Foot and cycle paths plus highway changes

The parish council is actively pursuing a number of highways and transport initiatives:

The Ivinghoe & Pitstone Safety Scheme

Following an investigation commissioned from Ben Hamilton-Baillie (copy of the report attached) and public consultation, both Pitstone & Ivinghoe Parish Councils are progressing options with Buckinghamshire Council (BC).  A Road Safety Audit was then completed and a Feasibility Report undertaken which shows what works would be required and provides an estimated cost (copy of the report attached). 

The first two phases of works focus on safety improvements by Maud Janes Close and outside Brookmead School. Works are being funded by Pitstone Parish Council, Ivinghoe Parish Council and Buckinghamshire Council and should be installed during 2022. 

Full details of Phase I and Phase II works, and how you can comment, are available on this webpage:

Buckinghamshire Council has not agreed to fund the other works described at the current point in time, and no external grants have been identified.  The parish council continues to work with BC and Transport for Bucks (TfB) and to seek suitable funding.

Cycle/footpath to Tring station

Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) continues to investigate engineering options to improve pedestrian and cycle safety between Pitstone and Tring Station.

HCC have been very busy investigating all the various options and possibilities, and have significantly cut back the trees/shrubs to improve visibility.  HCC’s preferred option of a shared footway/cycleway off carriageway has been deemed unviable due to the extreme cost and unavailability of additional land required.  Unfortunately, all the alternative options investigated (such as cycle lanes on carriageway, signed cycle routes on carriageway, physical and visual invertentions) for a direct route along Northfield Road have subsequently failed the associated Road Safety Audits and Speed Management Strategy.  It is not possible to reduce the traffic speeds by the significant level required to enable any direct route.  Therefore, aspirations for a direct cycle route along Northfield Road, that would have been of particular benefit to confident cyclists, are not implementable.  HCC has also investigated if a route along the railway line was possible and this has also been ruled out.  We are grateful to HCC for undertaking such a thorough investigation at their own cost. 

However, HCC continue to investigate if there are any options for improving the more indirect routes that may appeal to family/leisure cyclists and will report back in due course on whether any improvements can be made to footpath 72 to enable cycle use (parts not within the highway boundary) and whether cycle channels/ramps could assist access via the Grand Union canal towpath route.  The limited S106 funding provided by Taylor Wimpey must be spent by June 2024 if any acceptable and affordable enhancements can be identified.

A copy of the HCC report is available here: Pitstone to Tring Presentation 12-03-2020 FINAL

The Parish Council is actively involved with this work and continues to push for a successful resolution.

Pitstone Community Car Scheme

Provides invaluable assistance to local residents trying to access their healthcare appointments.  This scheme is now managed by Pitstone Parish Council who employs the dedicated co-ordinator, Stephen Davies.  The scheme operates using volunteer drivers.  Please get in touch, using the details below, if you can spare some time to help a resident get to the doctors/dentist/hospital.

Please contact the Car Scheme Coordinator on 01296 767116

Community Bus

We are currently investigating whether there is a demand for a community bus to service Pitstone & the neighbouring parishes.

Bus to Tring Station

Investigations continue to see if a viable bus service is possible to the station, at the moment none of the current bus operators are prepared to include this within their routes.

Tring Station Lift Share

West Midlands Trains have launched a Lift Share Scheme for Tring Station.  It is free to join.  You can register as a driver or a passenger to find your car share partners and start saving money on petrol and parking. Simply select the railway stations you use and let them do the rest to help you and the environment.
Station LiftShare is a new online car sharing service available for London Northwestern Railway customers. Customers register their trip to the station and we find a match for people heading in the same direction at similar times or days of the week; whether as a
driver or a passenger.   See the leaflet attached for more information.