Exercise of Electors’ Rights and unaudited accounts for year ended 31/3/2022

Any interested person has the right to inspect the council’s accounts.  If you are entitled and registered to vote in the local council elections then you have the right to ask the appointed auditor questions about the council’s accounts.

Please find below the Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance and Accountability Return for the year ended 31/3/2022 plus the associated guidance notes which fully explain your rights.  Please also find below the associated Annual Governance Statement, Annual Accounting Statement and Internal Audit report.

Our more descriptive Annual Report and Accounts for 2021/2022 which provides you with a better idea of the projects undertaken and funding received, will be added shortly, as well as being published in Pitstone Parish Post and hand delivered to all homes & businesses in the parish.

Please note that the accounts are currently ‘unaudited’.  Parish Council’s go through three layers of audit each year.  The first layer is undertaken by members of the parish council and its staff.  The second layer is an ‘internal audit’ undertaken by independent experts appointed by the parish council – in our case this is IAC Ltd.  Finally, the accounts and supporting documents are submitted to an external auditor appointed to the parish council, – in our case this is PKF Littlejohn LLP.  As the income & expenditure for the council exceeded £200k this year due to capital works, the council is automatically subject to an ‘intermediate review’ for the year ending 31 March 2022.  Only following the third layer of audit, are the accounts declared ‘audited’.

Therefore, the clerk/RFO (Mrs Laurie Eagling), hereby declares that the accounting statements are unaudited and that the accounting statements, as published, may be subject to change.

A further post will follow upon conclusion of the external audit.  Please see the separate posts for full details of the council’s various levels of audit and additional supporting financial information.