Join the Station Lift Share Scheme for Tring Station as there will soon be a temporary reduction in parking provision

Thank you to everyone who completed the West Midlands Trains survey at Tring Station about usage of the station and how you access the service.  WMT were impressed with the level of response they received and are using the information obtained to help formulate effective longer-term strategies for the station.

There will be a short-term reduction in parking at the station due to engineering works.  West Midlands Trains are therefore introducing a Lift Share Scheme for the site, to help reduce the number of single occupant vehicles requiring parking.  Lift Sharing should be a viable option as there are lots of commuters travelling independently, lots of departures are clustered around a few key train times, and our village is relatively compact so picking up another passenger on-route to the station doesn’t take very long.

Please see the leaflet for full details:

A5 Flyer – Tring

You can register as a driver or passenger, select the station you use, and W M Trains find a match for people heading in the same direction at similar times of the day or week.

You can also visit for more information, or email or call 07970447880.

Hopefully you will all save money on petrol & parking, make new friends, and enjoy the experience so much that you’ll continue to car share once the parking provision is re-introduced!

Users must be over 18 years.


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