CAA Draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy Consultation (open til 10/9/18)


What are we asking?

The purpose of this stakeholder engagement exercise is for the CAA to understand your views on our new draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy which will replace our 2011 Future Airspace Strategy (FAS).

This comprises a draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy document and six questions (See ‘Related’ documents below). A transcript of this summary and the questions is also provided for reference.

Why is airspace modernisation needed?

Airspace is a crucial part of the UK’s infrastructure. It must be maintained and enhanced to provide more choice and value for consumers, through the capacity for airlines to add new flights, reduced flight delays and enhanced global connections that can help boost the UK economy, while continuing to improve safety standards.

In addition to accommodating increasing commercial flights, Military requirements and an active GA sector, the UK’s skies are hosting different types of airborne vehicles such as drones. UK airspace will also need to accommodate commercial spaceflight in the future, and other new technologies are constantly emerging.

What is the objective for modernising airspace?

Working together, the Government and the CAA have developed a shared objective for modernising airspace. This objective states that modernising airspace means changing and developing its structural design, and the operational concepts and technology that are used to fly and manage air traffic.

It states that we want to ensure that airspace capacity is not a constraint on the growth of commercial aviation, with the constraint to growth instead becoming the number of runways or restrictions imposed on the use of those runways by government or planning authorities as a condition of that growth.

Our approach in undertaking this programme is to be transparent, inclusive, and to take into account the needs and views of all airspace users and affected parties, including airports, airlines, communities and General Aviation representatives.

Why have we written a new Airspace Modernisation Strategy?

The Government has tasked the CAA with preparing and maintaining a co-ordinated strategy and plan for the use of UK airspace for air navigation up to 2040, including for the modernisation of the use of such airspace.

The Airspace Modernisation Strategy responds to that requirement. It supersedes and replaces the Future Airspace Strategy (FAS), although many key elements of FAS remain relevant and are included in this new strategy. The new Airspace Modernisation Strategy also needs to take into account:

  • a new runway at Heathrow: outlined in the current National Policy Statement
  • the need to coordinate multiple different airspace changes
  • potential changes arising from government policy reviews, such as more explicit policy on how noise must be considered
  • drones
  • spaceplanes.

The CAA must consult the Secretary of State about the preparation and maintenance of this Airspace Modernisation Strategy and the detail to be included in the delivery plan, and must give a delivery report to the Secretary of State annually.

Our draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy

This draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy forms part of the Government’s new arrangements to take forward the delivery of the airspace modernisation programme. The strategy sets out the ends, ways and means of modernising airspace.

Chapter 1 introduces the need for airspace modernisation and describes its objective, and the approach taken in this strategy.

Chapter 2 sets out the role of the Department for Transport, the CAA, NATS and other relevant stakeholders.

Chapter 3 sets out the ends, or outcomes, that modernised airspace must deliver, all of which are derived from UK and international policies and laws.

In Chapter 4, 14 initiatives are identified as the primary ways of modernising airspace, including new airspace designs, operational procedures and enabling technologies.

Chapter 5 identifies that there are a number of current foreseeable ‘unknowns’ that could change and reshape the context for this strategy.

The means of delivering airspace modernisation – such as the resources needed to bring in changes – must rest with the industry organisations that will use airspace. The need for these plans is addressed in Chapter 6.

In Chapter 7 we set out our assessment of progress towards completion of each major initiative and the supporting designs, operational procedures and technology enablers.

Your views are invited

The CAA is publishing this draft for public engagement so that any interested stakeholders can offer feedback on the document – including its approach and the initiatives it sets out as the primary ways to deliver modernisation – before it is finalised and delivered to the Secretary of State in December 2018. In future years the strategy may be revised, but the CAA will not always publish a full draft document for engagement.

We are asking you to respond to six questions and provide comments before 10 September 2018. We cannot commit to taking into account comments received after this date.

The questions include some multiple-choice answers and the opportunity to submit your comments by completing text boxes. Please note that if you prefer not to give a multiple-choice answer, the questionnaire will still allow you to complete the text box. We understand that some stakeholders may prefer not to be constrained by the questions alone. We have therefore also included a text box for general observations not covered by the questions.

If you would like to discuss anything about how to respond, please email: or telephone: 0207 453 6278.

We will assume that all responses can be published on our website. When you complete the online form there will be an option for you:

•     to hide your identity including personal details (which will anonymise your response completely), or

•     to refuse publication altogether; in the interests of transparency, we hope people will not refuse publication.

What happens next?

Your comments will help us to set out a comprehensible and engaging strategy for developing and delivering our shared airspace modernisation objective, and enable the CAA to report on it to the Secretary of State.

This stakeholder engagement exercise will be open until 10 September 2018. We will then review the responses received, and will take on board feedback where it is considered appropriate.

The finalised Airspace Modernisation Strategy will be published at the end of the year alongside an annual delivery report for the Secretary of State. At this time we will also update this site with a summary of what we asked, what you said and what we did in response, and will also publish responses where we have consent to do so.

New Number 61 Bus Timetable from Red Eagle effective 1/8/18

Bucks County Council have now updated their website to show the new timetable for the Number 61 bus.   As you know, Arriva served notice to BCC that they were terminating this route at the end of July and BCC have negotiated with Red Eagle to take over this route.

(This bus service is commercially operated and not funded by BCC)

You can see the new timetable by clicking here:

Red Eagling 61_61a timetable 1 August 2018

Or visiting the BCC website via this link:

AVDCs community crowdfunding site ‘Our Vale’ has launched

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) has officially launched Our Vale, a new crowdfunding platform for community projects.

This is a new way for people living in the Vale to raise funds for local projects that aim to help shape the Vale’s shared spaces and deliver community projects. Community groups, grant funders, councillors and council officers attended an event on Monday 9 July to celebrate the launch of the programme – which already has a potential pledge pot of £300,000 available to projects crowdfunding through Our Vale.

