Play space, skate park & multi-use ball court delayed .. but not forgotten

The youth of the village have not been forgotten and the Parish Council is still working with AVDC towards the installation of a new play space, skate park and multi-use ball court by the Recreation Ground.   These projects have all been delayed due to complications arising from the Pitstone Development Area (PDA) proposals.    We are hoping that the development will enable the ball court as this was defined in the 2005 adopted policy by AVDC, and that following the grant of planning permission for the PDA that the Parish Council may be able to secure the necessary land sale to enable the play space and skate park.   Unfortunately, the timing of these leisure facilities is dependent upon the progress of the proposals for the PDA, so it out of the control of the Parish Council.  We have been declined permission to install the leisure facilities at present.  The combined cost of the leisure enhancements will be approximately £300,000.

We will continue to strive for the realization of these aspirations and will keep the community updated.  The proposals have been included as part of our Neighbourhood Development Plan.  The funds are secured and ring-fenced at AVDC and within the parish council.


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