Leisure Development by the Recreation Ground – Play space, skate park and ball games court

The Parish Council has ambitious plans to update and extend the sports and leisure provision within the parish.


Purchase of land

The rear part of what appears to be the Recreation Ground (housing the play area, cricket nets and part of the football pitch) was actually owned by a separate charity.  The parish council has been able to purchase this parcel of land, to protect it for leisure use in perpetuity.


New play space

Now that we have purchased the land, the first phase of the village leisure enhancement program has begun.  Orders have been placed to remove the old playground equipment from the recreation ground (some of which is now 30 years old) and install a new and challenging play space for children of all ages.   Works can’t commence until after the worst of the winter weather, so are likely to commence in March 2020.  Details of the scheme for which we have planning permission can be found on our web site and is illustrated below:

Some initial ground & preparatory works have taken place.

Skate park

We also hope to install a concrete skate park to be located between the new play space and the multi-use games area being installed as part of the village centre development.   Work will start on the procurement of this once we are sure of the timescales of the play space and ball court installations.

The council holds some grant funding towards these projects.

Multi-use Ball Games Court (MUGA)

The parish council has provided some land at the far end of the Memorial Hall car park and a MUGA will be provided by the developer of the residential are around the Recreation Ground along with additional parking and footpath access through to Castlemead.  They have planning permission for the court illustrated below:

We have not yet been advised of an installation date.


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    1. I was looking forward to taking my Grandson to the new playground in Pitone this year but nothing seems to have changed. Please can you advise me when this will be happening.

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