The crowdfunding model is simple; if residents want to enhance their street or neighbourhood, improve local play areas or simply bring people together, Our Vale will become the best way to raise the money to make this happen. It’s about raising small amounts of money from large amounts of people and organisations to fund projects or innovations. Through Our Vale, residents will have the opportunity to ask friends, family and neighbours to back a local project by pledging money to support it. AVDC has put its weight behind this exciting new scheme and will support projects that have the backing of the local community.

The audience at the launch event heard from local organisations who have already submitted a proposal on the Our Vale platform, one of which will feature on the Our Vale website in a few days.

Christopher Williams, Conservation and Education Director Bucks, Berks and Oxon Wildlife Trust said: “We’re looking to raise £7,500 to create a fabulous new wildlife garden. The whole school, nearly 1,000 school children, will benefit from this Wild Trax makeover project based at Mandeville School. Students taking part will be able to learn about wildlife gardening and creating habitats as they carry out the work. Importantly, they will take on real ownership of the project which will encourage them to look after the garden into the future.”

Councillor Julie Ward, Cabinet Member for Civic Amenities (Customer Fulfilment) said: “This is an exciting initiative for everyone in Aylesbury Vale and we’re looking forward to helping people create special, unusual and interesting projects across the district.

“Crowdfunding is a new way for local people to give their support to local projects that are close to their hearts and a great way to reward residents for getting involved. It’s already proved itself popular with raising funds for the Bowie Earthly Messenger statue that is now drawing attention in the centre of Aylesbury town.

“Many people have great ideas to make places better in the Vale but don’t always know how to find the funding or access the help they need to move their project on. Our Vale will help empower local people to add value to the wider community, improving the quality of life for all.”

The new Our Vale website can be found at:

Appeal for information after a burglary – Ivinghoe

Don’t put yourself at risk swimming in a quarry or lake

Repeat of a previous message from Thames Valley Police.   Please also be aware that the quarry at the end of Westfield Road is within private ownership and is not open to the public.  Anyone accessing the quarry lake (which is not suitable for swimming) without the express permission of the landowner is committing trespass.

Thames Valley Police is appealing for people to be sensible and stay safe near open water, especially during the summer holidays when warmer weather might make it tempting to take a dip in a lake, quarry, river or canal. Aylesbury Vale has plenty of excellent swimming pools and leisure centres; these provide the cleanest and safest environment for swimming.

We are reminding members of the public to be aware of the following:

  • 60% of all drownings occur in canals, lakes and rivers.
  • You can drown in just a few centimetres of water.
  • If you fall or jump into the water, the cold will shock your body, making your muscles seize up so you can’t move.
  • You could easily cut yourself on rubbish or rocks and you may become ill due to bacteria in the water.

Summer is a fantastic time and we want everyone to enjoy the weather, but more importantly, please take this safety advice seriously. If you want to go swimming please go to a swimming pool or your local leisure centre – don’t put yourself or your friends in danger by swimming in a lake, quarry, pond or canal.

Thank you.

A418 Aylesbury Road emergency road closure 5-7/7/18

Please note that a section of the A418 has had to be closed for emergency gas repairs to a gas leak from Wingrave Crossroads to Burcott Lane.

The following diversion is in place.  Traffic commuting between Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard also being affected and long delays at times.

Aylesbury Road, Leighton Road, Wing Road, Leighton Buzzard Bypass, Billington Road, Church End, Tring Road,
Dunstable Road, Church Road, High Street, Marsworth Road, Lower Icknield Way, Aston Clinton Bypass, Aston
Clinton Road, Broughton Lane, Stocklake, Douglas Road, Bierton Road.

Brownlow Bridge due to re-open 6/7/18

We understand that the works are due to be completed and the bridge re-opened at some point during 6/7/18.

Planned remedial works to the traffic lights at the bridge will continue as planned later in the month (24/7/18 onwards).

Red Eagle take over operation of the Route 61 bus from 30/7/18

Arriva Bus Changes

From 30th July 2018 route 61 will be operated by Red Eagle instead of Arriva. Red Eagle are based in Aylesbury and a sister company of Redline Buses who run Service 164 to Cheddington.


Service 61 is not contracted by Bucks County Council and runs on a commercial basis which means that the operator chooses the route and timetable and must cover their costs from fares revenue taken. To change or withdraw a bus service an operator needs only to give notice to the Traffic Commissioner, copied to Local Authorities who have no powers to delay or veto this. Arriva have decided to withdraw the route and the Public Transport team have been trying to find another company to run a replacement which we have now done.


Arriva have reviewed the route and feel it is not viable for them to continue operating, and while there will be a very similar timetable introduced from 30thJuly 2018 Red Eagle have decided not to run a small number of poorly loaded sections of journey. There are also some minor timing changes to most journeys.


Some buses will operate as service 61A. These will divert between Aston Clinton and Aylesbury to serve Elm Farm  (where Arriva have also withdrawn the service) instead of operating directly along the Tring Road, with some minor timetable adjustments to allow for this.


Within Aylesbury, in line with other services, buses will operate direct along Exchange Street and Friarage Road towards the bus station instead of operating around the town centre via High Street, New Street and Oxford Road – buses leaving Aylesbury will follow their current route.


The following alterations may directly affect some passengers from the Ivinghoe area.


  • On Mondays to Fridays the 05:40 journey from Aylesbury to Dunstable will start instead from Pitstone, arriving in Dunstable at a similar time to now.


  • The 06:20 journey from Aylesbury to Dunstable will now operate between Aylesbury and Ivinghoe only. Observations have indicated there are very few passengers travelling between Ivinghoe and Dunstable.


  • The 15:55 journey from Aylesbury to Dunstable will be retimed to run at 15:50 on schooldays – both this and the 06:45 schoolday journey from Dunstable will divert via Aylesbury Schools Coach Park.


  • The 19:45 journey from Aylesbury to Ivinghoe will run earlier at 19:00 (returning from Ivinghoe at 19:40)


·        Full timetables will be on the BCC website in a few days

London Luton Airport’s Bi-Monthly Inform e:magazine

Please click the link for the latest issue of Inform.  All previous editions can also be found on our website here.


