Can you help us review dog bin provision around Windsor Road?

The dog bin located at the top end of Windsor Road, near the cycle path, and before the junction with Westfield Road is regularly over utilised.  There are already additional dog bins located by the Hever Close playground, by the entrance to the Local Wildlife Site and by the Windsor Road playground.

We are trying to establish if there is a need for additional bins in this area and/or if there is a more appropriate location for this bin.  To do this, we need to hear from dog walkers in the area so that we can understand:

  • which route you take (do you walk up Windsor Road itself, do you come along the cycle/footpath up the centre of the estate, or do you walk up Westfield Road itself?)
  • why this bin is particularly over-used
  • if you think there may be a need for a bin in another location
  • if there is a more appropriate location for this bin
  • etc

All our dog bins are emptied weekly during the winter and twice a week during the summer via a service contract with AVDC.  The bins are the maximum size permitted.  Bins must be located within 25m of the highway so that the collection truck can gain access.

Please email any information to

Thank you.