Could you drive a neighbour in need to their medical appointment?

In Pitstone, we have a number of residents that are unable to drive, don’t benefit from local relatives, and find it very difficult to access their medical and hospital appointments by the limited public transport services in the village.

Pitstone operates a Community Car scheme, where our residents can phone and see if there is a volunteer available to take them to their appointment.  We desperately need more drivers to keep the scheme operating.  It provides a much appreciated service and helps to reduce both stress and costs for residents during often worrying times of medical need.  The resident pays the driver a set fee for the destination they need, to cover the cost of petrol/parking.

Drivers only accept the journeys that they are able to accommodate/fits with their diary – so if you only want to accept journeys to Tring or Pitstone surgeries/clinics that is absolutely fine & if you are happy to drive someone out to Stoke or Oxford hospitals, that is also much appreciated.  There is no minimum or maximum commitment required.  Please don’t feel that the time you may be able to contribute may be too small, every assistance is very valuable to the scheme.

Could you become one of our volunteer drivers, using your own vehicle?  Training and support will be provided.  Expenses paid.

Please get in touch with the parish clerk on or
01296 767261 or at 9 Warwick Road, Pitstone, LU7 9FE


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