If you have an interest in the westerly Match/Detling departure route, I would like to draw your attention to the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Post Implementation Review survey which is explained in the first article of Inform and also on the CAA’s website here. The survey is open until 17:00hrs on Monday 2nd July.

Launch of new Victims First service

London Luton Airport Consultation details and event dates


Please refer to their website for full details of the current consultation and the events you can attend to fully understand the proposals:

Below are some extracts from the home page of that website, to give you some brief information:


About our project

LTN is growing faster than anyone could have predicted, and is now the fifth busiest airport in the UK. At its current rate of growth, LTN is forecast to reach its existing permitted capacity of 18 million passengers per annum (mppa) in 2021.

It is our responsibility to plan for LTN’s long-term future, and ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this growth.

We believe it may be possible for LTN to handle up to 36-38 mppa. This website sets out our early thinking as to how this can be achieved, and asks for your views.

Our key considerations

We appreciate that airport operations can have an impact on people and the environment, and acknowledge that communities close to the airport will be affected.

As we develop our masterplan, we are looking at the potential impacts that expansion may bring and ways to manage them, as we believe our plans must happen in the right way.

We will look to minimise and, where necessary, mitigate potential adverse environmental impacts.

We are now consulting with you

From 25 June until 31 August 2017, we are consulting on our plans to expand LTN by making best use of our runway.

Our plan is to progressively expand LTN to achieve the growth, which would require new terminal capacity and other landside and airside infrastructure.

We are keen to hear your views on the proposals, and on the matters you think we should be considering. Please take time to read our proposals and complete the related questions in our consultation questionnaire.


Update on Brownlow Bridge repairs


  • The works to repair the bridge has now started
  • Once the work started, the situation on the state of the bridge was found to be far worse than was originally thought. The bridge was more unsafe than was originally survey suggested with the damage being more substantive than can be seen. One of the corner pillars of the bridge was found to be bowing as a result of the collision and that part of the bridge has had to be taken right down to its foundations to be totally rebuilt.
  • There should definitely be no traffic (vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian) movement across the bridge at present, it was highlighted to Canals and Rivers Trust that some traffic is attempting to cross. Until the bridge is fully repaired there is only a minimum amount of structure under the road surface. This is also a building site and should be respected as such.
  • As the bridge is Grade 2 listed, it is having to be repaired sympathetically. Matching bricks have had to be sourced (from Belgium) and lime mortar has to be used.
  • The contractor is suggesting, unless they find further problems, that they are looking towards mid-July for re-opening the bridge to traffic.
  • Some people continue to attempt to cross the bridge.  Please be aware that it is against the law to remove diversion signs and the police will act accordingly.


Neighbourhood Watch week

Updates from County Councillor Wight on NPHT Recruitment and the Rural Bus Survey

Updates from County Councillor Anne Wight on NPHT Recruitment and the Rural Bus Survey:

NPHT Recruitment

NPHT — Chairman and Trustee recruitment


As you may know, I am a Trustee for the National Paralympic Heritage Trust as part of my role at BCC.  The NPHT was established on 11th November 2015, exists to enlighten and inspire future generations by celebrating, cherishing and bringing the Paralympic heritage and its stories of human endeavour to life.

The NPHT is currently looking to appoint up to three independent Trustees, ideally with an understanding of, and access to, important networks or contacts in the sport and/or heritage sectors, who are also committed to NPHT aims and values, and to equality and diversity.

They are specifically looking for people with skills and experience in one of the following areas:

  • Culture and heritage sector – including collections and archives, and engagement in particular.
  • Fundraising experience – particularly in the cultural sector.
  • Finance experience – ideally with a formal financial qualification to support sound financial management within the Trust.


Applications should be received by Monday 2nd July 2018. Interviews will take place in July.


For more information or to apply, please download the Trustee welcome pack here or request one by email at


For an informal discussion, please contact: Emma Boggis, one of the current member appointed Trustees, on 0207 976 3941 or

Do please also check out the NPHT website at the link below:


Rural Bus Route Survey


We are reviewing the rural bus services that receive financial support from Buckinghamshire County Council and we would like to hear from people about routes affecting our division!



This survey is open for responses from 7 June to 20 July 2018



Many of the bus routes serving rural areas of Buckinghamshire need ongoing financial support from the County Council to operate. We want as many people as possible in our village communities to have access to public transport, so you can get out and about and do what’s important to you, such as go to the doctors, the shops or visit friends and family.  We need to plan carefully to make sure we use this money as effectively as possible.


Further information about the review is available on the Bucks County Council website at the following link or by clicking on “Have Your Say” on the homepage.


How to have your say

Please complete the online survey!


If you would prefer to fill in a printed version of the survey or would like an Easy Read version, there is a print option as well. Alternatively, they are available at any Buckinghamshire library or from our Public Transport Team (see contact details below).


What happens next?

We’ll review all the survey feedback this summer, and later in 2018 we’ll carry out a consultation on any proposed changes. Updates on the review will be available on our website here



Enquiries about this review can be made by email to our Public Transport Team on or by phoning 01296 382416.

County Council Supported Rural Bus Survey (open until 20/7/18)

NB: The 164 Redline service between Aylesbury and Cheddington, and the 167 Red Kite service to Leighton Buzzard on Tuesdays are included within this review



Many of the bus routes serving rural areas of Buckinghamshire need ongoing financial support from the County Council to operate. We want as many people as possible in our village communities to have access to public transport, so you can get out and about and do what’s important to you, such as go to the doctors, the shops or visit friends and family.  We need to plan carefully to make sure we use this money as effectively as possible.

It’s now five years since we looked in detail at our council supported bus routes and how they are used. Between then and now a lot has changed and we’d like to understand how current bus services are being used. We’ll use this information to review how future services can better meet people’s travel patterns, and this may include revising existing routes and timetables or looking at alternatives such as community transport other flexible transport services

Please take a few moments to complete the following survey, which is open for responses between 7 June 2018 and 20 July 2018. We’ll review all the feedback from the survey this summer, and later in 2018 we’ll carry out a consultation on any proposed changes. Updates on this review will be available on this page.

Many thanks for helping us to shape the future of your local bus services.

