Please help us stop the tree bark stripping on Pitstone Recreation Ground

Pitstone Parish Council needs your help. 

A large number of trees on Pitstone Recreation Ground have been wilfully vandalised over the last two weeks, having their bark stripped to such an extent that it is likely to cause lasting damage or death to several trees, and others will probably require additional expensive tree surgery in the months to come.

The recreation ground is a village green and damaging it, or anything on it, is a criminal offence and the matter has been reported to Thames Valley Police.

A tree needs the inner Xylem to transport water from the roots to the canopy, and the Phloem to transport nutrients from photosynthesis back to the roots.  Once the outer bark is removed and the phloem damaged, the roots can’t be nourished and they die, causing corresponding death to the canopy above that had been fed by those roots.

If you know who has been causing this damage, please get them to stop immediately, or report them to Thames Valley Police on Tel: 101.

Please be vigilant if you are on the recreation ground and if you do witness anyone damaging the trees, please report them to Thames Valley Police on
Tel: 101.     Thank you.

Full details and photographs of some of the damage can be seen on the link below:

tree damage poster august 2017



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