Be the type of neighbour that you’d like next door to you

Some of the most common complaints raised with the parish council, or at the annual assemblies, relate to anti-social behaviour committed by other people such as:

  • dog fouling left on footpaths and in open spaces despite dog bins being provided,
  • inconsiderate parking that puts other road users or pedestrians at risk,
  • speeding, which we’re told are often local vehicles, so perhaps you drive carefully along your own road but then speed up along the through roads,
  • anti-social/dangerous driving such as spinning donuts at the industrial estate or overtaking whilst there are oncoming vehicles along Westfield Road,
  • littering despite rubbish bins being provided.

We live in a wonderful rural village, surrounded by beautiful countryside, which we should all appreciate and value.  Please spare a moment to consider the impact of your actions on other residents and be the type of neighbour that you would like your neighbours to be.


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