Paul Irwin

Deputy Cabinet Member for Transport


New grant funding stream from Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust

Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust have just launched a new grant funding initiative called the Thriving Communities Fund to replace the Community Chest.

There are three streams:

·         Small grants of up to £300 for Trust residents for wellbeing, education, training or employment

·         Micro Grants of up to £1,000 for VCS groups, assessed every two months.

·         Project Grants up to £10,000 for more substantial capital expenditure or core costs.

For further information please visit the VAHT website at:

Westfield Road/Castlemead roadworks to connect street light supply

B489 Marsworth Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire
11 June — 14 June
Delays possibleSome carriageway incursion
Works location: 89
Works description: Remedial reinstatement – TN
Responsibility for works: Anglian Water
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: AD03252814590

Warwick Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire
11 June — 12 June
Delays possibleTraffic control (multi-way signals)
Works location: j/w Westfield Road . f\w. c\w.
Works description: Connections Highway Services:Works on behalf of local authority (Works For Road Purposes) :installing new supply to street lighting column
Responsibility for works: UK POWER NETWORKS EASTERN & LONDON
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: EC30034794937

Westfield Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire
11 June — 16 June
Delays possibleTraffic control (multi-way signals)
Works location: o/s and opp factory. f\w. c\w.
Works description: Connections Highway Services:Works on behalf of local authority (Works For Road Purposes) :installing new supply to street lighting columns
Responsibility for works: UK POWER NETWORKS EASTERN & LONDON
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: EC30034794939

Harlech Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire
11 June — 16 June
Delays unlikelySome carriageway incursion
Works location: at Browns Hedge and j/w Westfield Road. f\w.
Works description: Connections Highway Services:Works on behalf of local authority (Works For Road Purposes) :installing new supply to street lighting columns
Responsibility for works: UK POWER NETWORKS EASTERN & LONDON
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: EC30034794936

Marshcroft Lane, Tring, Hertfordshire
12 June — 19 June
Delays unlikelyNo carriageway incursion
Works location: BY PARK HILL COTTAGES. verge.
Works description: Connections Projects:Installation of a new electricity supply for a customer:CABLE LAYING
Responsibility for works: UK POWER NETWORKS EASTERN & LONDON
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: EC30034795183

Windsor Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire
11 June — 19 June
Delays unlikelySome carriageway incursion
Works location: at entrance to Browns Hedge. f\w.
Works description: Connections Highway Services:Works on behalf of local authority (Works For Road Purposes) :installing new supply to street light
Responsibility for works: UK POWER NETWORKS EASTERN & LONDON
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: EC30034794880

TVP Community Forum tonight in Cheddington Village Hall (5/6/18)

Extract from TVP e:newsletter below:

Community Forum
The next district community forum will be on 05/06/17 at Cheddington Village Hall 7pm – 9pm.
This is an opportunity for you to speak with the police about what concerns you have and set
our next priority.
Below are the statistics for the past year:
Burglary dwelling Down 46%
VOLUME CRIME which includes those listed below Down 35%
Burglary non dwelling
Theft of motor vehicle (TOMV)
Theft from motor vehicle (TFMV)
Criminal damage
Drug offences
Burglary dwelling still remains down this is due to the work we are continuing to do with
bordering forces and disrupting those responsible.

Important Announcement re 29 June – The Greatest Showman/Las Vegas Night

Important Announcement

First the bad news – unfortunately, we are unable to continue with the planned Las Vegas night on Friday 29th June. Despite our best efforts, interest in the event was not sufficient to make it viable. We apologise to those who have already bought tickets or were planning to come along. We will of course be refunding ticket holders in full.

Now the good news! We are delighted that the Pitstone Film Club have stepped into the breach and will be presenting a one-off screening of The Greatest Showman (cert PG) in our Big Top on the Friday night – curtains up at 7.30pm ! This hugely popular film will be shown on a big screen with state of the art projector and sound system. A full bar, soft drinks and popcorn will be available. So bring your folding chairs and cushions and come along to support this unique village event!
(Some seating will be supplied) Tickets on the door £5 per person or £10 for a family (2 adults, 2 children)

Plans for Housemouse’s hotly anticipated return to Pitstone on Saturday 30 June continue at a pace! Housemouse has guaranteed a few surprises, and tickets are selling fast with last year’s sales already hit for six – so book yours today and don’t miss out!

We look forward to seeing you all in June.
The PIE team

BCC confirm that mobile library service will terminate on 31/5/18

Following the recent public consultation, I am writing to let you know that Buckinghamshire County Council decided on 20th April 2018 to end the Mobile Library service, with the final visits being due on 31st May 2018.  Details of the decision can be found at:


Over the past week we have emailed mobile library customers to inform them of the cessation of the service and also to give information about alternative ways to continue to access library services.  We are posting letters this week to those customers without email.


If you are able to help inform your residents and signpost people to the further information given in the Appendix below it would be appreciated.  Should you have residents who may be interested in becoming Home Library Service volunteers they can apply online using the link at the bottom of this page .


I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for the inconvenience caused to your residents on the many occasions recently where we been unable to visit due to vehicle breakdowns or driver sickness.  We have extended outstanding loans to avoid anyone incurring overdue charges as a result and we will also extend any mobile loans still outstanding at the end of this month for a further two weeks to allow people time to make decisions about future library use.


If you have any queries please get in touch with us at


Kind regards


David Jones


David Jones

Head of Community Focus

Buckinghamshire County Council





Copy of email to mobile library customers:


Following the Council’s recent decision to end the mobile library service with effect from May 31st 2018 I am writing to you as a mobile library user to let you know of alternative ways to continue accessing our services.


If you are able to travel we have 30 library buildings in Buckinghamshire and their locations and opening times can be found here. . These also offer a range of regular free or low cost events for all ages, which may be of interest.


You may also use your Buckinghamshire library card to borrow from some neighbouring library services, including Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Slough amongst others. Find out more about these here 


Should you have access to the internet you may wish to try out our eLibrary to download an eBook, eAudiobook or eMagazine. These are all free services and there are no fines to worry about. Full details are here


If you are unable to travel to a library  due to age, illness or disability you may wish to request the Home Library Service. We will match you with a named volunteer who will bring you the books you want to read every month, at a mutually convenient time, and take back your previous loans.   This service gives you a longer loan period, free reservations and no fines.  


