Staffing Organisation Chart

Your parish council is made up of 11 elected councillors.  Each works in a voluntary capacity and receives no remuneration for all of the hours they invest in their work for the community.

The council is legally obliged to appoint a clerk/responsible financial officer to carry out the affairs of the corporate body.   This clerk, Mrs Laurie Eagling, is employed on a part time basis.  Council also employs a part time parish assistant, Stephen Davies, to co-ordinate the Community Car Scheme and maintain our noticeboards as well as providing some other support to council initiatives, and a part time Facilities Manager for the Pavilion site, Dave Burton.

The council has also appointed 2 part time litter pickers to keep our community clean and tidy and 2 part time playground/asset inspectors to make sure that our playgrounds are safe and operating correctly.

None of these members of staff have a salary anywhere near the individual reporting threshold of £50k per annum.

The data is provided in Word, pdf and rtf files for your convenience.

Please note that the parish council does not devote any time to trade union activities.