Street Lighting

The parish council owns the majority of the street lamps in the traditional part of Pitstone, with the exception of those along the Marsworth Road (which are owned and managed by Bucks County Council) and those within the Castlemead estate.

For the lights that we maintain, we employ the services of a street light contractor (Lamps & Tubes Illuminations Ltd) to rectify any faults that arise.   Volunteers patrols the streets once a month during the evenings to identify any lights not illuminating and once a month during the day to identify any lamps that don’t turn off.   However, we can’t visit every street every day, so your eyes and ears are valuable resources to us and we would be grateful if you could report any faults you see to the parish clerk.  It is more cost effective to get the contractor to repair a whole batch of lights, rather than just one, so there may be a delay whilst other faults are identified or whilst a whole village patrol is conducted to identify any other lamps that need attention.

The street lights within Castlemead remain the responsibility of Taylor Wimpey.   However, you are welcome to report any faults to the parish clerk and we can pass the information to them.

Faults to the lighting along Marsworth Road or on the roundabout should be reported to Transport for Bucks, part of Bucks County Council.

From time-to-time we receive requests from residents for additional columns or for columns to be removed.   Such enquiries will be fully investigated and discussed with all neighbouring properties as well, and the costs/benefits assessed by a full council meeting.

The parish council intends to move towards more energy efficient LED lighting as and when our existing lamps require replacement or upgrade, as part of our annual conversion program, or when new columns are installed.   These lamps are more economical and provide additional environmental benefits with no loss of luminosity efficiency for residents.

Please find attached our Street Lighting Policy for more detailed information.

5 thoughts on “Street Lighting”

  1. There are a couple of street lights in Old Farm that are not working. Could these be fixed please? Many thanks,.

    1. Our volunteer is carrying out another village survey this week and the details will be submitted to the contractor for resolution. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Good evening Pitstone. A streetlight In Church Road (LU7 9HA) has been out for about 6 weeks, between house numbers 5 and 7. Be great if the bulb was replaced. Thanks 🙂

  3. Most of the street lights in Durham Road on the Castlemead Estate have not been working for some time, particularly at the lower end. I believe the street lighting on Castlemead is still under the jurisdiction of Taylor Wimpy, but are you able to complain to them on our behalf please to get these lights repaired? Also one of the street lights at the junction of Westfield Road and Durham Road has not worked since we moved here more than 5 years ago! I would appreciate any assistance you can offer.

    1. Good morning, we are continually reporting street light issues to Taylor Wimpey and they are aware that some have never been operational as the power has never been connected by UK Power Networks. We have reported these again for you, and requested they undertake a full night survey of the estate. We have been trying to work with the County Council to push for all the remedial and adoption works around the estate to be undertaken. If you wish to contact them direct, you can reach Adam on Regards, Laurie Eagling, Clerk to the Parish Council.