serving the community across Pitstone, Ivinghoe, Cheddington, Marsworth, Slapton, Ivinghoe Aston, and the surrounding area. And especially so, with so many libraries having to close around the country.

The dedicated committee, who have worked so hard to make it happen, should be very proud of themselves.

The library is a charity run by a voluntary committee, and will open at the same times as before – Tuesday 2-5; Thursday 2-5; Friday 2-7 and Saturday 10am – 1pm.

“We are very fond of books,” says the website, “but we are about much more than paper. Our mission is to provide entertainment, education, and local information, but also to offer a friendly pace to meet and talk and support the community.

“So whether you need a book for your homework, want to visit the Which? website for free, or would like to check what night to put your bins out – please pop in a say hello. Our library manager Michelle and our volunteers will be happy to help.”

You’ll find all you need to know about the library and its services on

The library is on Twitter at @BeaconVillages. You can also follow it on Facebook – go to the Home page and give it a “Like”.

And best of all, pop in and use our wonderful new resource.