Skate park and play area on Pitstone Recreation Ground

The Parish Council undertook extensive community consultation on designs for a new play area at the Recreation Ground in 2013, and appointed HUCK play to install this for the community.  When delivered this will be an exciting and stimulating new play area delivered with s106 leisure monies.  We had hoped that installation of this would be commencing shortly and this project would have been delivered during 2014.  In addition, in 2013 The Parish Council commissioned Aylesbury Vale District Council to undertake on our behalf a public procurement exercise for a new Skate Park on the same site, following significant work done with the user group during 2012, and similarly we had hoped this would have progressed further, if not delivered, by now.

The delivery of these projects has been delayed.  Unfortunately, due to restrictions placed on the landowners of the identified site by the Charity Commission (the land is currently owned by Pitstone Parish Charity), there is now an unforeseen delay to the delivery of these projects.  The Parish Council continues to work hard to bring these legal and financial matters to a conclusion.

The Parish Council has invested significant time and resources in getting to this point, and is as frustrated as residents are about this hold up.  We are working hard to find a resolution on this with the landowner under the guidance of our Land Agent, in order to find a way forward.  We will keep you updated via PPP, on our website and other communication channels during 2014.



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