Land owned or managed by Pitstone Parish Council

Please find attached a map, showing the areas of land within the parish that the Parish Council has an interest in.  You will also find attached a spreadsheet giving full details of these areas of land, in Excel, CSV and PDF formats for your convenience.  In brief:

Owned land

  • Areas 1, 2 and 3 show leisure facilities now owned by the Parish Council following a Section 106 transfer from Taylor Wimpey as part of the Castlemead development.
  • Area 9 shows an area of car park at the rear of the Memorial Hall, purchased by the Parish Council to provide extra parking for the hall (open access, freely available to all, no charge, approximately 35 additional spaces).  This space will soon be redeveloped into a multi-use games area by Nicholas King Homes, who will also provide alternative car parking in their adjacent site.
  • Area 5 is the open space between Marsworth Road and The Crescent, designated as Local Green Space.  The parish council purchased this land from Bucks County Council in May 2018.
  • Area 7 – previously ‘Allotments for the Labour Poor’ Charity, renamed ‘Pitstone Parish Charity’ when part of the land was earmarked for inclusion within the Castlemead development and the new allotment site was created.  The Parish Counci purchased this parcel of land from the Charity in 2019.

Leased Land

  • Area 4 is the current allotment site, leased by the Parish Council from National Trust

Charity Land

  • Area 6 – The registered Village Green is also a registered Charity called the Pitstone Recreation Ground Charity.  The Parish Council is the sole trustee.
  • Area 8 – Pitstone Memorial Hall Charity.  A separate charity in its own right with its own management committee.  The Parish Council acts as Custodian Trustee.

For clarity, the Parish Council does not own any:

  • service or office properties
  • properties occupied or run under Private Finance Initiative contracts
  • social housing
  • garages
  • any properties, other than the pavilion on site 3
  • undeveloped land
  • future commitments under lease etc
  • controlled parking
  • highways, canals, railways etc