Policies about the workings of the council

All councillors are obliged to act within a Code of Conduct based on the principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honest and leadership.   A copy can be found attached:

pdf – Code of Conduct May 2020 signed

word – Code of Conduct May 2020

rtf – Code of Conduct May 2020

The activities of the council are also governed by a set of Standing Orders, a copy of which can be found attached:

pdf – standing orders May 2020 signed

word – Standing Orders May 2020

rtf – Standing Orders May 2020

The council operates five committees and a number of working parties:

  • The Planning Committee (meeting dates determined by applications received from AVDC and their required reporting deadlines)
  • The Sports and Leisure Committee (meet most months)
  • The Staffing Committee (ad hoc)
  • The Pitstone Parish Charity Committee

Terms of reference for our committees, and details of the current working parties, are included in the minutes of each annual meeting (each May).

Within this web site you will also find our various other policies relating to street lighting, play, grants, financial regulations, health and safety and employment.

The parish council tries to engage with all residents in a variety of methods to ensure that everyone has access to information in a format that is suitable for their needs.  We recognise that some parishoners prefer to speak to us in person, some prefer to read publications delivered to their door and some prefer technology based communication.   The parish council therefore acts within the parameters defined in the community engagement, and social media/communications policies below:

Community Engagement:

pdf – Community Engagement Strategy 2020

word – Community Engagement Strategy 2020

rtf – Community Engagement Strategy 2020

Social Media/Communications Policy (available on the following page: https://pitstone.co.uk/ppcinfo/gdpr-policies-how-we-look-after-your-data/)

The council tries hard on your behalf, but should you have a complaint about any of the services we provide, we welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.   Please refer to the Code of Practice for Handling Complaints below.

You will also find below our policy on the reporting of meetings of the council for your information.

pdf – Policy of the Reporting of Meetings of the Council 2020

rtf – Policy of the Reporting of Meetings of the Council 2020

word – Policy of the Reporting of Meetings of the Council 2020