Waste Contracts

The parish council is required to publish details of any waste collection contracts.

As a parish we obtain preferential rates by combining our dog waste bin emptying with the contract held by Buckinghamshire Council & numerous other parishes due to the powers of bulk buying.  Quoted prices are re-compared to the market before renewal.

The charge for 2020-21 will be £1,963.16 + VAT, relating to the council’s 17 dog waste bins on twice weekly emptying during the summer and weekly emptying during the winter.  This is reported within the Litter & Dog Fouling cost centre.  We have requested an increase to twice weekly emptying throughout the year, and Buckinghamshire Council will respond to us in due course.

The Parish Council employs litter pickers to empty our litter bins and they dispose of the waste within the wheelie bins at Pitstone Memorial Hall.  The Memorial Hall Charity charge the parish council £155 per quarter to make use of this facility, as a contribution towards their own waste collection contract with Buckinghamshire Council.


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