Please try to park considerately

Inconsiderate parking is another area that seems to cause a multitude of problems around the village, especially where the roads are narrow, where parking causes visibility problems at junctions, when vehicles park on the pavement so pedestrians are forced into the highway, and when people park on top of ‘keep clear’ signs.

Here is some useful information provided to us by Thame Valley Police and Bucks Fire.

According to the Highway Code, you must not park:

  • On a pedestrian crossing, including the area marked by the zig-zag lines
  • In marked taxi bays
  • In a cycle lane
  • On red lines
  • In spaces reserved for Blue Badge holders, residents or motorbikes (unless entitled to do so)
  • Near a school entrance, including the area marked by the zig-zag lines
  • Anywhere that would prevent access for Emergency Services at or near a bus stop
  • Opposite or within 10 meters of a junction
  • Over a dropped kerb
  • In front of the entrance to a property

Answers to the top parking related questions:

* You don’t have the right to the parking space outside your house. So long as they don’t break the law or contravene parking regulations or restrictions, anyone can park there.

* You can’t force your neighbour to utilise their garage or driveway should they choose to park on the road instead.

* There is no restriction on how long a vehicle may park there, so long as it is taxed, insured and has an MOT. The only exception being if the police believe it to be abandoned.

* Driving on a pavement has been banned since the Highways Act of 1835. Parking on the pavement in London is banned in the Highway Code. If you do park partially on the pavement you must leave enough clearance for a double buggy to safely use the path, otherwise you will be committing other offences.

* The law only deals with obstruction to the highway, not your driveway. If someone has parked in such a way that your driveway is being blocked the police might be able to give you advice, but probably wouldn’t be able to take any action other than asking them to move it.

* If someone parks on your actual driveway without your permission, this is trespassing. Trespass is a civil, rather than criminal, offence. This means that the police are powerless to take action.

Access for Emergency Vehicles and Refuse Lorries

Firefighters are urging people to think about access for emergency service vehicles when parking in the street. Inconsiderate parking causes them to lose valuable time, and this could be vital if they are responding to an emergency incident. A fire engine needs 10ft (3 metres) clearance to pass safely and it doesn’t need to be a whole row of cars to cause a delay, it only takes two cars almost opposite each other, to cause an obstruction. Bucks Fire urge residents to think about their parking as they could be putting the lives of their families, friends and neighbours at risk.

…so please be considerate when using and parking your vehicle.


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