Are you a carer or young carer?

Carer Awareness


As the amount of people who care for others increases, we want to make sure advice and support is easily available. The value and critical support carers add to their communities is unparalleled, so the more we can do to help the better.


There are many kinds of carers: from young children, to the elderly, to working people – and each particular group has specific needs. Our plan is to engage with as many as possible this autumn and agree what their priorities are. Then we can act on it to improve our offer.

 It’s important to encourage carers to tell their GP’s about their caring role. They can get extra time in appointments if needed and GP’s will be able to signpost them appropriately.

Similarly, younger carers should speak with teachers at their schools and colleges. This allows the school to help provide extra help and support.

 Message from Bucks County Council