Maybe you have a relative, friend or neighbour who regularly visits the library and is willing to pick up books on your behalf. By formalising this person as a ‘Library Buddy’ you would get a longer loan period, free book and audiobook reservations and loans and no fines on books or audiobooks.


As I am sure you are aware there have been many occasions over the past weeks where we have let customers down either because of vehicle break downs or driver sickness so I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to you personally for any inconvenience this has caused you. 


I am keen to ensure that everyone will be able to access library services in future so over the next few weeks we plan to have extra staff on board the mobile libraries to explain these options in person and to help customers to find the most suitable alternative.

Appeal for witnesses after a burglary – Pitstone



A burglary has been reported in Pitstone on Friday afternoon (11/05).


An elderly resident on Vicarage Road heard her doorbell ring at around 3:40pm.


Shortly afterwards, the offender gained entry to the property via an unlocked side door. Nothing seems to have been stolen at this time.


The man is described as mixed race and spoke with broken English. He was aged in his late twenties to early thirties and was a slim build. He was wearing dark clothing.


Detective Constable Tom Booth, based at Aylesbury Police Station, is investigating this crime. He said “If anyone saw a man matching this description please get in contact with me.


“Did you see any suspicious vehicles in the area, or anyone else that raised your suspicions?


“If you have any information please call me on the 24 hour non-emergency number 101, quoting reference 43180142451.”


If you don’t want to speak to the police or give your details you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, or report it online.


Please look out for any vulnerable friends, relatives and neighbours. Check that they are locking their doors and windows and that they know what to do if someone suspicious comes to their premise.


Advice and information to help prevent burglaries can be found on the Thames Valley Police website.

Forthcoming Road Closures in Cheddington and Ivinghoe

Cheddington High Street (from 15 May):

Pitstone Road, Cheddington, Buckinghamshire
15 May — 01 June
Delays likelyRoad closure
Works description: CMP – SURFACE DRESSING PREP
Responsibility for works: Buckinghamshire
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: BH00231003291

Brownlow Bridge, Ivinghoe (from 24 July):


Appeal for witnesses after a burglary – Ivinghoe Aston

Charity “goodbye” singalong class on 10 July 2018

If you would like a table. Please call Helen on 01296661791.

The importance of having your dog microchipped

Having your dog microchipped can make a lot of difference when looking for and trying to identify a missing dog.


Since April 2016 it has been a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped by 8 weeks of age.


Each microchip has a unique number that must be registered on a Government approved database along with information about your dog and you as its owner. If your dog is not registered on one of these databases you can be fined.


It is important that the information is kept up-to-date so that if your dog does go missing, you can be contacted at the correct phone number or address.


Reporting it to the police as soon as possible is also important, including making us aware of the microchip number so we can record this on our database. This will make it easier for us to identify any dogs that are found and check to see if they have been reported as missing or stolen.


It is also recommended to record the loss or theft of your dog online using sites dedicated to finding lost and stolen dogs. Often these sites work with police and other organisations, such as local Neighbourhood Watch Groups and Vetinary practices, to try and find them.


More information on microchipping your dog can be found on the Government website.


In 2016, the Dogs Trust recorded that 9,000 stray dogs were reunited with their owners due to having a microchip with up-to-date details.


The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) also reported that in 2017, 11% of dog owners did not realise that it was a requirement by law to have their dog microchipped and a further 7% had not updated their details when they needed to.

Message Sent By
Caitlin Rosetti (Police, Communications Support Assistant, Thames Valley Police)

Healthwatch meeting at Pitstone Hall 9-5-18

Healthwatch Bucks – Helping you to improve your health and social care services

Healthwatch Bucks is an independent organisation that gives Bucks residents a voice to shape and improve local health and social care services. We’re here to ensure that local views, concerns and experiences are heard at all levels of health and social care so that they make a positive difference to the way future services are delivered.

We do this by listening to what people tell us about their local services. We share this feedback with health and social care providers to help them understand what people think of their services. We also use it to help other residents see what people think. As part of this, we produce our own evidence-based reports. Our reports include specific recommendations based on the feedback we receive. We use these reports to influence, inform and, if necessary, challenge decisions of health and social care organisations. Over the past year our work has helped improve the non-clinical patient experience of a range of health and social care services from GP practices to care homes.  

To help patients shape the service they want from their GP practice, we have also been working with the Clinical Commissioning Groups to support the set-up of Patient Participation Groups. In our monthly newsletter, you can read about some of these PPGs. We also have a signposting service where we provide information about access to local health and social care services such as how to find a care home or get a dentist through the NHS.

We will be holding our Quarterly Board Meeting in public in Pitstone Memorial Hall on Wednesday 9 May, 2018 from 2.00-4.30pm. We would be delighted to see you there, hear your views and answer any questions. All we ask is that you email any questions in advance. To find out more, please give us a call on 0845 260 6216 or visit our website Why not sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

The latest newsletter is available here:

Today (Thurs 12/4/18) in Aylesbury …

Quacker Duck Trail set to bring family fun to Aylesbury town centre

This week sees the FREE ‘Quacker Duck Trail’ take place on Thursday 12 April in Aylesbury’s town centre between 11am and 3pm.

This unique and fun-filled family event invites people to search for hidden letters around the town centre – to reveal the mystery message. Letters will be displayed inside shops or in their windows.

Entry forms can be collected from Hale Leys Shopping Centre where you will find them in The Works retailer and Lil Riders who will be on the high street that day. The entry form also lists the participating shops.

All correct entries will be entered into a draw for a chance to win one of three prizes:

 First prize is a one-month membership for Everyone Active at Aqua Vale Swimming and Fitness Centre.  Second prize is one free family swim at Aqua Vale Swimming and Fitness Centre.  Third prize brought to you by Aylesbury Town Centre Partnership is a mystery prize.

