What Information is Available?

The parish council’s affairs are all open and transparent.   We publish a wide variety of information that we think you may be interested in, including our financial affairs, our policies, our meeting dates and minutes etc.

Please find attached a useful guide to the information available to you, a copy of the model publication scheme and code of practice.

Please speak to the parish clerk regarding any request you wish to lodge for information.   Some information will not be available, such as that prevented by law or exempt under the Freedom of Information Act, or that is otherwise considered to be protected from disclosure.  Some information may simply no longer be easily accessible.   However, all requests will be considered and fulfilled wherever possible.  A register is maintained of all information provided as a result of such a request, and your details will be entered onto this register for future reference.   Some information may only be available to view (in which case an appointment will be made for you to see the information at a mutually convenient time), other information may only be available in hard copy form.   Within the Guide to Information Available, published on this web site, you will find details of the latest Schedule of Charges.