Hoping to go to Uni or College but struggling to meet the cost?

MILLENNIUM EDUCATION FOUNDATION  Registered Charity No. 1077157   Are you hoping to go to University or College in 2021, but are concerned that financial resources might not match up to the requirements? Are you under the age of 22? Have you lived in Aldbury, Long Marston, Marsworth, Pitstone, Puttenham, Tring, Wigginton or Wilstone for at least three years?   To see if you would be eligible for a grant, apply to Tring Charities’ Millennium Education Foundation for information and an application form. Website details: www.tringcharities.co.uk/education Telephone: Elaine Winter, Secretary to the Trustees 01442 827913 Email: info@tringcharities.co.uk Please note that the closing date is 15 November 2020 to lodge a completed application for grants payable from Autumn 2021.