“The Town Centre Partnership is delighted to be supporting local businesses and creating a fun activity for children to enjoy with their families during the school holidays,” said Town Centre Manager Diana Fawcett.

Appeal for witnesses following serious injury road traffic collision – Cheddington

Appeal for witnesses following serious injury road traffic collision – Cheddington

Thames Valley Police is appealing for witnesses following a road traffic collision yesterday morning.


At 9.05am on Sunday (8/4) a silver Vauxhall Corsa has been travelling on the B488 Horton Road, Cheddington near to station road, when it has left the carriageway and collided with a telegraph pole.

Please click the link below to read the full details:-

Appeal for witnesses following serious injury road traffic collision – Cheddington

Local bee keepers need your help – honey bee swarms are very important

bee Swarms 2018-1


Following the long winter of 2017-2018 and the late Spring, colonies of honeybees are under tremendous stress. In the wild the survival chance of a honeybee swarm is about 20%. Collected, and housed in a hive by a beekeeper, the survival rate triples. The MBBKA needs the help of everyone in the area to ensure we collect as many swarms this year as possible. If you see a swarm of bees please contact the MBKA on the swarm-line number below. We will send a beekeeper to collect the swarm and provide it with a new home.

Please click on the above link for more information.

Get into cricket with All Stars and I&PCC 5-8 years

Get into cricket with All Stars and the Ivinghoe & Pitstone Cricket Club

All Stars cricket provides boys and girls from 5-8 years with 8 weeks of non-stop fun.   the activity and game based programme is suitable for all skill levels, providing your child with the foundations to begin a lifelong love of physical activity and cricket, while making friends in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Starting 11 May 2018.

Click the link for full details:

Latest news & updates from AVDC


Community Trust Fund Available for Parishes Impacted by Luton Airport


A Community Trust Fund is available for Parishes impacted by London Luton airport which can provide funding for Community projects. Grants range from £250 to £3,000. Some grants may be paid in stages over the life of the project as it reaches set goals.


For more information please see the following website:



New Homes Bonus 



New Homes Bonus Micro Grants of up to £1,000 are now available. These easily accessible grants are assessed on a monthly basis and are open to voluntary and community sector organisations as well as Parish and Town Councils

Contact officer: Jan Roffe

New Council Tax Bills


It’s that time of year again where we are in the process of sending out around 80,000 council tax bills. Customers who have signed-up for MyAccount can access their bill through MyAccount and will not receive a bill through the post.

As you can appreciate, these bills generate a high volume of contact from our residents. Although this is normal at this time of year, it can mean longer wait times on the phone lines for customers who are calling with enquiries.

To save the wait on the phone, we would advise customers to contact us through our website and on webchat and, if possible, to wait a week or so before contacting us with non-urgent enquiries.


Contact officer: Lynda Tomlins



Garden Waste Collection Service

The cost of the garden waste collection service is changing. The annual cost for the service will rise to £45 on the 1 April 2018, around £2 per collection. The service runs from February to November and is a cost effective way for residents to dispose of their garden waste.


This is the first rise in the cost of this discretionary service for three years and is needed to cover our increased costs as a result of inflation, rising fuel costs and government funding cuts. All garden waste collected by AVDC is turned into compost to be used on farmland as a soil improver.


We will be running a radio campaign for three weeks during March to encourage new residents to sign up to the before the price increase on 1 April.


Contact officer: Amy Bridgford 01296 585233



Investment in New Recycling and Waste Vehicles


Residents and businesses across the Vale can look forward to improved waste collection and recycling services following a £3.6m investment in a new fleet of 17 Mercedes-Benz Econics state-of-the-art refuse vehicles. The new vehicles offer enhanced performance, improved fuel economy and greater safety, compared to the leased vehicles they are replacing. As well as providing an opportunity to increase recycling rates the new fleet are also best-placed to cope with the increase in demand which will inevitably result from the increase in new homes across the Vale.


Contact officer: Amy Bridgford 01296 585233



Trees and Your Property


Trees add immeasurably to our quality of life and contribute multiple benefits to the urban environment where so many of us live and work. However, they may have some characteristics that can often be viewed as an inconvenient. Such circumstances can give rise to disputes where the tree concerned is not in the ownership or control of the person affected, for advice please visit the website or contact:


Contact officer: Jim MacNewman


Safe Place Scheme                     


The Safe Places Scheme has been rolled out across Aylesbury Vale through the AVDC Community Safety Team with Thames Valley Police also supporting this initiative. The scheme provides safe havens, such as shops and restaurants, for vulnerable people if they need help when out and about. If they spot the sticker, they can approach the business for help or guidance whether this be for directions, a sit down and glass of water or to have a taxi phoned on their behalf.


A list of the current Safe Places can be found here:


If you are a business owner or know any businesses that would like to help, please forward this item to them or email for more information.


Contact officer: Rachel Robinson


Ask for Angela


Ask For Angela is a sexual violence campaign, supported by Thames Valley Police which aims to help individuals feel safe when they are on a night out. An individual can get help by asking a member of staff for Angela at the bar if they are feeling uncomfortable on a date or in a dangerous situation. The bar staff can then defuse the situation or arrange a safe way of getting home.

Each pub or bar will display posters in their public toilets so that people are aware that they are supporters of the campaign.


There are numerous supporters of Ask For Angela within Aylesbury – these can be found here:


If you are a business owner or know any businesses that would like to support the scheme, please forward this item to them or email for more information.


Contact officer: Rachel Robinson



Hotel Watch


Hotels across all districts in Buckinghamshire are being encouraged by AVDC and partners to support a scheme aimed at preventing child sexual exploitation and domestic violence. Called Hotel Watch, the scheme has been going for some time, but a relaunch is focusing on raising awareness of the signs that may point towards abuse taking place with the ‘SAY something if you SEE something’ catchline.


All districts within the county (Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe) are involved in the scheme in partnership with Thames Valley Police.

Aylesbury Vale has a strong Hotel Watch membership, comprising of local hoteliers and proprietors that want to play their part in keeping a safe environment. Hotels and guest houses participating in the scheme display the distinctive Hotel Watch stickers.


