What butterflies will you spot in the Local Wildlife Site?

Did you know that the field off Westfield Road is a designated Local Wildlife Site? The designation includes all the woodland behind the fields (across to Church Road), and stretches up to the Upper Icknield Way.

A Local Wildlife Site is an area of land that is especially important for wildlife, and form some of England’s most valuable wildlife areas. Click here for a short guide to Local Wildlife Sites: https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/sites/default/files/2018-05/LocalWildlifeSites%20_ShortGuide.pdf

The site off Westfield Road is a particularly important site for the small blue butterfly, as well as several species of orchid and other important plant life.

small blue butterfly

We are currently working with the Bucks & Milton Keynes Environmental Records Office, and local volunteers, to produce some information panels for display at the site.

In the meantime, do let us know what treasures you spot.