If your Hotel are interested in becoming a member of Hotel Watch please email



Contact officer: Rachel Robinson


WhizzFizzFest 2018 Tickets Are Now Available


Tickets for selected events at Aylesbury’s annual WhizzFizzFest, the all-day festival celebrating children’s art and literature, are now on sale.


Taking place on Saturday 30 June in Aylesbury’s town centre and organised by Aylesbury Vale District Council, this year’s festival is already proving to be bigger and better than ever, with celebrity guests Dame Darcey Bussell and Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill headlining the events.


For more information and to buy tickets, visit


For all the latest announcements and updates on the festival, follow @WhizzFizzFest on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #WhizzFizzFest


Contact officer: Sarah Owen



Vale Lottery Special Spring Prize Draw


Vale Lottery will be hatching a new special spring prize draw over the Easter holidays; offering players who are signed up before 8pm on Saturday 5 May the chance to win an ‘all inclusive’ family ticket to Legoland Windsor. To date, Vale Lottery has raised over £140,000 for more than 180 local good causes in Aylesbury Vale and we would greatly appreciate your help in encouraging even more local residents to sign up and support a good cause on their doorstep.


Contact officer: Megan Williams  

What will you enter for the Ivinghoe Flower and Vegetable Show?

Please submit entries with entry fees at the Hub, Ivinghoe
Lawn, from 6.30pm-8pm on Friday 7th September 2018 OR
between 9-10.30am on Saturday 8th September 2018. Entrants
must set up their own entries (Item’s displayed at owners
risk); Judging will take place from 11am – 1pm; No entries to
be removed before 3pm after which items not removed will
be auctioned off at 3.15pm. Children’s entries free, adult
entries 30p each, one entry per person per class.

Please click on the link to see more information and download your entry form.

Amended HUB SCHEDULE of FLOWER SHOW Feb for Sept 8th Show 2018-1


New Homes Bonus Micro Grants now available for community/voluntary sector

NHB Micro Grants up to £1,000 are now available for voluntary and community sector organisations as well as parish and town councils!
An exciting development sees the introduction of a new NHB Micro Grant Funding Scheme which is open to voluntary and community sector organisations operating within a parish, as well as parish and town councils.
Easily accessible micro grants up to £1,000 are available for a variety of capital costs including refurbishment and equipment purchases and are assessed on a monthly basis.
It is not necessary for the project to link to growth, although those that do may score more highly. Projects to be put forward for funding must evidence consultation at parish level and the application form must be endorsed by the relevant town or parish council prior to submission.
The closing date for applications is the 15th of each month.
(please note that an Expression of Interest is only required for a project grant and NOT micro grant applications)
Please click link through to Aylesbury Vale District Council website for full details:

Free gentle exercise class

STARTING SOON! We have received funding for a fun and absolutely FREE community exercise class…for those who don’t normally exercise!

• Starting in May 2018 (limited numbers available) and FREE OF CHARGE for as long as the funding will allow!
• Tuesdays at 11am – 12pm at The Hub.
• Suitable for people with less mobility – gentle movement to music, designed to get the whole body moving, whilst introducing some strengthening and stretching exercises too. Exercises will be a good mixture of standing and seated work…but all can be adapted to suit the individual.
• Places are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and will be available for a limited number of weeks.
• These classes will be very friendly and welcoming and are aimed at those people who might not think that exercise is for them.

So if you, or anyone you might know, are interested then please contact Andrea on:
Tel: 07855 138 005
or send an email to the Hub at:

Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan – Regulation 22: Submission of documents and information to the Secretary of State

Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan – Regulation 22: Submission of documents and information to the Secretary of State

The Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan was submitted to government on 28 February 2018 and will now be subject to an independent examination by Planning Inspector Paul Clark BA MA MRTPI.

The examination is likely to include a series of hearings on what the Inspector deems to be critical issues affecting the Plan. Respondents who have made representations proposing changes to the Plan in order to make it sound and legally-compliant may be invited to participate in a hearing. The selected respondents will be contacted by the Programme Officer once the hearing timetable has been finalised.

During the examination period, the submission and examination material will be available to be inspected by the public.

What documents will be available and how can they be accessed?

The Regulation 22 Submission Statement of Availability outlines the submission documents available and how to get hold of them. All electronic documents and hard copy materials will be made available within the next two weeks.

You will be able to download these documents at:

Alternatively, by contacting the Planning Policy team (details below) you can request a USB stick containing all of the documents, namely:

the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan Submission Document
the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan Submission Policies Maps
the Sustainability Appraisal Report
the Habitats Regulation Assessment
the regulation 22 Submission Consultation Statement (February 2018)
the Core documents index list
Evidence Base and supporting documents
The Local Development Scheme
the Statement of Community Involvement
the regulation 22 Statement of Availability (January 2018)
a series of seven topic papers (January 2018)
the report of representations on the regulation 19 consultation
the Legal Compliance checklist
the Soundness Self-Assessment checklist

A printed copy of the submission materials will also be available to view at AVDC’s Gateway offices and certain submission documents will be at libraries around the district.

Please see here for the locations where you can find the documents and opening times.

What happens next?

The examination of the Plan will begin with initial checks to make sure it meets regulatory requirements. After this stage, the hearing timetable will be finalised and published and any participants requested by the Inspector will be contacted.

The assigned Programme Officer, Louise St John Howe, will also be contacting all those who responded to the Regulation 19 Consultation from November to December 2017 providing further detail on the examination process.

If you have any questions on the content of this email please call 01296 585308 or email

Yours sincerely

Charlotte Stevens
Planning Policy Manager

Freight Strategy Consultation

I’m launching a six-week public consultation on Buckinghamshire’s Draft Freight Strategy. I’m inviting you to take part and have your say through our short survey   .


Transporting freight plays a key role in servicing Buckinghamshire’s industry and communities, and supports our growth and economic development. Freight offers our residents choice as consumers and businesses.


This Draft Freight Strategy analyses the impact freight is having in Buckinghamshire and looks ahead to the impact it might have in 2036.It sets out what can be done to harness the benefits of freight and manage its impact.


To support the Draft Freight Strategy we have developed 14 policies which demonstrate our commitments on how we intend to manage freight. The policies cover appropriate use of our road network, our environment, partnership working and considering freight in decision making. Within each policy we have identified ways we can put what we are proposing into action.


Achieving these commitments will require strong partnerships with central government, the district councils, communities and businesses. So we need to know what everybody thinks of our plans.


I urge you to have your say, and to share this through your networks.  There’s more information here   where you’ll also find a link to the consultation survey  .


If you have any questions about this consultation, please contact the Transport Strategy team by email at or by telephone 01296 395000.


Kind Regards,



Cllr Paul Irwin

Deputy Cabinet Member for Transportation

Chairman of the rights of way Committee and Parking Governance Board

Chairman of Waddesdon Local Area Forum, Cricket Club and the Bernwode Bus.

County, District and Parish Councillor


New Thames Valley Police contact details

Please note that there has been a change to the policing for Pitstone and PCSO Jackie Dodson is no longer our designed PCSO, therefore please do not try to contact TVP via Jackie’s mobile telephone number.   We would like to thank PCSO Dodson most sincerely for all her dedicated work in our parish.  We also welcome PCSOs Natalie Hall and Megan Harriet to Pitstone.

Please report any non-emergency police matters on telephone number: 101.   It is important that you ring through all issues because this number generates the official log of incidents for the parish, and police manpower is allocated according to incident rate.   If you are the victim of crime, witness a crime, witness suspicious/anti-social behaviour or have any information related to local crime/use of illegal substances please call 101.

The police website states that “You should call 101 to report crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency response. For example, if:

  • Your car has been stolen
  • Your property has been damaged
  • You suspect drug use or dealing in your neighbourhood

Or to:

  • Give the police information about crime in your area
  • Speak to the police about a general enquiry

You should always call 999 when it is an emergency, such as when a crime is in progress, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.”

Please do not feel that your information may not be important enough to call them.  Often it takes time to build up a complete picture and gather all the necessary evidence and your piece of information may be the missing piece of the jigsaw.

You can also contact the Neighbourhood Police Team on the following email address if you just have a query (but not to report crime etc):


Roadwork notifications from BCC 5-23 March 2018

B489 Lower Icknield Way, Marsworth, Buckinghamshire
05 March — 23 March
Delays likelyTraffic control (two-way signals)
Works location: Vicarage Road to Watery Lane.
Works description: Traffic Signal Refurbishments
Responsibility for works: Buckinghamshire
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: BH00215053645

Vicarage Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire
06 March — 08 March
Delays unlikelyTraffic control (give & take)
Works description: Install 7m of 1 way poly duct in Verge,Install 7m of 2 poly ducts in Carriageway
Responsibility for works: Openreach
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: BC006CT001LC500250091702

Westfield Road, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire
06 March — 08 March
Delays unlikelySome carriageway incursion
Works description: Erect/Renew 1 PCP cabinet and base (600mm x 300mm x 1000mm),Install 4m of 2 poly ducts in Footway
Responsibility for works: Openreach
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: BC006CT001LC500257048301

Buckinghamshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan Proposed Submission Consultation



Buckinghamshire County Council is in the process of reviewing its adopted minerals and waste planning policies. This is to ensure we continue to have an up to date plan in line with government guidance. We are doing this by preparing a new comprehensive Minerals and Waste Local Plan.


We are now at a key stage where the Proposed Submission version of the new Minerals and Waste Local Plan is being consulted on ahead of being submitted to the Planning Inspector. The County Council welcomes comments and observations on this Submission Plan for Consultation.


Accompanying the Submission Plan for Consultation is a Sustainability Appraisal and a number of background documents. These can all be viewed and downloaded at This consultation will run from Monday 5th March to Thursday 19th April 2018.


Responses can be made by in a number of ways


The Proposed Submission Plan is available to view in hard copy format at the main reception areas of the County Council (County Hall), as well as the main receptions of the district councils in the county during normal business hours. Additional hard copies of the document can be found in the libraries at Amersham, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Buckingham, High Wycombe, Gerrards Cross and Iver.


If there are any matters on which you require clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours faithfully


Ismail Mohammed

Ismail Mohammed

Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Manager

TVP Aylesbury launch new Facebook page for local updates

Paralympic Heritage Flame Lighting Ceremony – Friday 2 March – cancelled

Due to the expected extreme weather conditions, Aylesbury Vale District Council has taken the decision to cancel tomorrow’s public event for the Paralympic Heritage Flame Lighting Ceremony due to be held at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.
This has been a difficult decision taken in partnership with WheelPower and the British Paralympic Association. The lighting of the Heritage Flame, will, as tradition requires, still take place, with Torch Bearer Ali Jawad performing the ceremony at a closed event.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused but felt that this is the most appropriate course of action, and we ask anyone with a ticket not to make the journey to the stadium.
Channel 4 will air the ceremony on their evening news at 7.45pm, so please do tune in.

Winter weather update & advice

Buckinghamshire, along with many parts of the UK, is still experiencing wintery conditions. This means unusually low temperatures for this time of the year and potentially snow or sleet with strong winds.

The Council has a one-stop webpage that brings together advice ranging from staying safe on the roads, the gritting routes and coping with winter weather to staying healthy, warm and preventing illness.

It’s also important to note that when these conditions appear we tend to get an increase in admissions at both GP surgeries and hospitals but if your illness is minor check out other services like 111 or for health information and advice. Don’t forget that pharmacists can give clinical advice for minor health issues and a list of local pharmacies can also be found on the Health Help Now website

Noel Brown, Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health said the webpages were the most comprehensive guide ever published for Buckinghamshire: “While I hope these unusual conditions won’t persist, it’s useful to have such a wide array of information at the click of a button. It’s easy to get caught out particularly with freezing temperatures or heavy snowfall so be prepared. Staying warm and healthy is just as important.

“However we can all do our bit by checking in on elderly or frail neighbours who may be reluctant to leave home when the weather turns; let’s all try to be good neighbours to one another” he added.

To see all the webpages, visit